General Mills Gives Breakfast a Makeover

The cereal giant hopes to revitalize dwindling sales with new flavors and more nutrition.
1:34 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for General Mills Gives Breakfast a Makeover
Now to your breakfast and big changes coming to some of your favorite cereals. General Mills is betting big on new flavors and adding more nutrition hope to revive sales. Rebecca Jarvis has the story. Reporter: General Mills freshening up their definition of a balanced breakfast adding protein and cutting back on gluttage hoping to boost their soggy bottom line in cereal sales. This week General Mills announced plans to serve up changes this summer like pumping up the flavor on some old favorites. It's a tactic that got more people ccucooo for coca puffs after they pumped up their chocolate flavor. They're making people feel nostalgia about eating their lucky charms when they were kids. Reporter: General Mills is entering the ring adding a new cheerios protein and also adding a new vanilla Chex to their fluten-free lineup. General Mills is trying to compete with Kellogg in a big way and added protein to their cereals way before General Mills did. Reporter: 80% of Americans are eating breakfast at home. Top choice, cereal. They bought more than $9 billion worth last year. For "Good morning America," Rebecca Jarvis, ABC news, new York. Does bring you back. Lucky charm, cocoa puffs. ? They're magically delicious."

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{"id":24501134,"title":"General Mills Gives Breakfast a Makeover","duration":"1:34","description":"The cereal giant hopes to revitalize dwindling sales with new flavors and more nutrition.","url":"/GMA/video/general-mills-breakfast-makeover-24501134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}