Gingrich Gets NH Boost

New Hampshire Union Leader backs Gingrich over Romney in key primary state.
2:43 | 11/27/11

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Transcript for Gingrich Gets NH Boost
Your voice your vote and this morning what could be a game changing endorsement the New Hampshire union leader. The very influential newspaper in the first in the nation primary state has just announced that Newt Gingrich is its pick for president is -- real setback for Mitt Romney. And the latest sign that some conservatives are adopting an anybody but -- -- ABC's David Curley is on the story in Washington this morning David good morning to you. Good morning again not a good morning for Mitt Romney he loses that key endorsement in New Hampshire and then tomorrow social conservatives a major factor. In the Iowa Caucuses will meet to try and figure out who they can vote for a single candidate that is not Mitt Romney. Believing that Romney has ignored them. Actually -- life. Over to the lord I truly gave my life to Christ he's -- -- social conservatives in the audience met secretly after last week's forum. Mad at Mitt Romney and no show again hoping to stop him and plotting how to do -- I think this is a calculated effort to pick a single social conservative that conservative -- can rally behind. And from their point if you hopefully -- the caucuses and -- Mitt Romney any great momentum going into. So they met to try and pick the anti Rodney in Iowa the idea -- for one conservative rather than splitting the vote. Which could actually end of giving Romney a chance to win Iowa. -- narrow their list of forbidden each of them have their weaknesses. Newt Gingrich the baggage of his lifestyle and work with government agencies Michelle Bachmann who has made serious historical floods. Rick Perry with his disastrous debate performances. And Rick Santorum who is nearly lived in Iowa. But has not gained any traction. The Iowa conservatives could not -- And again tomorrow to try and narrowed that list Iowa has the first and in some respects one of the most powerful voices. As to who our nominee will be high barrier to worry for the conservatives. If Romney has a strong showing in Iowa going into New Hampshire where he's leading. He could be tough to beat what is clear is that this is the month it will cut the Republican field. We are now just a little more than a month away from the first voters having their say in Iowa. We're really coming to crunch time now for -- -- the hot conservative candidate is who -- they like right now. But who do they want to be president of the United States and that's a very different kind of decision -- And those social conservatives in Iowa may have just gotten some help from that newspaper in New Hampshire it seems that Newt Gingrich -- seems to be the man that's keeping the polls high -- may -- the challenge the alternative Tehran.

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{"id":15034900,"title":"Gingrich Gets NH Boost","duration":"2:43","description":"New Hampshire Union Leader backs Gingrich over Romney in key primary state. ","url":"/GMA/video/gingrich-nh-boost-15034900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}