'GMA' Anchor Josh Elliott Goes Back to School

Elliott takes a look back on fond memories at the campus of UC Santa Barbara.
4:27 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Anchor Josh Elliott Goes Back to School
Heading back to school, as you do, through our pep rally. It's called "gma"-u. And today is josh's turn. That's great because we are going to santa barbara, folks. Oh, we're going west. The university of california at santa barbara. The only thing, perhaps, as good as the school itself, are the memories that I still have from my days there. Take a look. ♪ tucked between the stunning santa anez noun mountains and the specific, santa barbara is the gem of the california coast. The u.C. Campus, is for me, the most beautiful of the country. Calling it home for four years was as good as you might think. Water polo was the initial draw for me. But what endured beyond the sports and the natural beauty of my home state, is the camaraderie, the lifelong friends I would meet. Hi, josh. Good morning, america. Greetings from campus point at university u.C. Santa barbara. Reporter: Friends like justin pollack, one of my very best. Fortunately, he still puts up with me even now. 10 or maybe 20 years later. And today, he's come back to help show off all that we love about being gochos. Hard to imagine, but this is our campus here. We spent very little time here during school. Of course. Reporter: It changed my life in a very lasting way. It's where I indulged my love for journalism. We're hanging out outside of the school newspaper. Reporter: I combined my love of sports and writing into one. And became the sports editor of the campus paper. Pizza. Staple across the world. Let's look at the sports office, where josh spent many hours penning his column. You see the sports office. It's massive. And for anyone who doubted josh actually worked here, we found one surviving picture of josh at his desk, diligently writing his column. The pull dogs staunched usb's chances. But were led to a sobering religion experience. Admiring your beautiful prose from 1992. Another rare fact, that josh rarely used the door here at "the daily nexus." He had his own entrance. Let's use it. Reporter: Memories of my time there bring a smile of images burned into my soul. The tower, the beach, my dorm freshman year, the year justin and I met on this basketball court. Josh and I spent thousands of hours out here playing basketball when we were in college. His strength wasn't shooting jump shots from half court. He would try to shoot from way out there. He was better here, catching mine. Reporter: I had a feeling that justin's tour might get a little, shall we say, off track. I decided to check in with justin and my producer, rich. Hey. I okay. So great. So sweet. Not only did it make the beat. Look who else made it to new york, justin. Justin, perhaps the smartest. Not only did he go to ucsb, he managed to stay there professionally. A smart man. One of my dearest and holdest friends. We just got talking about what made it great. And it's not brains -- it's not neuroscience. It's the place where you make the friends you have for all of life. We have a great group of friends. Josh is a great friend today. Yeah. You haven't changed. The passion we had in college, you still have here. It's high-energy. Everything is all-in. What's the memory of him walking around campus? I'm trying to erase that still, robin. The images, after swimming, I'd see josh riding around in his beach cruiser, in his speedo and his parka. Trying to get -- and a what? A parka. It worked. The swimming thing, I don't get it. That's a shot from high school there. I know that look, though. That's the swim team. The parka you wear. But the speedo, I'm not sure about. Erase that image. Yeah. America thanks you. Or not. It's great to see you. Thank you so much. It's good to be here. Robin's up tomorrow.

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{"id":20222799,"title":"'GMA' Anchor Josh Elliott Goes Back to School","duration":"4:27","description":"Elliott takes a look back on fond memories at the campus of UC Santa Barbara.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-anchor-josh-elliott-back-school-20222799","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}