GMA LIVE! (02.22.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam countdown to Oscar Sunday with a behind-the-scenes video of the GMA movie trailer.
3:00 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.22.13)
-- -- Okay. I am this close to conscientiously objecting to this episode. And GMA -- why what's what's wrong John Elliott what's wrong. Turns out today is national margaritas yeah yeah yeah as -- it I. Studio audience just otter -- -- -- that -- -- national Margarita David here's the deal because. This is technically television in or -- and -- ABC news employees. -- drinks they're about to wheel out here that are all delicious are also very. -- you know that their Shirley -- -- -- -- -- alcohol free marries about the fund which is not the point of the Margarita now that would make. Now we do that no. We would not do that I know we wouldn't do that blazing down and we would not show you something fake on television we wouldn't do it treaty and we -- -- -- -- why it's so we need a full fledged Margarita yes -- -- at nine 908391530. I totally understand all right -- Palin. Gorgeous studio audience by the way. OK we've I -- Passing downs what is that -- Oster well it's -- about -- Mercury is on the way. How. How do you guys take Margaret ST -- not version IP. Hypocrite. -- -- -- And that is. -- -- -- And of course my muscles like an out of yeah. Not just an occasion good. You know -- We -- to chose you and we wanted to -- Internet so yeah. And from the Miami -- and hey wow -- The strongest line made I've ever had yet thinking. Wow like a totally 00 -- Harry Reid -- really seriously that I can't yeah totally break back into. That's just -- -- -- that's just one performance of Manny if you've seen from -- enough all of us do we -- it's like drinking that up his that's where we have a little grand jury just a second headgear -- gonna ask you to wait. I -- get to the Apollo we have a poll. You know I knew he -- it how it's how do you like your Margarita I oh OK -- Do you like them frozen -- Salton. Do you like them straight -- brings no -- You like rocks salt. Or rocks no -- we have before they don't have the way I during my martyr your favorite and that I don't straight up solved -- Iraq's. -- takes takes room out of a glass -- your eyes and I. I really don't do the Margarita mix them up they make them sometimes you'll have a Bartley commit solid as tool like you know. Take all the ingredients of what would be in the mix and just you know -- -- Republican -- over power really get tequila with sweet. -- you know I agree that he had no salt. The -- I don't get myself I like well I like this time and time. Could Contra land mine again rim that he I'd like again and I -- a little umbrella yet well hold the umbrella. An area she can't -- It happened you know light -- so that was -- -- -- yes but. What we get -- and you. I want to tell you Sam Champion what's that you're a man of many talents. We don't out of the Internet -- they get up to you have a show. In which I would -- them. But boy you are -- thespian of to the nth degree. And just to prove it as we did our GMA actors studio on a budget of like four dollars and six cents. Take a look. At him from Lara whose halfway Ted blot on our way to hell right now -- And some other actors really on the rise -- -- -- this other felt really really happening. That was Josh who enjoy this part the battle on top of that train and it keeps you -- Mandela sent -- -- Tim getting all of the advantage here well thank you in the fight in the article. We're against the greed greed and yeah that was I just seems showing on here in the IBM and event look at that IBM -- for about a half an hour. It is never the and the shot was only his second but he had getting here alternate. Fargo -- was a lot of fun by the way. And she is Sammy and never wanted to take his outfit. I would tell you that guy right there that -- right here is who I really am getting down inside yeah. Yeah what CIA agent wears gold so you want to run the blooper reel him do it on the hill. We have a lot of -- -- we all laughed. A lot. Do -- -- are going off the script and Traci good evening I'll get an American business seventies music -- yeah. -- -- So Medicare's eleven. -- meg yeah. Again. Seeing -- song. We -- yeah lots of current cash. They're like yeah spraying like. Hey don't stop -- nobody wants somebody -- here. He's going to be sorely disappointed. What if you step. Back. You -- John married. -- And I look like and Margaret. Our view is -- and it looked like Alan Simpson John bear. -- -- -- -- -- Okay now. And it is so I mean -- You mean we give them list after the shows we've already done the show that we do this show and then he -- -- -- a few hours of the green screen. In the end though it's all part of it's always worth it EU from -- make up though fewer than what it was like an hour to get to be the tiger. -- I'll tell you she did it in like forty minutes it should have been. A four hour makeup job it was cracked good -- absolutely. Gag you know owing billions -- does Robin and has done you. With the make up and that isn't sure -- means -- that. As a make up job if you've ever seen -- it for you they don't you. See in -- behind the scenes when he was in his CIA agent slash porn star outfit ion. All that. -- -- -- Yeah you just just isn't it wasn't. I don't think he looked like a porn star -- little bit yeah okay but. The dude didn't kiss them good note the -- is the -- was the best part of doing something down I'll just I'll ask you must judge what is. The boy I don't know I don't do the place anyway. Miles away so what did you think when you when you would you suddenly want to you know an easier lemonade ice ready let me here's the truth it. It transformed me a another spirit came inside my body that we need to Dirk ziglar. From didn't really I -- someone else Josh I would do that but I wasn't there to stop somewhere else totally method can stay in the. There's like two hours if you ask him questions if you had asked if -- -- -- -- -- At him but I do the next day when I had to take all that I missed it because -- -- -- -- -- in it was a great -- this is who I really -- the and -- we'll learn really. Really am I don't know. And how we should -- sure you know Lara Lara somehow. Always looks like -- when we. It doesn't really -- I -- -- -- -- -- good. Does it like it is literally lay everything -- the -- I'm not meant that there is bordered on your to your -- and I -- that Olazabal got -- -- You see Josh in those pants first of -- they