Garth Brooks Testifies in Court

Singer is suing a hospital for breaking a deal to name a wing after late mother
4:08 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Garth Brooks Testifies in Court
Garth Brooks the country star who's been known to write a sad -- now once and again but this time Brooks is getting choked up in a courtroom. This residue -- his mother who died of cancer and a hospital who he says broke an important promise for people for more on this we want to welcome our newest ABC news correspondent has. Name is Mohammed -- -- good morning to you and welcome good morning thank you -- you know what makes this story so compelling reason is that it's about something that everyone can relate to us about how much we love. Our mothers. Garth Brooks lost his mother to battle with cancer more than ten years ago today. He is still fighting for her name to be remembered. He's bared his -- before millions -- on the love hurting every word. A tribute to his mother. Now country superstar Garth Brooks is Baring his soul once again not to for a stadium filled with fans -- -- and tiny Oklahoma courtroom. She was my body he testified I was her biggest fan and she was just -- -- if anybody met her they would have gotten to love her. In 2005 Brooks says he gave the into -- Canadian valley regional hospital 500000. Dollars. After they promise to name a new woman center after his mother who passed away of cancer in 1999. On the standard Brooks held back tears saying my mom was pregnant as a teenager she had a rough start she wanted to help every kid out there. Years passed and when the -- wasn't -- Brooks sued demanding they give the money back or donated to another charity. -- -- Lewis and our affiliate tells -- Channel 8 was in the courtroom. And at one point you could hear the quivering in his voice. And he just he had to stop. But that raw emotion may not be enough to sway the jury. The hospital is denying the allegations saying -- did make a donation but insisting there were never any condition. Brooks is only -- even testified there was never anything in writing. Unfortunately it took some time to determine exactly how that money can be used and frankly. There was never an agreement. And that could be key any case it's making national headlines not because of that he said she -- the -- XT -- But because a country legend wants his mother to be remembered. And feels like he's losing. All over again. And very compelling indeed -- the story isn't finished yet Brooks will be on the stand once again tomorrow and if he's asked again to speak about his mother. You can -- it will be an emotional day. Once again very very compelling story has the eyes of the nation watching.

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{"id":15414622,"title":"Garth Brooks Testifies in Court","duration":"4:08","description":"Singer is suing a hospital for breaking a deal to name a wing after late mother","url":"/GMA/video/garth-brooks-testifies-court-15414622","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}