'GMA' Lights Contest: Winner Revealed!

"GMA" viewers voted for their favorite holiday-decorated house.
3:01 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Lights Contest: Winner Revealed!
Okay. Highlights are better than your life. This has been a huge thing we show you from all over the country we didn't bracket now we have -- our families on -- because they don't know who's one. They don't know they really don't know so let's put all three families up on Skype shall we. Let's just see all of our pictures including the family's front camera filling up. -- -- -- -- But on the front -- looking. There are now -- everybody's got. It's not just -- the widest -- -- you why and why. And yeah I thought he'd be a little bit more excited -- -- -- it was I'm just. An office job didn't work out -- the -- viability we couldn't that you and a brawl that. All right -- is moving this morning and so we thought we'd ask you know I don't know I don't know about it how many lives are on the swirling tornado three units on the right hand side of the house spewing from what we see how many lights and just -- there. 30000 lights up there at it. That a player we're trying to do something subtle though say thanks it's always -- -- get the -- balance over five about 30000. The electric company wants to see things that you -- everything commentary. How long from start to finish does it take to create what we're seeing on -- TV right now. A couple -- planning and designing. And Italy took -- four year old Carson gave her all the pixie -- she wanted him. For weeks later we headed -- that was about three or four weeks of its all time a couple of cherry -- exceeds -- a lot of patients -- my -- important for a lot of sugar induced child labor that's well improvement together. I do want to point it is it was a will always. Have picked up that it is Derek and Courtney and that's Carson right -- five -- right. Yes all right so and then what are you gonna do next year to make it even bigger as you know winning one here is -- gap winning two years would be off you raise the bar so what happens next year. Well we'll we -- -- thinking about that yet today but you know the bottom line for us was trying to do something it. Got the word out unsupervised -- in -- say thanks. All the troops around the world that have thought they are spotted what people for -- -- that knows what it's like to provide us the freedom. Celebrate the holidays when we wanted to do and -- thinking about next year we've got our own family our doesn't change Y just got back resonate ECB and then our. Brother and sister in law Stephanie military colonel -- Anderson with a hammer it isn't. The regular season we're gonna -- up what's up and hopefully take the next level but no we already won as well all the other families have put in this great effort -- Getting the work of the charities out. Raising money for better all of that ourselves. What we want to say you know oftentimes we're thanking the troops for their service we want to thank the -- Stanley -- every. Troops my dad would have approved former marine about the.

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{"id":15169738,"title":"'GMA' Lights Contest: Winner Revealed!","duration":"3:01","description":"\"GMA\" viewers voted for their favorite holiday-decorated house.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lights-lights-contest-winner-revealed-15169738","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}