'GMA' Inches Closer to One Million Coats

Josh Elliott visits ABC shows in hopes of reaching one million coats.
3:35 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Inches Closer to One Million Coats
And you know we are so close -- -- reaching our goals one million -- in this year's warm coats -- -- tried. So I decide to hit the streets to round up even more -- and I started out by paying some visits to some of -- ABC friends. On the hunt for coat -- scoured the sense of ABC shows from the -- -- you. Keep giving -- giving -- to review. They even cut Dancing With The Stars Derek -- in his hotel. You can barely a -- on on the -- you probably don't have much good news for -- right yeah yeah and now I'm back with my candy -- -- map. Help us close in on that one million -- first stop I'm heading straight to visit the pan am pilots Michael Moseley Michael. Being here it really is like stepping back. Of people warmed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wonderful immoral clothes the better we are on the way to a million votes and everyone really does count. All right next I'm off to the New York John. This I hear wide receiver Ramses Barden has something in store for checking in on the New York Giants practice prior to rather busy week in the they have coming up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I hear there's some coats and maybe some other things take a look to us next I don't think nervously from one California. Absolutely -- in California don't have that that Bagram on about the cold weather battle -- -- you haven't this is important -- we've been held on more bad guys. -- there -- this weekend. Seriously good luck I was digging in my pocket not thought about them and also want -- there's two guys it's safe you know 1000 dollars. With Ramsey's generous personal donation and all the rest. His teammates they donated. And last but -- -- Links to come off to see the leading lady in mind. Yes. That apple mine this is my Serena six everybody. Could. What are you Wear when he did what. -- -- Still we want everybody to have a -- Yes I guess what you wouldn't classmates in clothes -- -- for the last couple months the monthly unfair and you want to -- that want to take about illegal for children that -- that door for them. I don't know. -- and it seems that our very own Disney volunteers doubled their effort from last year. Here's what about 400. As we all know. Every single one that -- the -- are helping keep -- -- -- -- -- -- And I do you want to thank especially the folks there at the New York Giants and Ramses Barden in particular not only today donate all those -- us again reached into his pocket and wrote a check right out of his personal account again thousand dollars it's -- -- so many more coats. So we added all up and take a look at that the number we're talking -- now nine. And 42080. It is it's still not quite there so please don't need your help. You go to Burlington Coat Factory donate and gently used coats and -- when you do actually take a picture tweeted to us at Jamie used the hash tag. How warm coats. And to see it right here. On the program.

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{"id":15346033,"title":"'GMA' Inches Closer to One Million Coats","duration":"3:35","description":"Josh Elliott visits ABC shows in hopes of reaching one million coats. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-inches-closer-million-coats-15346033","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}