GMA LIVE! (01.09.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Amy Robach on the BCS Championship, Turkish karaoke and Honey Boo Boo.
3:00 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.09.13)
-- Internet. We're -- and rollicking thrill ride wasn't all that -- Down GM a mile and I didn't doesn't get lighter than what we just sit there for a couple out of the -- we'll -- -- and -- I think he did two of you for sharing a the breaking news that I -- while I was yeah. Yeah. That was his best to the -- -- does this -- search on Google or any words this I would letter day. On the second that the most me. More on that in him in just today. I Josh we want to looking at -- from my. -- I'm the other -- start -- game unlikely. Yes and boy it was not any of the football -- -- a first of all. Here's the thing with the with the football. And I am gonna just and -- this show for a fifth. Fifteen seconds coming so unhappy ended up until we get a real playoff -- Actual playoff it takes them. -- -- conference champions that lets them play decide on the field who should actually play for national title board done just pitching two teams. That's what -- gonna get you gonna get 42 to fourteen blowouts and boy that was. You should not the dogs that didn't -- off the dogs auction of an affair with what I have that would have been good. A real value or Dolly has done to Georgia Bulldog mascot isn't. Manner but what he did for Catherine webcast via snotty remark on and you really get out and don't you you know she is because you know you are now following her on Twitter. He had like 1214100. Followers tops on Twitter at kickoff. 42 to fourteen later and really today this morning actually can we get an update from the controller -- what we have. She went from 12100 kick off Monday night as of 7:45%. This morning fifty -- and then 151000. More than two basically controller making confirm its more than 250000. And that that threatened with different must murder yes. With not a meeting you're sounding a little bit I'm happy about it coming to you and your family and friends -- -- friend first of -- friend is as fine gentleman has become. And he did. Acknowledgment. Perhaps. I was on the -- and I understand he -- eyes on ESPN and Brent have since you know apologize if anybody was I didn't -- -- Highlight it was an offensive items came -- in her final again and it did I can tell you friend know personally that's fine -- and another we're not saying yet. He could create a star. Well yes I mean she is -- ten. We also point out she's a beauty queen she's miss Alabama -- not like. We drag this woman into the spotlight and she's comfortable and used but she did -- also say hey I'm shocked but I just -- data AJ and but I and how did you want to -- -- -- a -- as a -- -- -- -- -- feeling right -- -- more people -- talking about current and the camera he held -- you know what he actually. He we saw a little bit out of when they told -- like you know. Boy -- a lot of attention that you don't she is why dollars in -- I thought he handled it too small lot more I thought he handled it well. I I didn't you know I think. It's understood that the quarterback in Alabama is something of Demi god and the state has won two titles -- -- 13 in four years after. I think he's used to it the fun party is that she goes offered. And so it really is Romeo and Juliet I mean those two fan bases it's fair to say do not. Super rival isn't -- romance or let's see if they can survive the wait a market that -- Ash reported on GMA this morning though -- -- she's gonna go moved to Atlanta Atlanta because after months they're very gregarious. Right. Yes I was trying -- amounted to little -- that I have a oh yeah I'm his out of Las Vegas beginning is judged the Miss America competition this weekend he's very busy Josh we got America is that -- -- -- Olympic gymnasts. But Taylor you know there he would not -- I -- it's funny I talk to -- late last night -- last night let you know this. That's it's like to full time job you're doing you're judging what's what's the average day we -- long -- -- angle on the judge that ticket so seriously. You are sequestered its 52 contestant to write three integrity and the judges you have to be sequestered away you have a mind -- You are not allowed to go -- -- slots wired down having downtime human -- who kind of follows you around so you know you know we'd be careful look cocktails and and there's Alden in view last year -- -- Reminder we all this we have we shared a minor a minor I had to wrangle and I was with Chris Jeff and Chris did you not go -- into out of Kenya -- -- -- -- it beat its in its. Just not a wild thing in the -- are really early -- this Fieger 53 women and -- -- ticket incredibly seriously -- -- you're up by eight