Hair Extensions On-the-Go Is New Speed-Styling Trend

A New York City hair salon is offering “clip ins” to achieve celebrity hair on your lunch break.
2:46 | 02/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hair Extensions On-the-Go Is New Speed-Styling Trend
in our "Heat index" we have the latest beauty on the go trend. It's really taking off. This is a new business rolling out hair extensions that will make your hair look longer and more luxurious and in no time flat. Linzie Janis tried it out. Reporter: From rows to blow-outs even a little air brushing and now the latest venture in speedy styling. Hair extensions. Typically a trend dominated by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan fox and rihanrihanna. Przl, a new beauty bar is now offering services fit for a princess deliver rg3 luscious long locks just like Disney's rapunzel in an hour. Its founders founding it after realizing there was a great demand with few solutions. I wanted to have fuller hair like I did in my 20s and found it was difficult to get. The bar offering three times of extensions. The quickest option, clip ins. They get clipped into your head like a barrette. But will cost you a pretty penny, about $250 and only last for one day but they are reusable. If you want your fast follicles to last a little longer, the salon suggests tape extensions. A double doze of gorgeousness. They run about $350 but last up to eight weeks. The third treatment rpzl text. Revolutioning it by using ultrasound to apply the air instead of heat. The treatment costing a whopping 5$550 to $850 and said to last three months or more. It's amazing. Having worn my hair short sinces of a kid. I decided it was time for a change. Let's do it. Tah-dah. Wow. Total time it took. I didn't even know that was you. Me either. I thought it was a special correspondent. I feel like Barbie. So how long? I saw you come in this morning. Right. With the bob I had forever. I have the clip-in kind so only took 20 minutes, together with a shampooh and blow dry, I could do it on my lunch hour. The long ones are the really advanced hair extensions. I can also bring them back and reuse them. It's real hair and put them in for the price of a blow dry. You look like a different person but you -- very pretty. Normally so expensive. We can all look like celebrities now.

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{"id":28772641,"title":"Hair Extensions On-the-Go Is New Speed-Styling Trend","duration":"2:46","description":"A New York City hair salon is offering “clip ins” to achieve celebrity hair on your lunch break.","url":"/GMA/video/glamorous-hair-extensions-28772641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}