GMA LIVE! (01.18.13)

Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Elizabeth Vargas discuss 'Cousins on Call,' and the 'GMA' money booth
3:00 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.18.13)
We are sure to live they can you swing around here nobody -- something -- wanted to show America -- would enjoy the Internet mind you -- argues 00. -- -- That watching it is it's been fun watching her -- yeah. Completely non functional but there who -- just -- -- -- it was a rollicking -- we're gonna get to. We have cocky. We have coffee with legs -- here we're getting -- they're very above. How hot pots on someone who brings so much energy to show -- It just changes the rest of the -- yeah right here again -- address today. How long you here in New York. Until Sunday didn't you've got your whole weekend plan to get some extra cash in your pocket money yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- and they have as well -- -- that we're gonna get you just a moment. I also want to which are very happy birthday to crystal -- -- it may be outside just exciting you took over out there everybody. Everybody got excited with -- hey red bird patrons remembered that -- on Thursday defense. And you walk. Thank -- by myself and I'll see you the next time. And I -- a little video me beyond a sample of the last night near here toss. Carry out there -- Let's turn them mercy did she maybe -- -- we have a lot of excited -- contenders did and went that we just didn't. Now we -- was we have we need a total we've outgrown that we haven't we actually -- -- -- -- -- judgment. Randy we want on C yeah yeah kilometer nearly -- soft money -- win big she was selected. And we've poll numbers exotic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lol yeah. Keep Prince Harry has. Yeah I think he went into the muddy boots yet had 32. That's easy but Chris supposedly -- numbers that we -- back at that moment. I might -- is -- -- yeah. Credible and that they knew about me thinking of them remain lean. Yeah. It was the greatest moment and why all avenues and wedding ring on the finger and -- my grandma that's how god that was and I didn't end tonight. I know that fourth grade yes. -- -- 86 -- -- -- I don't major -- about twenty minutes before we got to the Booth what was up. It is estimated to be hearing looking at everything so -- yeah will welcome awesome thank you we have not told the good people of the Internet how much that you hold in your hand. So are you ready for the big reveal I. And it's a really good. -- I'm I'm curious I'm curious are they all want. News or where they're where they're larger bills and volleys and -- Just -- News -- yeah. Actually I I agree I think we should I think we should -- them live larger bill than that in the back yeah he did not -- I'll let you get -- -- -- exactly I -- I didn't live. -- hockey team and you -- -- you wanna go -- -- -- in the Borough now. Hang on hang on hang on. We're now joined by Bob Hope we're now joined by Sam from Kentucky's Sam tell us a little bit about your son I am so excited to be here -- -- -- How excited about -- I don't know how excited I don't know how he. -- -- Christiane I'm not not even naturally or unnaturally inside -- your. And then you're like -- to join us -- GMA -- yes it's been my dream are you read quietly doing the right. -- But why antagonism -- seconds on the clock you know let's -- can't know. True -- A right away. -- -- -- fake money in -- you can not. I don't like to look good volleys -- -- -- place. Did you just right. This a perfect -- yeah. -- -- For a new program -- -- -- -- -- tight okay my. Say that I am I want to do you know. Trillion big dollars -- of the thoughts on who aren't -- trillion I have I have newfound appreciation for how difficult it is that there -- really grab -- moves. OK yes OK did -- review these I'm pretty used yes. She won real money -- -- yes oh yeah only. They only put money -- approved for me. All right -- that's terrific I'm you know imagine now. If -- spring I'm imagining that broke Twitter that -- this is lighting up -- Not my right -- now amazingly got a couple of tweets about that. -- enough for the. Now. Between that we're -- the -- cousins are all tweeting and now all the women in the water like yourself hot there's a hot -- between the we're getting right yeah. All -- 88 to recuse myself defense -- Patriot Act he says that he thinks that the digital post does a fantastic idea clearly not -- that yet. Yeah not happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- And keep him around a little bit longer -- got a little bit -- play a little bit longer top Melissa write that. Always gets My Cousin Vinny had a good night even if they were -- all day that's yeah. A sort that's almost -- my sense when we didn't -- -- says when someone holds the door where you'll at least acknowledge that with the not a you're not gonna. -- that is my pet PPL. I can't believe two things how many tens of personal walks through -- door and just let it slam on your face number one. We're number two when you stop and hold a door for somebody and