Gas Prices Could Effect Holiday Spending

For the first time, gas prices could reach four dollars a gallon this winter.
1:59 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for Gas Prices Could Effect Holiday Spending
With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away shoppers and retailers are counting down to the mother of all shopping days -- Black Friday. And while there still some bargains out there be prepared to see the cost of a lot of everyday things going up including that drives them -- Analysts fear that gas prices could hit four dollars a gallon within the next few months. It -- he Cecilia Vega has the details. Pass the Turkey has the stuffing you might as -- fork over your wallet to. A bigger helping at the Thanksgiving dinner table will mean a bigger bill at the grocery store this year. -- That Turkey -- O'Neal averaged 49 dollar. And cents that's why. Read more than last year 13%. More this Thanksgiving sixteen pound Turkey will cost one dollar and 57 cents. Almost gore -- more. Prices are up anywhere from three to 5% this year as compared to last year. Whether it's the cost of labor -- raw materials and freight planning to travel to grant must tell us better hope it's a short haul air fare could be spent just twelve. Higher than last year speaking of the drive over the river and through the woods instead. That'll cost more to last year a gallon of gas -- -- three dollars this holiday the national average is three dollars and forty cent that's 53 cents. Per gallon within. Gas prices we've certainly seen that it takes a larger chunk out of disposable income. I -- are forced to make sacrifices and other areas. Analysts say the good news is this is not the most expensive holiday season on record. But shoppers say they are still feeling. We're watching and we're watching our pennies you feel like think -- is gobbling up your wallet now just wait until the next round of holiday. Really analysts predict gas tops four dollars a gallon I don't Hynes state -- -- end at an Ohio. We're Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":14942325,"title":"Gas Prices Could Effect Holiday Spending","duration":"1:59","description":"For the first time, gas prices could reach four dollars a gallon this winter.","url":"/GMA/video/gas-prices-effect-holiday-spending-four-dollars-gallon-first-time-winter-business-14942325","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}