Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary

Former Speaker picks up surprise win over GOP rival Romney.
0:57 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary
Politics your voice your vote and the man of the moment news Gingrich. Scoring a decisive victory in South Carolina overnight just ten days. After coming in fourth in New Hampshire so where does this leave the race now ABC's John -- is in Columbia, South Carolina this morning. John we had an exciting race yet again good morning. No -- -- then Newt Gingrich has already seen his campaign declared dead at least twice. And he -- not just a victory here in South Carolina. What -- landslide. Newt Gingrich is back. Thank you through every line. In South Carolina who decided to be with us and -- are. It. -- had little money or organization compared to Mitt Romney but it won't be any -- and we proved here in South Carolina. The people of people power with the right ideas beats big money and we hear how -- proven again -- For -- it was a major blow just two weeks ago -- children with the double digit lead South Carolina. Tonight I want to congratulate of course -- speaker Gingrich and my fellow Republicans at a hard fought campaign here in South Carolina. Romney lashed out English for the attacks he made on Romney's work -- -- capital what my opponent's attacks success in free enterprise. They're not only attacking me. There attacking every person who dreams of a better future. He's attacking you. I will support you I will help you have a better future I'll make sure that America's place about the -- -- And he offered a reminder. It is Romney who has the money and resources to on -- national campaign. Coming weeks and months. Keep fighting for every single vote I will compete in every single state. Brutally negative race -- his victory speech Gingrich had only words of praise for his opponents even Mitt Romney -- he called a liar. And a business and profits on job office governor Romney with whom I disagree on many issues. Is nonetheless. A good example of America he's hardworking. He has been very successful. Thank god has -- now consolidated his position as the anti Romney or is -- does the fact that -- -- Santorum is vowing to stay in at least through Florida. Spoil that. -- -- a double digit win here in South Carolina goes a long way towards Newt Gingrich. Consolidating his role as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. But look Santorum. -- Gingrich in Iowa he beat him in New Hampshire and he got seventeen points here last night. Florida's -- -- operates for Newt Gingrich Santorum gets anywhere near 17% down there it's going to be very difficult if not impossible for him to -- Romney. So are clearly santorum's. Position still being in this race. Is not good news for Newt Gingrich. In other words -- over -- a bunch of levels Jon Karl thanks for your continuing coverage we appreciate it. We're gonna turn for more analysis now with this -- coast and Good Morning America co host George Stephanopoulos here on sat with us good morning wow what a night last night was. How is it surprising turnaround reflects the issue over Romney -- his not releasing the tax return to -- -- -- overriding. To have message throughout the campaign. I think there are two big factors this week he saw a number one new interest performance at the debates when he took on. Juan Williams fox moderator of that issue of whether -- -- was being insulting to blacks by calling Barack Obama food stamp president. Raucous moment in the hall and then secondly we took -- John King on Thursday -- over the issue of the Nightline interview with his wife Marianne Gingrich that really rallied. Conservatives on top of that you're right Mitt Romney could not come up. With a consistent coherent answer on how who's gonna deal has -- tax returns even though there had been a bit of a backlash. And those attacking over -- those two big factors combined. Contribute many new -- to win in South Carolina. And what does this mean now looking ahead nine days from -- -- Florida primary very different state Florida number one it is a closed primary only Republicans know independence that could help. Newt Gingrich on the other hand it's a huge state. Mitt Romney has already been spending money -- to a dozen people have already voted Mitt -- the only one who's been working those absentee ballots third point. It is winner take all. If you win by one point in Florida you get all the delegates and this is a huge huge state. For both candidates is -- at this point still considered the front runner -- well it's -- good question you know every front runner in a primary fight nomination fight goes through one of these dad passed. Is this the bad patch for Mitt Romney or -- -- the blow that has some -- that he can't recover from. -- is gonna go a long way to determine that I spoke with a -- officials overnight they say and they know they have got to win floor. And -- be -- for the president Tuesday night the State of the Union Address you have to think that the administration -- -- that this is being dragged out they want this to go on as long as they can't now remember a long fight helped Barack Obama. Against Hillary Clinton also helped in the general election 2008 that they believe a long fight here. Working against the Republican Party give President Obama an open field for -- -- your gut instinct what are you hearing who would Obama rather take on. Gingrich or Romney it's not even -- he'd much rather run against Newt Gingrich we'll see if that happens.

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{"id":15414534,"title":"Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary","duration":"0:57","description":"Former Speaker picks up surprise win over GOP rival Romney.","url":"/GMA/video/gingrich-wins-south-carolina-primary-15414534","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}