GMA LIVE! (01.07.13)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Lara Spencer and Amy Robach From Times Square.
14:47 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.07.13)
-- I'm okay. -- -- it's. Tell -- our favorite comment of the morning what goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes it's not pretty not an -- Any robot who is so gorgeous isn't our son Josh and Sam their -- on one very difficult assignments. Josh is active the BBC yes he did they champion yeah just did so cold out there -- he was just -- this morning -- eighty degree I love that Sam called him out for doing every interview he had no matter how unrelated on the beach right. Famous tweeting sunset sunrise is you name it you know there on the suddenly he's like I love sunsets and ice cream and -- -- the land is sensory overload and sensory deprivation -- well because he didn't even know what kind of day it was whether or not it was forty degrees I didn't. Create -- I guess you know a thing or two about minding my blood -- judge last year so I was called and to give Sam some last minute had sat down we took a moment to learn -- -- there you consume you did so well I I'm I don't out of my own moves doesn't mention -- behind -- like a punch shouldn't. Does not own version of -- -- that's all I know but Sam is really excited about it because he loves being yes and he's never done anything like this and the great thing about -- he's been great he -- there. And he wants what I think I was looking for which is just real -- does not mean almost beautiful. For the most talented she tap -- that special little thing America has talent they have interviewed they have -- platforms -- -- his body and they also it's like they're like the quadruple threat. Yeah -- and we are right person yeah I think you'll have a -- -- hanging out Cheryl Burke from dancing with the stars and as you just -- and dancing he's almost ready to pick up. Hunt and I would radar and work quickly on that I finally let me ask that were there a lot of women we should mention on the set today obvious Josh -- -- I know we'll have you cheerleaders behind -- -- -- it was missing out. We had yes a lot of very beautiful women yes supermodels on the set with us today. Our social media -- -- springer is here now to tell us. What everyone's been talking about online let me -- the supermodels supermodels. And -- BCS games. -- had two big -- -- tied ends up north but take a look at this -- and so forth Aaron good support Jeff he acknowledged that an act of and -- one of -- gorgeous gorgeous models she -- that she's about to debut of the new Victoria's Secret. This morning with us without a lot of fun wasn't she had a -- -- Yeah that was a lot of fun -- -- yeah I was gonna ask guy I was hoping you gotta stick around because. I -- -- after her some advice because -- -- over here and I have nobody did stand with me. Mom we have only been working on the we have been working -- -- got to come on man. -- -- Com. I think I'm thank you and you're -- -- I get lonely feeling in my time and yeah okay. 200 tonight tonight. And understand study never coming veterinarian and now -- So doctors let me -- to this tweeting and asking for days now a couple of lovely ladies have treated me. Our friend Victoria have my friend Victoria and then Kansas said that -- would -- me up if you weren't so far away. I'm David Wheaton got an excellent nine -- I will what you -- -- I can't get that look like will from here. She said he says and I'm cute and hello -- for parents. Okay. She -- and no doubt the house while the DeVon -- I'm sort of like -- and the honeymoon -- -- -- this morning at a news mobile media I'm sort of like what that experts said Bob you've come for the train wreck but he stayed for the hearts. Yeah. What went down everybody and here's and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of the day. This is. Oh Rand is celebrating here -- -- -- your head of the day pictures. GMA -- -- thank -- -- -- I love style I'm only here. I think he's I don't need my god -- we thank you think I don't hate the only if these vets Traci -- that's not. Oh thank you oh wow I think somebody heard you loud and clear Andrea I just got a little glimpse of some tall and gorgeous ladies and I'm I'm -- I'm not up now but now have much time much more lovely there are supermodels in The -- actually walk in this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- Hello my good. I'm not going well yeah. I have these two lovely -- is -- question yeah please stand still what do you look for and then somebody. Didn't do not really glad I love -- and by the way I did. Yeah. I think he should go over and talk to those lovely they. OK yeah. -- -- OK yeah. -- yeah. He -- ground so you're always you're down please -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Right. Everybody wherever -- Condit is -- you guys are very tactic that's probably. Yeah thank you don't know we love your work. Yeah. I don't think you're sharing them at your fingertips I love learning that you -- even supermodels have little checks in I had that they -- and all the -- -- jump starting our January trying to get the privilege of working out being a little healthier everybody -- -- on there. Everything they expire January ninth and then there -- answer losing its small little couple -- to have so give us and super mossy rocks. Well. I think that working out all year round is definitely coming Betancourt and she did you work out like how much -- work out. I worked out to three times a week and I I came -- -- -- and know that now I know you -- But I definitely took time off during the holidays and I really enjoyed myself south. But now we're getting back into it and I -- to say nothing motivates me more than a new outfit and we have the Tracey -- board. Which has some very very you -- awesome clothes for any kind of work at it that easy oh yeah -- You know lot of my friends don't work out but life. The SX is amazing because pictures of your nose body of a woman it's always on trends. All very all the pieces from the TSX -- -- comfortable he can Wear them even if you're going out you might think that you might want to work out later. But even -- wearing just looks -- people always ask you to go where your pants on like -- they -- they -- their fashions. You know leggings but there's just. Great but it looks like me aren't -- asking let him -- papers and it just gotten I had. And it and it just really comfortable and I mean and that is -- -- catalog that is pretty good -- yes. It