and you are literally watching. Routines and interviewing them until ten or eleven at night -- -- dealing with this -- as you can see you -- -- -- them. He's gotten clearly not impressed that whoever he was looking right here. Also. Hoffman Robin tweeting this morning who. Push is watching Gmail -- right now hello -- you might appear. I loved watching my friends and actually -- great way to start my today once again a negative that I will have what pat Lara Spencer has happened this morning we get a little bit -- -- -- -- -- figure out of mind. It didn't he laughs yeah handout but we do want to point out really -- we want to point out. See you very soon I just -- -- point I'm not I'm not reading the tea leaves and actually meeting the screen. Bearing cap healthy capital he. -- out there saying you know it was months out -- and I dare say. District robins beat -- -- candidate capital. In the GMA a lot of super -- about to join us now and you engineers are tied for -- the most happy and and is done yet get it. Hello -- San so happy she is happy that's also because she just has -- precinct piped into every year -- Standing but I believe we have -- -- we have heard via Skype to we have Alison -- in Amsterdam Holland -- -- -- Okay now I'm. Very very good it's good to see we actually I've I've only met outside matter and are going away party she -- dear dear friends let's take the control -- -- -- This woman -- I hear that. -- dared -- that's one of the -- Dear dear friends. Still Alison I know you're over -- Aaron. On the other side of the world if by that I mean Amsterdam but what's it like -- what's it like joining us here on GMA alive every morning. How often it. It didn't really getting panic in the heat -- and then he does them at it that -- American things than to get ready get my day. And how is likely Amsterdam -- -- -- I write my bike to work every game. -- -- I'm not like they're telling me that beautiful that he did okay over under on the inbound Windmills how many Windmills please. Lately already beat you Williams already I have not seen a live look them -- Helena then there. I -- your grammar and don't -- just one. They don't think you ma. I didn't think that never finding a pro forma photos read on the -- while we are we dominion erupted as -- This greater than as we work and that -- below zero going to be going on the world's leading -- and a thousand we wanted to violent it's it's awesome to see and we've we've we've thank you for Watson that's fantastic to have each and every morning. -- -- Why did great and we really -- it. OK I think is -- again do you. Yes have we figure out candidates it is the candidate people I mean I still trying to get waited like they can't watch as a candidate and a lot to remember I don't know but I'll check on that you have an answer for tomorrow thank you -- -- -- follow up as that -- yeah hey who's this page. Amy who blew my -- -- -- -- Bring our -- -- -- but you know by the way we have an update -- and -- The has 200 -- -- wines. 2000 dollar volume on -- as the seconds of the day a -- by followers follow her followers follow up let's face it we can't stop talking about yourself. Who cares who are you with -- -- we. I'm buying that now yeah -- again does that change your life. The Victoria's Secret the Victoria's Secret supermodels -- -- -- and we're not here actually yet we discussed yes here's what's -- like. Behind every -- that joins -- Couples about finally owning -- thank you George for having supermodel filed Monday when I'm not there yeah yeah yeah. Whatever. I think what -- what what -- you have you spend the morning you said this morning that drinking or more. The sugary drinks we'll make you depressed. What I mean I was just reported. And and that we we are friend Darlene says that she drinks eighteenth and -- today and on the child -- hang all this is Darlene yes. I would like to effort Darlene to join us had him alive later this week that's possible yeah why not -- eighteen. No one and a half and Carolina jump start January that he got contact -- -- -- -- heard maybe has been jump start of the city code red. -- -- -- we asked what makes you happy that. And Donna -- percent of her little girl ally. Are happening -- -- Allen makes us happy to all our brand our friend Amy. Her kids -- Eli -- have been sick. But the Long Island all finally kicking in and out of them are having enough sleep in and then -- up from Missouri today as this -- -- de Dave Meehan do. -- that's what makes you guys happy. You Andrew do now march I think everybody happy march. And I know I love one rob got together yeah -- now will be complete when Robin is backed -- I'm sure is nice to have you back Josh you know it's great to be here also we do want to point it was momentous. There was a momentous happenings. Their lines in the robot -- -- this morning component yes my six year old lost her first. -- -- -- -- I didn't do -- -- -- -- they pay a little bit better than they did and the back in the data that can back. In the early eighties inflation hit bottom and extra for the first I mean mid eighties when I lost. After is taking founding act -- yeah you know live up out of -- yeah. Also back tonight so yeah back in 1980 he what do you say we we continue on the scene we touched on a little earlier we're gonna jump -- -- January. Would be doing -- all month long in this morning we revealed some supermodel secret. