Gift Card Secrets

How to get the most out of your holiday gift cards.
4:00 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Gift Card Secrets
If you've got a gift card over the holidays there may be a way to get more out of your plastic presence. Nicole lapin is our favorite -- east and she's here at the scoop hi Nicole -- where you might favorite -- where you. Off for that are off -- the gift carts to get our hot. I did it. Not all of them are great let's be honest and from a number -- -- banging away about -- about so first thing that you say is it is have to rush out and spend because there -- some new rules that we should not out and have -- doesn't mean you need to spend -- -- you know there are new credit card rules are right. That say that you can. Keep around for five years and that means for the store gift cards or their typical visa gift -- that you can -- on just about anything and a different has to be dormant for one year before a -- can start docking you don't. Necessarily lets -- about a house where gift card spent right away on -- nick snacks that you have. Just the conflict candles are random -- items -- the time where you know you're going to be moving into new apartment her new house we actually. Need those must have not Jack but Jack the causes that cents. -- want to warrant asked that gift cards can definitely cause us to overspend which totally defeats the purpose of having gotten. Gift in the first place and don't over respond -- get cars if you have a gift card hundred dollars up -- have a hundred dollars and can't iPad 300 dollar pair of shoes because they're spending 200 -- but your -- and that does indeed. Defeat the purpose of the gift card to Begin with so keep role in line if you do have a hundred dollar gift part. You have to just have. Ninety dollars in your mind 9% -- that -- is what you can spend. The next 10% is going to be for taxes and other you've -- that you -- line keep that in mind for shipping don't want over. Good point good point. It's a couple of options if we really don't like -- -- -- that the gift card is from where necessarily out of -- You not let you can swap that there a couple of good web sites that gift card rescue and -- against lightning raid in that gift cards let's say -- vegetarian in about 25 dollars to Burger -- -- that's what you can swap hopefully with somebody online. For 25 dollars. -- foods and not a win win for you and that virtual burger lover out there. You can also sell -- on a couple of different sites card plastic Donnelly an option -- Unwanted gift cards you might not get at face value but you'll at least get something else on what you actually won an absolutely something that you -- A donation of clothes are. Home where or gift cards and not only does this help your favorite charity Condace collier may return in yet they expect this type -- -- -- But it also helps you because that's more money in your pocket -- taxes. When you actually get to those taxes which is a whole lot here is currently. It giving gift cards do you and make it a generic cards like these are express gift card vs distort gift card -- -- -- is going to be helpful that's always going to come in handy here for a time of need. When somebody actually means something. And like we mentioned with those gift card rules you can use that for a longer period of time so that could -- and two need basis than just a want basis not actually help your friend or or -- -- that. Gift card to home moments of any -- out. All right thanks so much a call is in. And as always if you like -- -- you can find so much more of -- -- -- recession -- dot com. And don't forget you can get exclusive shopping deals only for Good Morning America viewers from every Thursday -- GM.

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{"id":15298573,"title":"Gift Card Secrets","duration":"4:00","description":"How to get the most out of your holiday gift cards.","url":"/GMA/video/gift-card-secrets-get-most-out-of-holdiay-gifts-at-work-business-15298573","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}