were high water plaid they are right knee high periods that would -- that is true. But dubbed but in those pants was like this -- -- and he talked about a -- could lead to. I always tell me down that was really. It was he who is at hand. It happened yeah I was there it was and it was a tough. Chicago but clearly they didn't like all age 65 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could fly flattening a walk by a couple times and just come fall and really what's happening in the back on the seventies and think for themselves with what on earth releasing a lot missing and now I'm just as -- -- -- -- who is a fan does not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They like I was actually here for part of the sixties as -- up thank you very much Andrea rader -- yeah. Wow but I do miss the seventies I think you -- young people you young people you should look what what what's your name young lady in the in the paint. -- that you should look at seven these movies because you've got this long luscious hair yeah. Yet you should do you should just get that seventies look. Full on the scene on the -- to see it SIQ. My question we didn't have a -- monitor -- -- or what watch tonight and makes me much does the -- -- movies and stuff he loved the seventies he has -- -- look you know hair -- -- look at them makes us watch the seventies -- I'm sorry if there's little about -- Yeah let's find out and -- -- you downstairs I am downstairs while I'm down here at the forever alone board to hand by the way for a full day of the Dana activists -- -- put on those glasses that that -- yeah he would look like Annie Hall. Follow you you all can we get the glass is burned -- had to put on if we have Arnold -- wardrobe takes that's up right away -- in what -- know. We actually we actually all that wardrobe it comes in here -- -- goes right back to the stores because we can't afford to pay for what we're the Annie Hall then it was woods is Annie Hall it was it was on Diane Keaton Diane Diana I'll go ahead doctor James Matheny who Annie Hall -- I'm not even from seventy probability that the -- is all joke it's a -- old joke. Contrast got got a million marriage like -- however. On important social -- -- a special shout out to our friend Jen. -- driving down to -- she's not watching but she's gonna run her first five K. At the Disney fide case of good luck -- -- actually you know why we wanna do that's even if they do you believe she's also the woman. Who runs the -- -- rescues I think it's the actress that it's it's it's it's -- which is to say Ken let's and that no good luck in the fight Casey he's ever done but I forgot that violate our biggest fight of the morning was during that peace. I answered that what are we inflict sixty -- the -- and they want to know. Upgrade of its SS wants to know why Larry Johnson spam on closing the I I question I don't know I had I had very -- -- Can -- things around -- I think it may get. That we can we can get the address of the programming exact yes is hell yeah right Pamela maybe that would have -- accident would you do it wouldn't in the way that they -- you -- well meaning. As a body have a trio he asked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet we look we clearly -- -- -- -- Gloria let me -- -- Robb Quinlan had budget through. Actually -- and Josh actually know movies and the stars I'd be clueless to the whole thing going -- look there's about the fancy -- people and they would know who they are what movies they were and it would be hysterical who wouldn't watch that Hollywood's biggest night. And -- that we actually asked what you think it's gonna win best picture we got some -- over -- playbook. But more -- all of our tweets that it's going to be -- -- he's gonna win best picture out there saying you guys are real. This picture I think that I. Here's what I wonder. -- I wonder wind. Did the real when the nominations were announced. The big story of the day was that Ben Affleck. Was not nominated for best director. And I just wonder if in a knee jerky sort of way because he -- -- on and won every directing award. And you I wonder if the voters will pay him off actually you know to say okay go it and it -- All lot of great movies it's probably the most popcorn movie of the nominees. It's it wasn't my favorite movies here it was and among them. But yeah I like that that it was great what it and we are counting down to Oscar Sunday we actually have a first look. At some very proud nominees this morning the months of the -- -- while its so called -- Bradley Cooper's mom Anne Hathaway's mom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you -- a whole saying on the Oscar website but week. Have a clip right now to look. -- To be nominated. And he said -- in Germany British. We only seem to -- a -- Sexiest -- airlines that -- you can see the sun returns and listen to me. 202. Season yeah. When -- -- -- And yeah. She was late in the -- -- pretty soon she was extremely next. Point six the first day -- seeing. -- I was like wow. -- -- -- -- Going to be a great Oscars because there's so many deserving nominees -- upended the horse race and a lot of categories. But there's nothing like a good upset. If cautioning Wallace which costs and that by the way I get whenever you have a -- beasts of the southern wild sales -- -- -- she could -- yeah yeah yeah right she is that good what what Wonder Woman finality it's gonna be a great night it ultimately an amazing night -- -- 7 eastern 4 Pacific. It all gets underway. Here on ABC and then we want -- stick around watch the whole show and get up with us early. Because we sure will or just stay up like just like we sure will because we are all gonna be out there live from the B Oscar's. Will be rocking the -- I think we -- -- decided -- And it's going to be a great great show great great ball that's right -- and -- on the red carpet show yeah. Yes let me that is 11 eastern four -- compounded Kristin Chenoweth and Jess Cagle right. Com. We get we get it -- -- -- death. How can thank you for working that out banks and whatever whatever that -- are -- you don't want you on Hainan although. There aren't doing a lot at cross Secret Service folks that are threatened violence and yes for the First Lady yes -- is on her way so we are going to call it for now. We hope you have a lovely -- weekend. And please join us we'll have a GM -- forty coming up on Monday but you have a great weekend enjoy the show on ABC -- Oscar Sunday. Okay.

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