'GMA' Hot List: Learning infant CPR basics

Plus, Lady Antebellum dishes on their new album.
1:10 | 07/14/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' Hot List: Learning infant CPR basics
Near his 62 hot list from GMA today it's. Check in fantasy they're responsive baby are you okay are you okay non responsive you look for breathing any signs of breathing oil interests and you just you listen you can look they've had that's an have a visual all right so if there is none of that. We need assistance and have someone call my little one place one hand on the infants forecast two to three fingers right in the center of the chest a lot of crap about your hand goes straight up and down and we're gonna push thirty find you and three and a lower. They don't last. Once you've done thirty compression you want to give them some oxygen we have to do breasts. Did you always know you're gonna get back together was that the intention this was the plan all along we feel like this is the beginning of chapter two for our press is at the end. You look good news the suns. And you'll look. Was it when you guys saw its other medium really was a influenced by how well he all looked when you got back together. Like they're good bad right. Now I think that song you know is definitely about you know. We're we're we're not as young as we used to be that sometimes we addressed in the you know I go out on the kind of like many cleanup well looking. Gusts and that's the DNA hot list from today we'll see what the morning on GMA.

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{"id":48647360,"title":"'GMA' Hot List: Learning infant CPR basics","duration":"1:10","description":"Plus, Lady Antebellum dishes on their new album.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-hot-list-learning-infant-cpr-basics-48647360","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}