'Gator Boys': The Huge Risks Behind the Scenes

Matt Gutman talks with reality show stars that track dangerous alligators.
3:32 | 01/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Gator Boys': The Huge Risks Behind the Scenes
these trampolines. plain We're back with a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of "the gator boy." They trap gators from backyards, swimming pools. They get a big kick out of it. And took abc's matt gutman along for the ride. Reporter: You're thinking to yourself, so what if it's a 230-pound gator? Plus, I'm with professional alligator wrestlers. There's no way I'm going to squeal. Luckily, I'm with the gator boys. This motley pair of gator whisperers, of sorts. Ready? Up. Reporter: Three, grown men carrying a nine-foot slap of rehistoric muscle, with teeth. "Gator boys," men whose abiding love for gators is so strong, they're rescuing the beast with a bite that can crush a car, just to save his skin. For them, it's this or being shot. Or turned into a suitcase or ahandbag. Nuisance gators have to be in captivity or be destroyed. Reporter: Here at the homestead alligator farm in the everglades. They're right there. They have to go over the rocks. Reporter: The boys get closer to gators that seems sane. In their second season, they track gators in the mississippi mud. They're distinguished by an apparent immunity to fear. And trademark quirks. The no shoes, for example? Since I started wrestling alligators, I started with shoes on. And you didn't feel right. You didn't have the right footing. I started going barefooted. Reporter: No props. No prods. That's real blood. You're the epitome of don't try this at home. Exactly. Reporter: How many years experience do you have in this this. Well over 34 collectively. Reporter: How many bites? I have seven. Over probably 40. Reporter: On this day, the gator boys have two gators to dispose of. The nine-foot monster and this little guy. What are we doing withhis guy? We're going to bring him out. And because he's under four feet, we have to release him to the wild. Reporter: This guy doesn't do damage, right? If this guy bit you and kept spinning, it's going to pop a finger off. Reporter: We drive off in an airboat to the heart of the everglades. And we release the little guy. How do you love these quote/unquote killers? We love them. But they won't think twice about biting you again. I don't like puffy things. Like puppies. I like sharks, gators, snakes. Reporter: We head back to the gator farm. You get in front of them. Reporter: I'm not doing this. To safely trap a gator, one must tire it out first. But quickly, paul's gator tires me out. So, in the titanic battle of gator flunky versus 200 years of evolution, notch another victory for the gator. I hope you had fun. Reporter: Does it look like i had fun? For "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, the everglades. You can see more of matt's at ventures on "nightline" tonight.

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{"id":18112753,"title":"'Gator Boys': The Huge Risks Behind the Scenes","duration":"3:32","description":"Matt Gutman talks with reality show stars that track dangerous alligators.","url":"/GMA/video/gator-boys-animal-planet-stars-reveal-huge-risks-18112753","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}