'GMA' Anchors Reveal Celebrity Crushes

Bill Weir, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion discuss celebrity crushes.
1:39 | 01/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Anchors Reveal Celebrity Crushes
Okay is Georgia's celebrity -- he needs. The event. Real. -- -- -- Yup that's Sony's new -- it opened -- I wonder which Marisa Tomei is -- the My Cousin Vinny Marisa Tomei is -- the wrestler. You know I mean what exactly -- -- well if there's a lot of -- -- I'm willing to bet that if you have a crush. On on an actor actress it's no matter what they -- -- -- -- -- Mathieu much time you don't really care. Whether he's doing the serious role or whether he's doing magic might be highly don't -- now I I want he has a tremendous body of work yeah. Push your -- -- you lose your. How much time as there and Jim their lives I think I think what is right and -- -- -- -- I am -- a loved one of I'm a huge. That's -- -- so much and like you got a name Black Swan. -- Natalie Portman I actually. Brands in in the attitude I see -- relentlessly funny. I love her and Scarlett Johansson. While you really do have a list of crushes we'll have we asked -- -- just. But here's this -- the beautiful thing is why I love my wife love love -- or she knows I like Scarlett Johansson and so for my birthday last month. -- is that what you want and -- -- Scarlett at threesome with Charlotte going yeah. Instead I'll get to the next best thing and we got great seats to -- -- and hot tin roof -- That's great I. I'm sure this will work for every married.

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{"id":18284358,"title":"'GMA' Anchors Reveal Celebrity Crushes","duration":"1:39","description":"Bill Weir, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion discuss celebrity crushes.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-anchors-reveal-celebrity-crushes-18284358","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}