GMA LIVE! (04.05.13)

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer check out Spring 2013's hottest new toys.
12:14 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.05.13)
-- -- Welcome to get out -- in America it is great -- Yeah. Rollicking thrill ride of -- them especially for Qaeda he's got here is it delicious six one I'm bill the don't you know I'm actually. An eagle Ford well let's explain know all -- -- we. Back glazed. Doughnut -- -- and egg sandwich this is true. They'd only just 360 calories and it's on a test run -- Massachusetts are I don't. Is this drove from just 360. Calories and not -- -- There's -- -- and lengthening per serving. Nonsense that I don't like -- the surveying already have -- Because my serving with these giant -- is a much bigger than you know -- did anybody have an actual -- -- -- I'm not abide. Visit polite to eat on the Internet and -- -- -- -- -- from my medium. Opted to for the -- I do not something you obviously. Can't beat so I'm afraid yeah well you can't beat by the web while in jail. Beautiful audience you can make over it -- -- wrong. Hello you lovely lady and -- I'm there's a memorable adventure that it should -- for all morning long we have been wondering about. Is just the memorable adventure yes yeah. I'm very weary from I'm from Alan -- -- -- your name is Carolyn Engel. Are you can be. -- -- so heavy that on the each other. -- -- Five dollars here and nerves and my grandmother I -- what -- I had to your daughter. All right raise your hand if your granddaughter. Raise your hand -- -- just stole a shirt so you can get in here on. That's incredible you guys welcome welcome I hope this is a part of the memorable weekend we really -- thank you for coming and. Am I honored that you came into The Who does not -- -- but it really like the greats. And that I love down. Wow Mary Tyler Moore reunion. What you know credible. Valerie Harper's resilience and spirit -- just remarkable and an inspirational. Katy Kirk did a great job behind McCain looks great great great I don't know what you're doing -- -- people who -- and -- hair looks gorgeous -- it was interesting to contain that you mention that. That. Hurt -- struggle. And you can tell how good but what good friends they are. Because it lifted above like a mob when -- -- it wasn't like people saying perhaps what we would expect you know co stars. It was dear friends focusing on the love on the positive enjoying every moment dammit that's but it felt like they're talking about what it's like. To work with people that you truly love and when people ask you about it. I loved independent Betty White said. It's more than a family because you actually can't quite explain it to anyone it's just -- an absolute joy and treasure to work with people that you love each and every day. And boy don't we know something's -- Yeah. I love -- dragon and yeah. We love you. It is Cristiano -- we love and I love everybody is welcome and where -- where the birthday boy Scotty here -- -- kind of adding. I think we're happy belated but -- what they know what's -- -- on right next challenge to. Did I'm getting AG to be -- some remote control cars Kansas -- feel sorry OK good. I was Josh when we got. I'm very much right now all -- a lot of different you as well so you're left arm I believe is the right over here look at your favorite Mary Tyler Moore character employ when you see the casket back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You already episode with chuckles the clown fish it's the greatest episode -- -- therapy go to a funeral for chuckles the crown Mary can't stop laughing it is really honestly -- of the basket of the best. Written shows ever. On the air so many now I mean I don't know I know -- -- Phyllis now I'd marry eroded Georgia. Sue him. Others he can write it will take write in votes. Clowns. Are you how he was a kid at the -- and the giants I'd point out how to -- parents watching. But but I've always been afraid of you out. I guess the real fear I mean it's a really you have to. The paint a smile on your face. To convince me that you elect a happy presents and I've always juicy one scary movie that has the kind of guy and you're like poltergeist really -- me I'm member of the scary accountable for guidance and I was sent via an eyewitness torrential -- -- a horrible B movie from the -- -- Honestly -- want some real behind the scenes. I still sleep in the tiny ball because when I was a kid I was scared to really extend my legs my bags that -- Angeles the end of my bed and so I I. This is. It's scheduled to pay for the by the hour here now is this I've worked something out I want to thank you Internet for letting me work that -- got a reality that. And now I'm happy I see what's coming up I'm very sorry. So this is -- our pop back strap and Josh we know you love Arrested Development so this is it's really really just for you. We can start