'GMA' Celebrates the Millionth Coat Donated

Nicki Minaj, "GMA" anchors revisit top "Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Drive" moments.
5:09 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Celebrates the Millionth Coat Donated
We are about to hit -- That big. We certainly are George we are so glad that -- is still hanging out with us this morning because she's gonna help us. Announce an amazing milestone that we've -- here. On the show we're very proud about for months now we've been trying to get one million -- donated to our warm coats warm hearts drive a partnership with Burlington Coat Factory -- what. -- -- We collected more -- at any other year the coat drive has been around and it got to. A special plan to help celebrate that -- to take a look back at all of us. They look at -- -- that they're getting right now from behind. That's over the past few years. Oscar winner Ben Affleck kicked -- -- handled could drive with. -- -- -- and this is my coach so contribute that as well. Never would have during -- one donation what's that all but avalanche of giving up across the country. An unforgettable won't call full of celebrities made him a -- And I don't think I can hit me. At the time we now trying to get done my birth weight back but perhaps penniless French antiques roadshow -- timing out. I'm humor. Maybe someone can mean -- them. Things I have -- Mountain man. And you can just a few bars -- excellently and having those -- -- you again. This sure don't he'd stand men faster -- New Zealand news being disaster. It's not. Here the rains mark in New York football giants -- globe. There's guys that say you know put -- about -- -- a lot of the professional basketball player. I'm -- employees. Keep getting good -- Really decided I wanted to get involved like me now I don't climbing here's more from it and of theater. -- Thank you very much. Well yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- donation from countless Tinseltown stars including Ryan Seacrest who gave every year. It is Ryan Seacrest here where one -- -- to get us closer to the million mark whopping donation a 141000 -- for president Zynga. And for all of you across the country have made it a roller coaster of -- and possibilities. From boys and Girls Scouts to cheerleaders -- dancers even acrobats. All the help hundreds of thousands of kids and families. Stay warm. And although it truly has been a wild ride getting to one million. Again -- congratulations on reaching your goal of one million votes on behalf that we're here -- we're convention. New York congratulations. From all ordinaries content graduate. Congratulations on one denying host planet -- -- all of us here at the. Congratulations. To my friends and Good Morning America -- -- -- million houses. That there's a lot of warm -- lot of heart. And again think think think you at home -- is here to help us mark of one million -- the donation. Of her phone we're going to -- it. To the piled. And didn't think he's much more important to go outside. Thank you for being -- you mind I don't know what. Even. And. -- -- -- -- Yeah. I miss you -- -- at home. It has been long slump to one million -- if not for the efforts. -- all of you and the great people at Burlington Coat Factory we never would have made it. It was a lofty goal. Think about it one. Million -- but. -- these three. We have finally gotten there the biggest however. And there is no -- -- Let's take a -- now. Were talking. One 2300. -- -- Really high but Bear -- -- a -- he -- is a big big big wild.

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{"id":15630768,"title":"'GMA' Celebrates the Millionth Coat Donated","duration":"5:09","description":"Nicki Minaj, \"GMA\" anchors revisit top \"Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Drive\" moments.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-celebrates-millionth-coat-donated-warm-coats-warm-15630768","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}