Ex-girlfriend of accused Facebook killer speaks out

Joy Lane said she spoke to Steve Stephens, who killed himself Tuesday after a police chase, the night before he broadcast the murder of Robert Godwin, 74, on Facebook.
2:48 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Ex-girlfriend of accused Facebook killer speaks out
rising all across the country. Another killing that details about that Facebook killer that sparked a national manhunt when cornered by police. Alex Perez is on the scene in Erie, Pennsylvania. A quick-thinking McDonald's worker spotted the killer in her drive-through. Reporter: That's right. The beginning of the end for Steve Stephens started at this McDonald's when he pulled up to that drive-through window, an employee immediately knew it was him. This morning the 46-hour nationwide manhunt for the so-called Facebook killer is over. Steve Stephens killing himself after a dramatic police chase. Looks like there's one guy down. Reporter: The woman at the center of his rampage is coming out of the shadows. Can you say joy lane? Reporter: The joy lane, the ex-girlfriend Stephens says helped motivate his murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin speaking exclusively to wj wfrment. The hashtags joy lanes, I don't know if I know how to be joy lane anymore. Reporter: She spoke to Stephens the night before the murder. He told her he quit his job and was moving out of state. After seeing the horrific video, she tried calling him but he wouldn't answer. I've got a lot of negative comments. I've been told that I'm the one who should have died. He should have killed me. Reporter: On the run since Easter Sunday he was finally cornered 100 miles from Cleveland in eerie Pennsylvania and police closing in on him at 11:10:00 A.M. And employees at this McDonald's said he ordered 20 chicken McNuggets and fries. That worker immediately calling 911 while others stalled. Basically just told him it was going to be a minute for his fries. He was nerved up. Said he had to go. Reporter: Stephens takes off. Within 30 seconds police in hot pursuit. The surveillance video capturing the chase before political ram his car bringing him to a stop. The vehicles surrounded the white Ford focus at which time Mr. Stephens took his own life. Reporter: And that McDonald's employee besides recognizing his face also noticed the white car and noticed that it had Ohio tags and knew he was right in front of her. Such quick thinking by her. Any word if that employee will receive the reward money? Reporter: Yeah, absolutely, quick thinking by her part there, robin. Authorities say, you know, the distribution of those funds is a whole process. At this point they just don't know who will get that money? A lot of people say she deserves that money. All right, Alex, thanks very much. I believe she does. The dangerous flooding in

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{"id":46881511,"title":"Ex-girlfriend of accused Facebook killer speaks out","duration":"2:48","description":"Joy Lane said she spoke to Steve Stephens, who killed himself Tuesday after a police chase, the night before he broadcast the murder of Robert Godwin, 74, on Facebook.","url":"/GMA/video/girlfriend-accused-facebook-killer-speaks-46881511","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}