they just walking around and they don't they recognize it just doesn't yes I -- a great little reality. America despite your welcome your majesty I'll acknowledge I'm amazed -- I -- -- why didn't have been. He is you are one of the great leaders ideas. He's really -- very active in the show BSE market has -- book all about tweets from. Might hear about one to you should know but I thank you keep -- coming carried out and it doesn't want my favorites. Wearing spandex the privilege not a right. So yeah. Zdeno I'm totally I totally disagree I would. Kids are right exhilarated the birthright we aren't we are here in America we can't Wear spandex and I'm wearing it right well. -- -- -- Yeah every yeah I believe that's 32 amendment and sandy Texas Iran where we're American and -- -- -- -- we got here I love this. Never stop showing love regardless of how other -- you do not reflect project. Have a great I've head of the de -- -- that was treated if you will be together the heart to hear alaves ahead of the bell -- making snowing will. So on -- me death Tuesday -- another -- little girl I don't know her hobbies is that he's had a good day. You so much Andrew -- -- -- have a good weekend. Having I run my last day I know I'm here. Earlier this that it girl's -- Yeah in the meantime has spent enough time probably in your life when you have wished you could read someone's mind and now we can't. To tell us more about that is -- editor Joanna stern hello. Yeah well yeah. To me having -- the ballet -- I went yes last week that -- tech trade show and I'm constantly looking out for ways making that look ridiculous. Hears you. Found them how to I think battle cat ears and -- at the Pentagon have these actually reading your mind. -- -- tobacco and here is -- yeah they're not eminent. That's a good idea to go on your forehead. Yeah he's got I had I had and here's where you don't want WD. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think -- living here in the network yeah you don't think and I just want to avoid a double -- hi everybody. Hello I'm square senate I mean some I don't know I didn't expect -- I have now. I know someone's mind right now -- you actually -- examine you say -- that you're your they're moving again they're moving their way here today. Don't know how I'm sorry I figured out you know the -- don't yeah it's a pivotal. I don't want you -- actually move and don't read your mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Might bring different that the program is one thing here is going down yeah -- -- -- their -- that means they're highly interstate -- everything right now but if it's highly interest it. Minor damn I -- nothing like crazy right now and I highly a lot of my students. I think the fact nine out of them right when I was definitely I think everything I'm saying you're really necessary documents and see what really. These cost. -- got 99 dollar price. I tell you about standards may not. Cannot be the best way to spend a flight 99 dollars and he acknowledged. Down from imminent. Isn't about them. Football and I I I that was semi -- There this company is actually doing a lot of things we know OK Spencer yeah and being able to -- how people are like what's going on -- their financial inequity. So he's yeah actually yeah. And that's what I just a theory that if I think I ran back I know what's wrong because we didn't put your ear clip -- finally. Yeah I think I just have no I think he Fremont -- that -- -- -- After years of being here -- -- -- to read your thought. -- -- know that -- -- does it's gonna be a little lets you. Yeah. Might I wanna know we really like -- but yeah that. -- could you always say how. How dare I actually got an FiOS and now gives -- out and have figured -- scientific proof to see -- interest that you are -- that. There's an alarm thing obviously -- -- it's a wintry Friday. And -- in one of those areas and new action this is no longer. This is a really got. And what we do I -- said -- trying to -- before we show guests say that. Out idea this is like that -- him. Today and -- -- we show ends with yeah yeah yeah. And fans are -- JE -- -- the past and rhymes with Max sat. -- -- -- You know how it and save the did you -- is so completely -- I'm still involved in in -- yeah. The -- they can really find out there -- coming to let alone. What comes the Internet. I'm always ten years old and he likes Max fast. Donald into the kind of -- I have aren't happy -- crystal. Crispy -- -- paying federal hey we can. -- -- Veritable fast thousands who used to -- -- him. -- Well -- you know I don't know that I want an insurer. And this is a -- there's a real question you're -- games. Yeah I am still okay. I don't -- Did you tell other people outside the window -- free hello.

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{"id":18247914,"title":"GMA LIVE! (01.18.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Elizabeth Vargas discuss 'Cousins on Call,' and the 'GMA' money booth","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-011813-18247914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}