might have looked at -- good morning. -- guys. Yeah we just don't give anyone more hugs and -- -- yeah. So much victory in the anxiety -- I don't see -- And -- starting January -- -- an -- Another model another model emerges we're just surrounded by models -- have -- when. I -- out up slightly out of anybody else. I love some tips you game I love the idea of the longer pant that's something anybody can do. You hide your -- and so the illusion is that no longer lags immediately six foot tall Afghan or -- despite seventh birthday yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they do they they hide their boots they're six and boots under their long gene or skirt knowing we'll know the different -- telling you I'm 5959 and a half. So now and I'm overseeing yet on how I -- rarely told that it's just a secret tiny Texan terms of when you're looking you're going to the story want to find something that makes you look long and -- those that you think they both -- Any attention and blazers are really -- right now you're showing back to Lindsay sure. Com you know I would say the number one supermodel tips would be. Buying your designer bag. People are gonna say Walt and it's so expensive -- they do that wolf its you invest in your home. You invest in a car and I am and I -- -- is like my home yeah. Exactly why can't you name it. And you -- in your clothes and -- thing is if you've been buying designer -- your entire wardrobe thinking did she does. I tissues and sunglasses even issue changing current -- I don't you I had an attractive. I know what I do to an -- you can relate I love going to like the designer consignment shops. -- -- getting plastic you know eight classic -- Designer -- who cares if it's a couple years old. You're gonna get it for a lot less money and a classic and so it's a way to treat yourself to that one special that absolutely can do that I can go and eBay insure of course you can go you know to a place like Bloomingdale's to get hey your bag as well meaning of so many options they think that's number one most important. That's it elevation piece that should be your investment so really -- an interesting about my -- in terms of trying to make my wardrobe what war in and that's what you -- root for your money that's what boggles my first you know it's funny devoted my house by the snow they don't need actually fighter practicing law again. If your new new -- consider casting everyone thinks well fabulous you know -- yeah -- application gets a lot of -- and then when you know people look at you on the streets -- -- wild success and that's the most of the new customers and a reality I didn't have enough -- -- -- the festival they have that in terms of working out all you all you guys have incredible figures and you all looked healthy you've got cut aren't -- what do you do. I mean for me I think it you know it's all about healthy and I do you know I love yoga I think they yoga balance is -- mind. You know it keeps you feeling good -- you know our job is needed requires a lot of energy that you need to. I do more for energy than anything. I love my curves and still grades I think you know guilty pleasure I have to tell you gotta be something like. I am ID yeah I would say I don't -- -- to take place is there was something. I mean I could tell you I love fried -- us. Oh yeah Elaine oh yeah I'm young birds like about him of course I -- yeah. On -- -- threatening fried twinkie and you know I'll go there yeah is that. We're you know in the bass is like cupcakes and ice cream when you really wanna go yeah yeah yeah and a cupcake shop on every corner here New York City my and that's why I live here. I'm the perfect food I like to -- yeah right Chris O'Brien thank you so much thank you don't. Car -- -- America dot com on whom. Perfect every time now for a GMA it will -- superstar busy Phillips -- by this morning she plays Lori on the hit show cougar town. And we played a little -- with her called so busy so not busy excellent. Really makes -- decorate cakes like -- does on the shelf so busy. First baby without pain medication so busy wow and I ended yet again so not -- the a big fan of flea markets. That's are not that they. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now memory I have I do -- I love you laugh I don't let you know act who have paid activity and no snow not busy it was a real. The toy fair so busy I'm the -- I was prepared to -- -- -- You know she does her -- make up on the show and I think it's pretty remarkable when she's coming in there she is pregnant she's got a baby at home. A lot of people thinking you've got -- makeup and stylists working what. She does her own make up for that idea down terrorists in yeah I thinks when you're doing something I got -- and I feel when we're out in the field. It sometimes looks fatter now because you don't wanna be -- land not a natural he had to be a natural beauty as -- we do here at Miami go live now can hurt them as -- stock letter -- -- back on her face. I gonna get to our little plane the day after John O'Hara Josh -- is working in Miami this morning at the big and Alabama Notre Dame game I'm not sure he's rooting for -- I don't think when you don't look for authentic truth here. I it's going to be really hurt me reprimand because they beat my dogs. -- time job she didn't -- we sure wanted to paint and you can hear him I mean come on go dog so. I don't think as a dog I can -- -- -- I understand Saturday I'm sorry yeah I probably should stay in the SEC. But I -- go with Saturday I'm with you I'm going -- until I don't know why just feels right and I love regents who had a I've -- -- here's our planet that is a relaxed John can't get enough and that's one. It's Charlie Ross he's a bit of a prankster. You guys might know and trust falling as he's back have you heard on that I didn't like summer -- -- and it didn't go off until Charlie I'm. I love -- they'll -- him either you can make he -- -- -- -- that he. He doesn't give them a lot of time to do about it. A he asked this is -- yeah. I don't -- a lot of the distracting manner he just walked up to people and let's just. No intention now I'm knowing -- my there yet doctor. Anybody feel like child -- -- -- yeah. A lot of it is a great command guy America I turn around from side to side. I'm okay. Yeah. Yeah. All right thank you very much for spending the morning with us thank you he needs here yeah. And then -- -- -- -- -- Ali tomorrow how wealthy guy can have a great day.

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