GMA LIVE! (03.11.13)

Lara Spencer, John Muller and Ginger Zee discuss Justin Bieber's recent troubles on 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.11.13)
Everybody. Saying welcome to that it. Good afternoon I'm pat pat Good Morning America live. Why GM had all day long all night all bomb he had just feels like that sometimes the blanket focus here yeah now the -- -- me here. Johnny John thank you for your generosity and -- I'm -- -- and in their IE -- on the John Malone and I worked their back in the days of local I was that one affiliate human right now W and we see it again and now it's an -- allowed to -- -- -- -- WABC because I am -- -- Ron ABC in rain and not leave it in the morning. Out on the street yeah -- and flyers remain always -- even that -- -- -- energy which he had used the term -- did you hurt I don't like that was and there are higher energy. From India had some geniuses. They know that you've done it I'm so glad you're with us your great reporter and author and funny funny Oakland and very dry -- -- -- me hot today we were all I'm inhaling. That's incredible dance and I cannot recommend it not. Do you not -- -- MGM name. Jones in a website I aid I need to pull pieces it is -- analysts see my daughter -- it -- -- -- -- -- I did you know -- because Amy robot really isn't -- -- did she just gets right in there and she's inspired me in fact. I'm gonna do it again and again I'm going down for peace number doubt and I certainly needed video this is under we have video this is -- -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- And and you gonna need -- that the only thing about it does get anywhere that was me now Wayne Barrett a -- in the Arab. Into the what I liked was the dance after then somehow didn't dent work that I that I -- On the wrong torn down I hub and on and -- clearly you don't -- we -- -- on the. This is on the website but basically it's -- -- it's bananas and its French tennis and it's pure happen. Yes thank you and -- as -- -- -- -- thanking him is behind the scenes helping us make all the stuff. Yeah you just do it to hand -- -- I'm saying the show was great you -- it I had agreed to a good night I got an got a different at a -- -- here in the news on GM in our mass I was especially the first time reading the news -- begin stumbling all well -- you know -- that I was acting but I know how do you do that because I think everybody wandering on about home. Sir how do you when -- nervous -- you don't want you to reveal your voice shaking parted like sit up straight and thinking about yoga poses tried to breed like they're still warm in my head home. Well below the owner is an industry term BO was but it was like six -- was -- -- don't break -- a like a little interviews -- -- -- was all readings until I get through this tonight. Don't joke. I'll be thrilled I don't show so didn't give such a good LeBron broadcaster. Called William -- The alliance isn't too much not -- it doesn't change it's not if you was if you went blacks had sat -- -- will come along our outer boroughs cannot win -- not being silly right about. -- that but he just have a nice boy -- thank you very. I think -- has and a -- just truly of the best points in. Because it's very difficult -- And Electronica wanted to talk is -- yeah. The naturalist same -- above the -- when -- like you laugh yeah it easy laugh. That's the fantastic look -- and -- out of -- and she. Madonna and stammer here on does get made fun of so. This is -- yeah. Now you're the boss Harry they're my they're my Brothers -- -- -- high standing -- -- dodges Enron yes somehow maneuvered the best gig ever bringing its tail wing of the white smoke out like. You know -- cafe in China India I four I asked for that that's what I wonder like where is the smoke going to -- -- -- that need to be there next next time they got out. About -- -- -- -- -- -- that he and he wanted to be extra prepared and got out -- girl yeah Josh somehow regain his old it to John to -- executive reason he shouldn't. Really -- this weekend even though doesn't start till Tuesday. -- and so I learned a lot from this week Josh -- in -- line. Any academic muscle we have seen among -- how about this as a -- stuff that's being. All weekend for sure he's got to see the pictures of cats puppies and baby love from Connecticut S -- it. It's big. That is really that is ready. -- -- time. That baby is -- I don't know how -- at a Monday morning killing you with these. Picture was old Maggie of the -- I don't really have a picture they look like you're no Jack our director that it's a very selves that's very true. That's -- love. It's great thank you can -- reading about can't bring in some happy to auditors for -- -- we think we're missing. Get aboard -- SXSW. And often. February that I and unite -- Ewing had here. -- his way my iPhone -- -- I thought you grad you're like retain ownership yeah. It's affecting the day they I've been -- -- I that I get like in the look up you know I'm -- -- how are you doing in Austin Jackson's. I'm. Gray had worn down here and where we're down every BC and Disney -- -- covering SXSW. I wanted to tell you what is the biggest deal