'Geezer' Bandit: A Possible Break in the Case

Police track an important lead in catching the West Coast bank robber.
1:53 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Geezer' Bandit: A Possible Break in the Case
Now -- a possible break in the case of the so called geezer bandit the masked robber breaking -- banks on the West Coast police now tracking an important lead in catching the elusive suspect. ABC's David Wright has the story. They call him big -- -- bandit. Over the past two years he's believed to have robbed -- -- banks in southern and central California. The surveillance photos suggest he's an older white male in his late sixties or seventies a geriatric. John Dillinger. And something of a folk hero more than 111000. Fans on FaceBook. -- even so -- your merchandise. Now the FBI is working on the theory the geezer who might actually be a man -- a woman unum us. The geezer bandit literally could be anybody. But authorities now have an important break in the case. They know. Where he got that -- The company SPF Paxson Van Nuys made the -- Freddy Krueger -- and the nightmare on elm street movies. Authorities recently served the company with search warrants to find out who purchased this -- Believed to be the disguise worn by the -- Is the -- Shane it's not the first time the companies received attention -- -- law enforcement people had used her mask for illegal purposes. A Dallas bank robber favored the handsome man mask and a young Chinese defector recently used the elder mask. To board a plane in Hong Kong and demand asylum in Canada. Add one more -- he's giving new meaning of the phrase who was that masked man. Good Morning America David Wright ABC news Van Nuys California. -- master Lama -- you imagine armed masked woman don't know.

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{"id":15160531,"title":"'Geezer' Bandit: A Possible Break in the Case","duration":"1:53","description":"Police track an important lead in catching the West Coast bank robber.","url":"/GMA/video/geezer-bandit-break-bank-robber-case-15160531","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}