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oils coconut water he -- the Oregon tree we are men argue and are arguing Arnold are usually those are and I'm. They're like there are only small -- But -- not always -- not -- yeah very very low low low low why why. I considered it does it it is it that's what it was -- we're -- the language can win describing a scenario -- -- -- classically. Steroids. It is cigarettes a day when its -- and flawless in the -- yeah. And -- summer sitting. -- how Big Apple walls. -- incredible honor this year she hadn't already -- I was so I was -- involved with mom and. They're pretty bad but it also -- actually comfortable -- reclined in the want that. You guys see it was actually that was -- think -- it it was his first class and let them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and a janitor Doug I don't. I don't follow that the cubs starter Jamie is -- when -- intensely at a salon on GMA Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo! got -- argued Loy Allen -- mean he has spoken on the oil and those. Walls and I knew about mark I think yes I recognize a couple of extra things because the number one complaint -- yet. We're gonna about it that it's dry lips dry everything in the winter January but it's also -- -- static out. I think it might get an accurate data at best and. This means that we. I tried disingenuous. All right so well first of all for travel -- doesn't travel well right -- so this is genius -- -- -- -- tell you that you haven't announced that thanks everybody in the -- team on the back when we love it was announced amazing this is -- 100% -- -- -- like we talked about -- now -- -- -- and Nancy is basically a -- multi -- who lives in -- I Hazen on my baby you know well and organic still with kids. You're not carrying two mingling with the -- -- -- -- -- a -- I'm days of for a director -- ginger but ginger in eucalyptus. Not -- right exactly right that's a great call and that means that oil is -- -- -- on the that's magazine and designated expert at a little more expensive but you gotta think it. -- everybody on the honestly -- that you now you don't what do you mean I would even a little. Yeah as a public -- and I have a political -- dry lips right there sure are not the only thing is that. -- -- -- How that PL tells us that it's very -- drug I have to tell you. Visit February could might -- Right yeah happy February 100. I can comment a fly home yeah you are jumping I don't ride by a minute -- -- -- all the -- on this on the left. And -- you regularly prints are wondering -- when he gets excited. I thought it might be difficult to travel for Josh that particular case moved to the front pocket currency pockets -- nobody -- six. Let's have nice that it might be a little too well. It is right right you miss. That's for the girls as -- the end this is really great because the meat ingredients -- And the big thing about these two products is staying away from mineral oil try to -- things they've had a lot of form mineral oil free -- learning at an angle Adam. -- a lot of it is the technical world word from mineral oil and the reason I tightly that you I don't know then it's gone it just as a protective but it seals without -- all the moisture. Oh boy or little even though that's great because they felt good and that -- protect myself from chicken and chattering troop. But you won't get moisture in sometimes -- produced less blitzer in the financially clothing that is. Insulin that is on most fun word to say. Don't bet a lot of bottom. It's amazing that. Now it's also the -- That's why that is science right there yes he would GMA alive does do you honestly. An airline jump start now right into February thank you so much added I know higher ground than that -- All those tips on our website to check that out and he ran thank you my friend nobody got a real we have an update -- wettest -- CN talking about reclining involved. -- -- -- -- We want to thank you -- for joining us each and every morning here at 9:15. Eastern standard time that's it for Jim a lot of its parent.

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