Gas Prices Continue Rise, Up 30 Cents in Month

Rising tensions between the West, Iran might cause prices to continue to rise.
1:22 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Gas Prices Continue Rise, Up 30 Cents in Month
Now to pain at the pump and those fast rising gas prices up again overnight after going up every day for the past month. As that crisis over Iran deepens will there ever be any relief ABC's and a go to -- -- acres here with more. Over there at the Smart screen via and the prices and -- Robin continue to arrive take a look at this. Up thirty cents in just the past 27 days you want to show you some of the hot spots across the country the highest gas price to -- take a look at the West Coast they've been feeling the pain. 434 a gallon Michigan look at this close to four dollars at 394 and that's here in New York. Nearly at four dollars as well everyone's asking why's this happening wolf three main reasons. Talk about oil prices we know that gas prices reflect oil prices -- up about 10% in just the past month -- as Jake was talking about. Tensions with. And also this may seem like a contradiction but ask the US economy starts to improve. Demand for gasoline starts to rise as well so we're we're seeing all of this really have an impact on prices drop and paying and of course we're heading -- the summer behind us that only means the price has to continue to go up unfortunate that's right a lot of this depends on what happens in Iran but traditionally -- -- -- -- the summer months gas prices rise about twenty cents so we could be -- could be talking about. Five dollar gas by the summer Robin unfortunately lets hope not wanna talk about that yeah unfortunately have to be -- -- thank you.

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{"id":15848424,"title":"Gas Prices Continue Rise, Up 30 Cents in Month","duration":"1:22","description":"Rising tensions between the West, Iran might cause prices to continue to rise.","url":"/GMA/video/gas-prices-continue-rise-30-cents-month-15848424","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}