'GMA' Anchors Compete in Nascar Style Competition

Dan, Bianna, Ginger and Ron drive some of the fastest cars in the world.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Anchors Compete in Nascar Style Competition
Gma 600, the four of us driving some of the fastest cars on earth and as you might imagine things got a little bit competitive. You think? Well, yesterday we showed you how we trained with some pro drivers, now the race is on. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. We see sended upon the charlotte motor speedway for a crash course. Number one rule, don't hit anything. Don't hit anything. And early indications were it wasn't going to be pretty. But we had help in the form of nascar stars, our own coaches. Carl edwards. Greg biffle. Joey logano. Darryl wallace jr. Ride shotgun with the stars and our turn to take the wheel for real. The gma 600, moment as way, the rules simple, whoever reaches the fastest speed wins. Here's nascar announcer espn allen bestwick with the call. Big ron claiborne was up first. He showed he's silky smooth behind the wheel as behind the news desk handling his ride like a sprint car champ. That was fantastic, that was great. That was wonderful. Whoo, dan, bianna and z, bring it up. Bianna golodryga, for a gal who had no idea how to drive a stick shift she seemed to be pretty well. Doing a great job. Great job. A little too well, in fact. Driver, do you have a copy? She's still out there, man. She's gone rogue. Bianna. Okay, driver, off the gas. Off the gas. That guy with the checkered flag, he's never really goes owl there. She'll run out of gas at some point. Might be tonight. Finally she hit the pits. I couldn't hear anything, though. So I figured just keep driving. Way, we kind of figured. The competition was heating up but suddenly he stalled when dan harris tried to exit pit road. Harris got back on track and was quickly in command. Well, maybe not quickly. They say slow and steady wins the race. Not sure who said that but dan obviously took it to heart. I think I might have driven like a grandmother but it was awesome. The thing pulls you to the left. Better than right. Yeah, like I said too. With harris safely in the pits ginger zee pulled out on to the speedway. The coal temperature and damp track didn't fade the weather girl. Great job. Beautiful. That is perfect. How fast? She hasn't driven in seven years. Thanks for coming out to nascar. Hope you had a great time. I like this driving better than I like regular driving. With all four back in the pit area it was time for the moment of truth. In fourth place a top speed of 113 miles an hour, dan harris. Dan, grandma harris. Third place topping out at 128 miles an hour, bianna golodryga. And second place ginger zee at 147 miles an hour. That means -- yes. At 153 miles an hour, ron claiborne -- congratulations. Takes the top spot.

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{"id":17752636,"title":"'GMA' Anchors Compete in Nascar Style Competition","duration":"3:00","description":"Dan, Bianna, Ginger and Ron drive some of the fastest cars in the world.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-anchors-compete-nascar-style-competition-17752636","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}