George McGovern Dead: Former US Senator Dies at Age 90

McGovern family spokesman releases news about former Senator's passing.
3:00 | 10/21/12

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Transcript for George McGovern Dead: Former US Senator Dies at Age 90
We are this morning the bears have some sad breaking news former senator George McGovern has died at the age of ninety McGovern. Was a liberal icon he ran for president in 1972 he lost in a landslide to Richard Nixon we're gonna take a look back at his long career in politics coming up. This morning and also we are just sixteen days until the election and one day until the third and final presidential debate in this morning so many questions. How old is big headline about Iran play in the debate and -- face off shift the dynamic in what appears to be an extremely tight race. The timing so -- on that -- we'll get to that in just a few moments we're gonna begin though that breaking news the former senator presidential candidate George McGovern. -- today at the age of ninety. And family members say McGovern passed away 5:15 this morning surrounded by relatives and lifelong friends. George Stephanopoulos looks back at his life dedicated to public service. I will follow this senseless bombing of Indochina. On inaugural. George McGovern was the first senator to oppose the Vietnam War calling it a policy of moral debacle and political defeat. And that cause would propel him to the democratic nomination for the presidency in 1972. Please not. -- -- -- consultant and manipulation. To -- Richard Nixon for retirement he -- Voters didn't see it that way. McGovern lost one of the biggest electoral landslides in American history carrying only Massachusetts. He grew up in a tiny prairie town in South Dakota a liberal icon from a Republican family met his wife -- or when they faced off at a high school debate tournament. Did she want. McGovern went on to become a decorated fighter pilot in World War II served in congress. And found his national voice leading the anti war charge in his race for the White House this. And with your convictions. I ask you not to despair. George McGovern was ninety.

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{"id":17527839,"title":"George McGovern Dead: Former US Senator Dies at Age 90","duration":"3:00","description":"McGovern family spokesman releases news about former Senator's passing.","url":"/GMA/video/george-mcgovern-dead-us-senator-dies-age-90-17527839","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}