GMA LIVE! (03.18.13)

Josh Elliott discusses March Madness with ESPN's Matt Doherty while Lara and Sam take a nap.
16:17 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.18.13)
-- -- The GM could possibly hope for right here we have some -- -- well -- just. I mean this is calling to me from the desk and -- -- -- -- the -- -- now opposes them underdog cubs come get me. We've got all was saying that's not good let's -- something -- -- elite program at that I want to wish. First -- very happy birthday to grandpa me. Yeah. At. The -- Also it was as it is a very specific class of one you'll get over a month. Now you -- -- -- around she won the picture with us. Before the show was over she said I don't let's get let's just give you come -- let -- -- tomorrow there -- -- -- -- here. They got. Well he knocked him. That's driving -- anybody else. She didn't does that legend and I didn't next -- elephant in the -- the naked elephants and -- -- -- to weather update that you live in infamy. We play a role that things going around the nation that -- Here ten degrees warmer than normal -- Texas Louisiana all the way to Florida right now but most people can't reach it -- the weather around the make -- nation. -- of the forecast just thirty seconds. I'm day so Hampshire had a very nice weekend. And it's what it's -- review all we certainly know exactly what's going on. -- look -- That's right. -- comment on us we love you -- appointed to give us what. Because he's suggest seeing that suggested he's a little cranky little congested -- can you tell us that this is the behind the scenes show the pat when you Saturday between immediate like now I'm going to be -- -- and I might went through your mind -- -- because that wasn't. I didn't think -- completed yet I thought I kind of been like -- And nation itself I didn't think it completely came out of it could that -- -- close naked and nation that he can. You don't expect think you don't expect that that they have -- just don't write and -- It's terrific I don't know I'm sorry I'm I don't know and the other hand you. I honestly can't run a problem with hysterical she was not gonna let that -- we were short on time so they they since -- you know you've got to go right to the break. But she came back like afterwards and -- are we gonna let this go in yeah. Now -- one -- -- loved and who handled it like a real proud. In with that calm soothing demeanor that you come to be known source nationally commercial breaks. And that's really what I appreciate about you as we -- could fly out there -- an inside story here and I'm not allowed to -- and what I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- make it. You'd even get but it is a weekend Knight and Israel's -- spending yes and we got to do the 24 annual glad media weren't a lot of we got we had the honor of posting them the Saturday night and it was a wonderful wonderful night and just another night. To celebrate. Just the best marriage in the land -- group that was terrific was -- ground. Give -- lot of wonderful people I mean you know big star room. You know which is -- Every time he looked around like oh my -- look on I was -- -- -- Anderson Cooper little. So well deserved there and yet that's all about fair representation in the media. For the -- GBT community. I was so proud of the apartment and and -- Celebrating you remember was lovely to be with you guys and he had a good time to do so good time was had by all it is hard to argue -- qualities thank you -- for. Very much for. And until we get right -- I -- I'm actually a beach I guess -- you telling us are now ready and you get ready yet you know remember when -- -- nobody uses these. Don't know. Yeah. Detective -- I don't know. And I know it or not play -- regulations yeah I don't newly promoted isn't. Now all thankfully working as it was busy schedule that -- so nice view as this doesn't sound. -- you're really. Young mom so I'm just something is really thrilled finally fiction -- thing that's really really a big deal and it just goes to show. Hard work focus you know you do and not very hard apparently -- apparently there's no there's -- address -- however candidate -- -- -- finally I -- finally I'm am able to get some new clothes. But -- heard -- -- three years ago but what do you think if we're talking about online today naked naked no really. Okay. That I was I had to change spot news all around to include all. When you mention a -- -- largest bank in the morning 47 -- from and a laugh out loud blasts. Thank you power the pop we're -- we're -- -- our world and why I wish I think we should stick with our money food for thought and look for some little nuggets on some little -- out there. But let me a pretty keep giving. Aside from that this was the most publicly to the morning from beyoncé which -- I'd be happy with the beautiful things that make you yeah. Very nice patent and but I want to give you a story