the countdown the new season of Arrested Development starts. On May twenty -- Netflix announcing Thursday. Here's the -- -- -- Means a lot of hours indoors because I am glad you just didn't -- well -- actually Saturday -- a hilarious. Lose the family shenanigans available. All of -- on Netflix 1201 AM Pacific time that morning show follows obviously complicated life. Of the blues and Jason Bateman and Michael and all those looking -- -- All of that -- just brilliant actors and together they're sort of expecting word when -- come together. With a perfect mixture of crazy Los Angeles it was on promote freedom sex and when they canceled -- -- -- it -- on and it hung on. And it would it. Absolutely from the day one. Was a show that was ahead of its time I will say this and it's not not to say because it's a show on our network but modern family. Well who's really its sole. Two Arrested Development. A dead hand multi camera shoot out where you're sort of in beating the life of the crazy family if that sounds familiar it's because we did it on Arrested Development. That we're doing it again and to your point we're gonna do all it wants on this right now all -- -- -- 26. I have a feeling that I'm gonna be really sick on May 26 everybody -- -- -- Collins sick right. Barack brought to be -- point 733 in morning yes so why sit. We'll be -- will be shut up -- up -- it yet he'll be up we'll let me and then be downloaded the new eight. I drifted out battling I don't know if you all of scandal you've probably heard me talk about it but I I and I did not discover the church of the season so I just in one afternoon watched entire season one -- there -- only seven episode but. If you haven't seen it. I cannot recommend it highly -- just admit you're gonna need some -- It is what it is you won't be better off. It's cool way to watch ST you kind of experience them almost cinematic way yeah and you get art to get a better sense -- -- sometime again. That's the way to get married on I was free else we had a -- yes. Which he would somebody like you guys who want to make this a really memorable weekend. Parent -- -- I need somebody strong enough to hold this exactly. You got just -- you know you're all here -- -- I don't hamlets com meanwhile look at this little cutie Smart little girl can't. Quite figure out they'll -- whole life but she did manage to figure out had to take a bit of a short -- take a look. You know hanging -- okay. Smart kid Smart -- this -- there are no matter how much. It's not the. And I'll love it most likely to succeed right there in view that's this speaking until ice we have someone urinating thing -- -- about the coolest gadgets out then. Glory glory days their -- -- Jack back jackets coach got -- -- -- -- -- When I mean what we do what don't we that's straight. Yeah what -- start that yeah -- I you know like it's getting nice -- it's time to get those kids that. I'm excited flanks to be doing that we're gonna take -- outside and claim -- -- -- of the -- actually -- -- black. These are all terrain vehicles that -- camera light runner that we actually had -- he might sit here and I naturally. It's power -- smaller extreme. To look at the trend it is the off road to -- kids -- proud and mighty green the green light -- here. It felt like he did not -- Well yeah. Back like this where you can come around but did not want anything shocking and -- -- I'm just gonna take a break to making a -- Get up I love -- Gloria act -- yeah all different bottles we have a right didn't -- great but. -- that may think it did you think about Omega we have our. You know little lights don't pirate ship and of course -- -- -- lamp there. Right everyone loved the bubble then what are we will know how important -- I -- -- -- my -- now we played together. So what you. -- have -- been yeah. Shrimp petino. And I love you get to eat -- anywhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we yeah. It's -- wedding night. Many nights -- haven't tried to point out why and where I didn't let me -- party now. And I think it all up to 300 feet on the right your feet like a light up this guy doesn't let's see what I can do here but. -- yeah. And another black poor little guy and yeah. Yeah I. So these are really cool -- So what -- daily is we give it a little platinum and tell me I can't. Yeah. I let me -- -- You -- Well and I really ready to sign that you want to let -- I don't listen to try to battle. I haven't yeah. He's just -- company. Clearly here one yeah. Personal. What we thank you do we have this information anywhere yeah. You log on Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! you can find it all -- one also commit a lot of which you have -- -- hard not -- -- happy sweet -- yeah yeah. We wanted to thank you as always for watching we want -- have a great weekend. But we want you have a memorable weekend.

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