'GMA' Lights Contest: Ostroffs vs. Ziemkowskis

Vote for your favorite in "GMA's" My Lights Are Better Than Your Lights contest.
2:02 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Lights Contest: Ostroffs vs. Ziemkowskis
-- thing yet it's big -- yeah. -- books -- you've been voting all day let's get right to our big bright showdown my life. Are better. In your life who sought to families go ahead dead Monday you voted all the yesterday we can now reveal additional it's hard to answer this in the -- -- -- -- -- Santa. -- them that the record that the musically not record any more and that. It's tragic that now for today's matchup let's start with the odds dropped them may have Margate Florida I hope all five of them helped out this is a huge -- take a look. 60000. Christmas like they get points and didn't really get points of the -- A laser shines hundreds of -- on. Health simulating snow. This is quite a workout negative. Were they up against love Robin -- -- up against this in -- piece of Sherman oaks California. -- wildlife show -- family tradition. Actually started by might look -- his father back in Indiana and it is nothing if not spectacular and rather thorough. Twelve here that this has been happening three family members including. Mom actually get out there and yeah plywood cutouts. Clinton did some robotics haven't gotten health topics ten minute show runs -- -- from 500 PM. -- kids should get your tickets now we don't all the animal products Begin that treatise and obviously the rain here. And he does -- all over the summer months and that is a full time game so. People appropriate of one of the then all day and -- -- you can vote on your GMA app you can also vote on Jimmy's FaceBook page so vote vote vote vote now vote often vote put off at the not because -- you know we're not like this games that we don't care how many times you vote to vote often. -- -- and the winners will be announced tomorrow and then it's like a bracket they'll move in we'll have two more tomorrow but you can sample ballot box yes he gets another ballot boxes -- of what I -- -- -- -- brackets make everything better. Since -- it we got here we go.

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{"id":15144255,"title":"'GMA' Lights Contest: Ostroffs vs. Ziemkowskis","duration":"2:02","description":"Vote for your favorite in \"GMA's\" My Lights Are Better Than Your Lights contest.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lights-contest-ostroffs-ziemkowskis-15144255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}