'GMA' Dog Challenge: Leroy vs. Gabe

Two multi-tasking canines battle for votes in "GMA's" search for U.S.'s top dog.
2:37 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Dog Challenge: Leroy vs. Gabe
It is the last round of the semifinals in all. Is better than your -- challenge. And today. That's a good look we have -- he's leaving early this morning -- you guys and dolls with talents despair which is good. First. You need some help from the kitchen LeRoy is -- popped Teresa Newell his -- tells us the eight year old Border -- knows about forty. No -- forty tricks including if you believe this actually setting the table take a look. -- -- The table does give -- I I can promise -- and this. This is one of those where you know it's a shame that somebody has to lose -- take a look at who LeRoy is up against. It is game I don't wanna hello this is more LeRoy a clear plan now no dollars there Atlantic yeah. If they have a job that -- yeah. Must take a look again. -- game. Such things eleven -- out of my refrigerator. -- picture on -- Game like being outfitted the refrigerator they can be -- Game -- Gave also knows his way around a bathroom take a look. -- He's also got to take a look. It is all. Mere prologue. Who doesn't like a garden clean up afterwards. I think that left -- Can we see -- rocking horse but it's the big finish. Come -- game. I don't know. Parents of hearing. -- Canadian. We were -- -- -- the way it was. Is it LeRoy is -- game -- to vote you go to that GMA out there on your Smartphone. -- -- FaceBook page tomorrow tomorrow all of our finalists are going to be here for the big positive. And on Friday we will -- -- --

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{"id":14768427,"title":"'GMA' Dog Challenge: Leroy vs. Gabe","duration":"2:37","description":"Two multi-tasking canines battle for votes in \"GMA's\" search for U.S.'s top dog.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-dog-challenge-leroy-gabe-14768427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}