you've heard. That you solve the -- shoes that Google shoes came out down here to prototype he saw those mussina is now. Cities Google choose not currently yelling you lie you're running -- stop and they did your enemy yelling -- -- motivate. On another lap well -- that since that -- positively harm -- We have these pictures from our technology editor Joanna stern from Take a look at those lions. What do you think these people -- lined up for the bathroom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basketball. Has -- -- yeah. And for that waiting calling Jerry Maguire who are lined up to see the grumpy cat. -- would lined up to seek therapy cat. That you waited in line for like three hours I was told that when they brought the -- -- -- the -- out. These people erupted into cheers and Mike went crazy for this who -- a little like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get a go to the next one probably get you this area a Lara contact look at look at what this -- wearing. What is -- diet. Hi I'm long -- begin with a lot of I would actually really love not that he's turned you can idol came back again not me not to eastern -- I -- audits search -- -- today so -- fit that that doesn't Gregg Jarrett might give certain writer. Among Vietnam. -- I don't I think he's referring. -- -- He is because she does her Daria saying right Andrew that -- -- yet again I had my way out of money. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rallying on the street is doing underground be okay you know yeah close enough friends I can call yeah he -- She did she -- something here and there but I think I am Rossini help I am not alone -- he saved my life in the morning to nothing -- we have not I am naive happy are you smiling. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I -- I'm -- what they hey Andrew are you behaving now that causes the social scene dying -- you know. It's going to grade I'm going to be on a panel at noon. Central time 1 o'clock if it's time on the future TV and the future of like the first or second street. On Yahoo! had gotten dot com slaps that's -- that's W yeah. And -- fancy and -- But that as a legitimate death saying their son yet you are actually live here and you being able to please be careful and that he -- -- -- You like to get -- you know -- and sometimes. -- -- you thanks. Com is so let's find it was a lot of fun and I'm and we love Sally by the way have to just -- cannot anxiety about you -- while not at all I'm -- any if you are grumpy Molly and everybody in the control room and frankly all of you won a legitimate fans invited over here we take -- -- in this world chocolate yes so the work. You know event eating I don't know that that -- -- healthy. That wasn't healthy and especially not three pieces but Simone and has -- brought in some healthy -- Clinton -- and I -- gluten free. Smells so good race. The game nine day you can feel really see me -- for deputy referred to sort of free uniforms -- people in the floods -- now. I see like hot peppers and -- uses -- paper from Saddam but totally different planes and -- a moment and enjoy what is this but what is it is our candidate. Yeah and that's us out of the -- -- out of his -- -- hands and sometimes Billy's dad you get the much -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I know that for you Kelly he's very good for yeah our rights and -- -- everybody again why if -- if you're gonna intelligent why this is a great choice and chocolate. Weeks or rules or -- me I'm -- find new sources. Again not very gluten free don't really see -- Coker and dumping it didn't every ounce of goodness out of -- I thought it would take actually -- at a terrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picture of the few minutes from different -- -- -- -- It does not really that I had twelve pieces of conference just couldn't tell us so I am really I don't want you don't think that's not only is well taken moment -- -- I'm just really what is a secret government. On the goods you very low you're PM please -- We're very happy with I think it is -- -- there's quite -- potential to always going to be here. We eat and we gossip and we love it thank recently I would you have -- -- everybody. Where we -- that's. Or lying WWW. -- to -- two -- that. -- raw chocolate love it sounds slightly dirty -- -- -- -- I -- Seven did wrong it's a man was. Did you ultimately it just call 1900 rock chalk that love. And ignited a chocolate website and it is delicious and it's good for you and many Israelis you have. To have chocolate is a good thing thankfully someone Enron and believed that you -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- come come overcoming. -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna share these with the audience are you guys after the show again have some love vigilant -- -- -- fire Mitchell so glad so hot it was your -- was. -- -- -- -- -- And manage -- very happy and a lot of connections going on an -- -- judge Charles hammered by the right of self precedent I -- as far as we speak right now. She's doing a town hall upsurge of Robin you can see that but I mean this is a woman who is