that's bubbling up. So PM up -- a member of parliament and the UK. I'm she tweeted out Friday she's -- -- in a comedy relief thing. And she said I'll get one pound that's a dollar and Britain -- contest at comic relief for every retailer this question before 9 PM. How many times -- he got between okay. OK -- -- and -- not having seen this -- I'll let it go away. I want to go with 672000. Wow that what you -- over -- that but important. Now trying to time. Well the potentials there you can't make a statement like that because that can really. I'm not -- bragged I don't. And how much she was I mean how much she was a you -- so what's that almost 40000 dollar at this about it it's -- thousand -- good for our veterinary but bubbling up today an opportunity that we got more tweets for you guys. And off their way from the -- nation have -- please do naked in my life that I was found that. -- -- again congratulations thank you very much. Very quickly we addressed it very briefly on this unity in my former life. This wouldn't -- and the one of the busiest and sleep deprived Mondays of the year for yesterday. Was. And I just love saying -- selection. Sunday yesterday win the field of 68. Was learned for the first time as March Madness rolls along the college basketball -- literally meant -- and women. Get set to kick off and we have tip operated tomorrow. I don't you guys already have your -- -- right now and I -- working -- I have basically everything you just said when she yeah during around here's an example heard mark I. I'm trying to say is why outlaw yeah yeah thanks -- -- the united and I can't -- well Walt -- I was out making pricing is huge I mean back in the day you would be you couldn't wait for the newspaper -- the next day and you would fill it out and -- that until that trust out. So how we fill it out and it. Anybody if only you'll indulge me. -- minority great former coach and now -- ESP new analyst joining us from Charlotte, North Carolina Matt. Q good morning. Thank you for -- and -- that's how. The first one man -- experience as a kid what we did it did it mean something to you growing up wind selections on their world around. No question one selection Sunday. Rolled around your pure. Just couldn't wait to see the pairings and see who was -- you know to make them. Run into the final four the Cinderella is. Back when I was growing up hand made it to the final four America watcher Larry Bird flu from you know small conference to make it to the final -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Magic Johnson so. Those images are are definitely burned into my mind. So let's get right nativist bureau it would lot of parity in college basketball would you -- -- -- -- Kansas Indiana to Zagat. There were a lot there are 617 with it hadn't could've laid claim to -- one -- what did you think of the yes selection committee's decisions. Yes I think the committee did an excellent job except I felt that gives out good didn't deserve a number one seed I think Miami did and obviously there's a lot of deliberation about that I think if you put -- zag in. The ACC. For the Big Ten they probably wouldn't have had the record that they had but at the end of the day when you talk about number one seed or number two -- splitting hairs. For me convene tournament still really starts Thursday without their second -- gains but still the field the sixty -- are we gonna see and we couldn't just -- it could this finally -- here -- to sixteen -- -- -- You know I don't think so I think that day is coming but it's not this year I think the number ones are just too strong. And there's no sixteens that you say okay they have a legitimate shot. You were right thing -- obesity problem and lets just -- and that you are now you're being very game to join us here. Let's pretend like I'm sitting here with two people who know less than nothing about college -- goal but this week will be filling out brackets for the -- yup. What would you what's what I what I -- one piece of advice you can give to my compatriots here. I think you gotta go with your favorite either mascot for your favorite color those soon to be. He's on good ways to go about it I get -- that I think everybody went Matt Doherty great coach. -- Alice thank you so much I don't know. -- really relieved -- -- -- -- -- -- Like the Cadillac. -- -- -- That's argue is that is Matt Doherty took on her on the don't like -- -- -- you're going you're on the -- like do that is the great blue highlight you know I don't know anybody. And -- go into the Ohio State University -- look at you don't. -- is that that is just that a little Ireland I. Here's what you can't you can't get duke -- North Carolina we would not enough time to explain -- you gotta pick. I like the blue applauding all -- -- -- -- the big. Let me I'm going all shades of blue every team in my that I -- -- -- blue -- -- -- -- there's no structures some -- I have never -- -- left -- -- -- conversation in my entire -- -- -- that was fun I was terrific. That was really boy I Arianna how do you remember my former lightly -- Gonzales -- -- -- -- -- -- this thing he knew we needed it ESPN's state debt. Thank you -- I can't -- That was the best and be happy a little pop Baxter in honor of -- on -- Yeah you and you may not be a basketball box but here's the next best thing if you love Star Wars. Which we have to say is on I Disney Altria the parent company -- news. What we're launching a -- Star Wars folks are launching their own Star Wars themed -- today it's called. This is mad nest and it comes from a famous -- from Z three yeah. -- Since matchups featuring if you just on the -- side. And -- won't -- or opinions on. Yes that's the goal here to -- her maiden. -- -- -- -- -- -- We know your power -- easy and we are trying to determine the most popular Star Wars characters and apple. -- let me ask -- -- UC -- combat combat -- you see what's right here you see them the father with a -- -- the brackets for forcing him. He's an elaborate -- you didn't -- I didn't have -- wood -- something else. Last year I love I -- love this idea. It's really fun and fans can vote on daily matchups between different characters start just sad and and then we'll be one final match up one final face -- -- to be announced on April ninth stuff. Which character do you want to win this DC he's madness. Turn -- -- but right now. Because we have I guess of our own little poll -- so Luke Skywalker the emperor. It did we just determined that Hanna behind I believe it's -- or is at hand. He won't -- audiences very good okay. All Darth Vader I look at the lord lord of the city yes I mean it didn't what are the long what jar jar. I just enter your card Perry had the chargers controversial it doesn't yet I highly electorate I really loved princess lab I want. I'm gonna share the story with you because I I love this story -- and -- sent apparently stamps on and don't this great stories what you don't know how the heiress who monitored by the let me off she recently went home with the second place prize and our California school spelling bee. And not before she was briefly -- judges said she misspelled braille. And other thing it says she actually spelled it right. So with the help armor school Sierra appealed the decision in all she's headed to the Fresno county -- -- -- This morning we are so -- -- -- we're so glad you're here from Selma California with her story nasty are okay. So do you -- braille and you just probably would like let it out. And someone says it's wrong but in your mind are you going knowing nailed that. Yeah thank you can't. Are you witness where there. We are excited I'm sort of we always say we always say that here in Good Morning America don't argue with the word marriage. So and so you let out and you know was I LLE right. OK and then they said it was wrong but so you waiting you calmly waited and then -- went back and and talk them what did you say afterwards. Well every. Little thing and -- you're my paintball. And it's opening -- Pickering hanging. And in that -- the hanging saying turn things here yeah -- parents who let me. This thing can we had just -- -- up -- oh yeah this would have. It did that Lance would cripple me I saw the story -- -- I couldn't you I will say. You kept it together. Much better than I would have usually knows he's not an argument -- weren't -- -- that would have driven me -- and yet we are proud your behavior is exemplary and I can't spell exemplary but I know you can't. Com what -- you how do you prepare for the Fresno for the Fresno spelling -- Well I -- steady long lines. Like -- -- the moment media people just run up to you and say spells spell this word spell that word is that I wanna do right now but I want yeah. -- -- Well after this appearance -- tell you we're we're going to be who were about to make you a massive we are we wish you -- we -- us a favor and let us now I do is -- -- written Oreo. Me me -- everybody to central valley. Yeah. Without a -- would have driven me without saluting the junker crazy is there anybody else find it disturbing that the people judging -- spelling -- -- We'll work you. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure it happens that is not the first time to happen but the composer of this young woman to know. That you know what you just got to swallow at the moment and fix it all later. And countless stand up with her because I would have been like -- like. You didn't have nothing is there -- master direct snap. Yeah yeah I'll ask do you learn exactly. We -- He would -- anything that I don't argue with the word master there and know -- -- and no nation and my name again. Residents in combat the weather in -- -- We -- you for joining us will be here tomorrow night in eastern daylight so we'll see that. Okay.

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