Get Unclaimed Money for Your Church!

How to find money for your church, temple, synagogue or mosque.
4:49 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Get Unclaimed Money for Your Church!
Of our most popular serious of one of our fades to show me the money. We've heard from unclaimed cash ABC's Elizabeth leaving had done it again joins us now the good news for a church system the RA. Missing money is not just waiting out there for individuals that can also be in the name of businesses charities and -- churches. So I had the pleasure of traveling to neenah Wisconsin to help break the good news two point congregation. These kids didn't know it but they were about to get something else to sing about. Looking Good Morning America. And I would be the latest and tell you what we're here today. -- Because that's what -- Hundreds congregate for the annual trinity Lutheran Church picnic in neenah Wisconsin. And today the state treasure and I have crashed the party. -- congregation has no idea why we're here -- I couldn't even imagine what it was apparent culprit would involve money not her good -- -- -- money for health. -- -- these money. Story actually starts a hundred miles away at the State Capitol in Madison. When state treasury workers took inventory of -- savings bonds in their -- they came across. Doesn't that were meant for trinity Lutheran. They had been sitting there for thirteen years. We talked about. We need to get this of the church is not doing anybody any good sitting here. -- -- belongs to Amy Larson when she died she left them to her beloved church but they never made it. And ended up as unclaimed property. She was a sweetheart in church every Sunday this the beautiful beautiful person Amy was sweet. But secretive pastor angle -- didn't even know she had left money to his congregation. So now it was time for the big presentation. I have a check for you for almost 101000 dollars. Okay. My action and reaction on my own camera I am so proud and so pleased and sold thankful little -- yeah. To be able to present this check -- this wonderful children. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- right now trinity Lutheran suffers through the muggy summer months with ceiling fans and open windows. Expressed hope for some -- rescue. List for others -- -- -- -- -- It's like ninety muggy set to open up -- non smokers knowingly using hair. And I found my. Given -- and concentrating on the -- area had hanging out. All and I. Amy Larson's give -- -- their bodies and warm their hearts for years. This way back then she was thinking of her congregation in this wave that. She could bless us you know and here in the future there was so much joy and there was so much emotion it was it's really exciting and fun to see. How everybody was so excited about -- different given. I have a check for you for almost 101000 dollars. Enough money to completely. Out that the church with air conditioning the answer. Their prayers. You know -- these tricky times maybe don't have as much money -- your own to get when they pass the plate so why not -- I coined a phrase search for your church. It could be -- that -- -- unclaimed money more than you could ever get on -- amen to that and how common is it for money that you leave it well or trust or whatever to go unclaimed it is very very common in fact churches and charities ask that you let them know we've done this so they can thank you. And so that welcome to this and it really is very easy to do I know we've done this before boggling and searching and finding where those funds are yet we've got to complete got on the website they really amounts going to a couple different web sites. Typing in some names and you've got results in ten minutes and it -- sold. And -- -- feel good for -- to -- and it's it was a blast reeling -- in they had to go for the air conditioning and on the any -- we'll keep it going we show and Salmonella thanks so much and again a complete guide to searching for missing money for your church. Search for the church and good morning there have not come at Yahoo!.

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{"id":14833776,"title":"Get Unclaimed Money for Your Church!","duration":"4:49","description":"How to find money for your church, temple, synagogue or mosque.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-finds-unclaimed-money-church-14833776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}