empowering other women and frankly other -- she's a concept being just that. If it's time for not discriminate -- to -- -- Don't lean back at the world table by the conference table -- in their work hard and and and she's fighting for equality which I think is a terrific effect. And so now and then onto our pop -- -- they were talking about Justin -- you know his -- talked about a monopoly not yet announced his he has been making a lot of headlines lately a lot of people are actually concerned. Just about sort of where is this seems to be -- -- -- on the enemy a lot of old country they -- -- you know you join -- pants and a little low on cash are you as hot days -- tweeting relentlessly and -- two hours late. First show -- and then fainted at a show only that it. Or not be his fault that anger is there was booed him when he finally came walking easily don't want to share something -- -- Monday and must be. Going on in you know he's a young kid he's 99 years old game when we were ninety ask and they don't thanked the -- that -- that have. Scanners and you know because you need to be allowed to go through those absolute stages and when you grow up -- today Italian pop acts -- we are talking about. JB and asking -- not -- his thank you so much content Will Smith. It is somebody that he knows and apparently he's -- you for some fatherly advice. Welcome overseas supporting his fourteen year old son -- and who's going to be opening acts on -- -- right now. He's another star in his own right that watching that can't. Very very talented family to the other -- -- Justin -- his gratitude after a -- -- -- saying. Love to big man Will Smith for the great talk yesterday we know the truth and we must stand tall. Love you man. Thanks -- it sounds like. That he's getting his studies and -- -- -- and he's giving the counseling that this young men need up to -- got through are about my time. So I'm happy here that I was -- chat with you all -- -- dozen -- and on -- and everything yeah I think he is -- if that's become that's become a low -- to go hunting area and are now getting well I have yet -- -- yet and that's a standard and yet. Seattle let's make that not a magic ten Atlantic that an idea now lots of property on the opening Philippine it that way. I'm and we always we hear from news to tell us do you think the -- -- on the wrong -- Were willing bounced back and I hope that's the truth on we've just let us now we've got this fall. Is he headed -- the wrong path know he'll bounce back you tell us and it we will of course keep you posted on all things just give me. -- -- -- -- -- Endeavors that shows -- -- and -- really -- -- he's -- free Shalit as a know exactly as but it work that hard I guess you want Schindler popping off that top shooting case. And and chocolate. I'm Jim melee in any days that dirty -- literally and what does open only to be Aragon. Shocked giant. -- -- love. Started in this web -- and man not have a regret and -- -- -- -- -- and my -- outcome he really is so -- and it's we have to go talk about the plan today yeah -- get opponents here and Jimmy live and we actually have. A Jack's type -- to -- that bunch of things to show you go let's start with the cat who likes to eat private. That I don't look at me. I don't want -- videotapes on meetings. That's -- -- I don't have that problem -- -- -- that place -- -- and the camera goes around he looked like can be kept cousin. If he's not really and they get to -- of the take lessons and he looks like using a -- cat. True I mean that's beyond -- that's them. It's not as he nearly. Got around the cat and then the parent I know that people have trouble driving and parking. But sometimes they have more trouble than others so this took what thirty minutes someone telling I don't -- C'mon that's nothing in New York City -- thirty minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No cars Tony Wragge. A little in the Austin Powers boomers who helped Arianna -- admitted not even the trees -- and now. That's. -- -- -- It's hard to believe anybody be and -- Yeah. And. Wrong about -- truth that that. -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna have these like in the next few hours to and that marry Harold even that -- -- that's in the back -- and a great lots yes we. We ask for that now. Yeah when that happened this nauert and what did we didn't -- -- GPS. Absolutely I mean I don't know I had no idea I don't know the numbers don't don't start -- and I -- When people Carl remember life when you're in the car and you're tired after -- I don't know sometimes I really in the collection I now. I can't handle and so tired and it's after GMA we're gonna trying to get to an airport or something -- affliction. It's time that the yes hey everybody acting I think I am Seattle we're -- -- some chocolate with a beautiful audience and we thank you do check out our website of course Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!. For the recipes for information on Sheryl Sandberg -- so much going on right here it's going to be a great week. And a lot happening greatly really early and being. --

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