GMA LIVE! (05.21.13)

Josh and Lara discuss the deadly tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma.
8:46 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.21.13)
-- -- I welcome good GM may have to live of course. Normally we're talking about -- big moments. Today in the show just passed again today however. -- in our thoughts and really our prayers -- -- because we are not just. Newscasters were also parents and Ross children. Turn of course to folks in Moore Oklahoma -- lives. We're turned upside down and devastating yesterday I tell you just watching shows zoning. Thanks you guys -- broadcast writers have the toughest seven -- you did you newscast night I don't know how he kept together in the images to -- troubling. -- so devastating and you know. I just hope everyone in Oklahoma isn't -- Now we see this I mean that's -- school room and we see that and so many scenes like it. As people desperately trying to get to survivors desperately left. First those missing again making this acutely more tragic. With the fact that two schools to elementary schools took direct hits from a tornado with virtually no warning. One school -- all the kids. Pulled out of the rubble alive another school class -- towers not quite as lucky at all again. I was of course -- staying in touch with -- -- champion as he made his way down there yesterday and two days are two years ago rather almost two years to the day. -- and -- made our way to Joplin. Missouri which was wiped off the face of the map and I asked. I -- Sam what's it like you said you know what this might be the worst thing I've ever seen. -- -- again another part of the ABC news extreme weather team has -- chasing the storms all weekend she is in Moore Oklahoma this morning. Bearing witness to all this devastation and I know interestingly as well Moore Oklahoma the scene fourteen years ago ginger almost of the day. -- a devastating EF five tornado that rolled through and just when you thought there's no way could happen again it -- I don't expect you said that that tornado was used. In your training as a meteorologist as the big ones and there you are this morning what do you see him. You know and that's exactly right we've always gone back to that engine is more Oklahoma tornado of 1999 it was may third. It's something that we study and now I believe this one will take its place. In history and of course -- mere hour in history that very specifically I want to tell you about what it was like yesterday we had been chasing all weekend we knew. That storms are -- -- -- -- warning for days of very strong tornadoes possible large track tornadoes possible and they haven't warning this thing was common ground for over forty minutes. A lot of people I ran into as soon as I got on the scene said that they Wear a win here. But didn't even imagine what they could see when they got out of their homes to let me take you -- what we did meet. I didn't Wear down on -- southern storm and we ended up just turning around as we heard some of the reports coming out of here we got to a roadblock. My producer and I couldn't go any farther so we literally ran over a mild to get in to see the debris and people we're still here gas. The smell of gas permeating the air and you south fires the starting up and some of cloning even still spouting out water. It was it was shock and offer those first couple of hours and many some people refugee is pulling away. The only thing that they cut -- his suitcases tears falling from their -- it was. -- -- -- -- -- Quite a few tornadoes not. That -- not that -- and the ceiling and the heartache is palpable everywhere. And you know now I'm standing here not too far from that school one of the two schools plaza towers elementary was one of them. And and that is where we know that there was some fatalities and is just. -- I've heard more and more of their reporting to that we haven't even been -- -- seat and it's spectacular and beyond intriguing but of course we have all of that. -- here and what what happens next and that's what really what people are saying this morning we know what happens next people start coming back to what is left and it is very little. -- ginger and the lot of questions this morning this happened fourteen years ago in that town. The schools in question did not have underground. Shelters 88 -- and I realize now that there's a question of the topography that did the bedrock that. It is -- it's almost impossible. To dig shelters in in this community. Right and I I didn't have a lot of friends -- storms is here for years and that was when I first but came here I -- you guys don't have basements I grew up with a basement woman there's severe weather we go in the basement. And they sent right that the ground can't have it. So what people here need to deal -- -- have a storm shelter they build them there these small plaza like structures that can survive almost every thing. And that is what is necessary in the future and certainly for individuals if not big places obviously -- schools. So I did you very quickly the weather today we know that more not -- the direct line with the storms to come but there are still a lot of storm concerns -- in the surrounding region. This is a very slow moving system the same type of energy now moves in the north Texas. Parts of Arkansas and Louisiana that's where the tornado threat is today severe weather threat. Goes from about the midwest all the way down to parts of the southeast so excuse. Pension -- -- part of the extreme weather can there again he will be reporting across ABC news platforms. All day long. I mean when you think about the idea of of a storm shelter that can survive almost anything in what hit yesterday. Was more removed and almost every morning minutes just felt like connect -- and turn it. Great reporting -- their ginger we thank you cannot so many people are. Talking about this on social media everybody. Sending their love and support and on Ross -- in the control -- my understanding -- producer -- one. So -- again you know what we saw this side in -- couple years ago it was the -- waited for people to see the first images today. It was really a way for an -- connected community to lend support and also. Learn how people were doing. Virtually house to house what do you. -- and we've seen a ton of social media activity was missing a lot of the lines big breaking news events -- a couple statistics first the last 24 hours. Cash -- -- for -- between it out nearly half a million times -- people in Oklahoma outside just -- to spread the word you know help people reconnect with loved ones that maybe weren't accounted for. I get information out there the term more you know the name of the town some people may not be heard of it. Before then. Has been treated over 300000 times. Lots of response throughout the morning look incredible images as well as -- -- couple you know incredible images shot you actually -- we -- this yesterday. -- -- -- and teachers bloodied from the damage from the storm carrying students out. What one's -- -- -- elementary school there went to elementary schools that was hit by -- speed tornado. I NG Jersey who we just spoke with -- out this photo yesterday -- not just the devastation the word that keeps coming to mind is apocalyptic any news look there's nothing left. -- -- the caption ONG visas you know there really aren't many more words to say. About him is like that and hopefully -- -- -- -- be continue to be used you know to help reconnect people with their loved ones who maybe aren't accounted for. And you don't get more information out there. All right thank you so much Ross listen we need to get going we're going to be updating Good Morning America for the West Coast but we do also -- a site. So many celebrities so many world leaders also tweeting out their support for Oklahoma and -- you can help. The Red Cross accepting donations and every dollar count -- ten dollar donation. Can be made by simply texting Red Cross to 90999. You can call 1800 red cross and you can visit Red Cross dot org or even go to Good Morning America. What is our website Good Morning America dot com on the hill thank you very much thank you not to make sure we have that correct go to the website. We have information or go directly to the Red Cross -- -- every single dollar -- It's time now we will be continue our reporting as Larry just mentioned will be updating live from the West Coast Karen Good Morning America. Didn't see you tomorrow 9 AM eastern daylight. For now we thank you for joining us and stop -- all those folks. In Moore Oklahoma. Yeah. -- --

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