GMA LIVE! (05.27.13)

Paula Faris, Amy Robach and Ginger Zee discuss Will Smith's soccer fail and prom dates.
11:44 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.27.13)
-- -- All day and -- -- Audio and being with us on this Memorial Day where we are certainly saluting the men and women who have Serbs who are serving. Let's start by telling them that we are thankful for each and every night thank -- would be doing if they're willing to -- included -- here we have retired US air force. How many veterans do we have here in the house one UCU three anyone else ever hear fantastic thing he -- yeah. India where you've got the part of Florida and Florida. On some wonderful thank you so much for your service you really can't really appreciate that we have Colin Harrison ginger disease and the way out. Now. Are conjoined little time right now -- came in on her day she -- GG GGK she held she was our captain this morning leading us through troubled waters now yeah. I'm Michelle might have seen me I'd learn about it yet -- wouldn't -- never get to see David like that because it would only work with -- wildness he had gotten so much worry us he let us today Illinois Jesse and I like nearly -- -- -- -- -- -- little noted David between now and laughing again and we'll -- -- on world news -- -- -- -- Maybe he's trying to grab a quick nap we certainly areas adding he's headed -- Straight to the opposite Morgan has right straight for the survive I didn't seconds but let's start with a little pop you shout or how about OK so. Bob southern isn't superstars will and Dayton's actually made the rounds across the -- -- -- -- to promote their new Miller movie after admitting that he says the promised and I have yet looks almost like these including an appearance so they're -- -- they went to the champions league soccer -- in London data shows. They participated in a penalty shoot out competition. And it didn't go home. -- has not out of ten can't -- and hope they clean out today. Gorgeous why didn't know -- -- manages -- did I think he will simply isn't gonna win you know and you can't be good at every -- Yeah. Canada Harry and me and David Kinney -- tried to steal our market Daniels and rhubarb -- mean car pileup about high. Percent of -- yeah. My goodness pop pop -- fills out there. -- -- -- -- You see -- hijacked. By the way it will -- -- Hazen but I'm gonna keep with did they -- the -- Sierra is against and we had a hit show. And that they -- -- -- the -- no as a member of that dance no I don't think don't know what let me show us it doesn't -- I'm not gonna do it right helps. And -- do -- yeah. -- yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- Okay. Thank god that you have -- you -- really how nice fluidity. You think applicable to this. -- yeah. Program I cannot we want an uphill and I'm getting married -- and I don't use -- content and must not your goods yeah -- rags. To show. Yeah we cameras aren't -- will already he hasn't. Really get out of -- thank you please ticketing cameras on you guys in a cat scans at the games the big Def camera comes on mile. It happened at a game and it wasn't quite the result that we see -- -- What a wonderful had -- -- hotspots. With a dot Canadian. Yeah on the -- fans. She likes -- we love you yeah he's out of there and good excuse comments. The day that he -- Clinton about his sister. Good thing okay -- -- done everything -- can't can't can't you like not us it's -- -- I don't know it and I'm gonna I understand not that thanks a lot more on that is didn't that didn't -- -- bit worried that. On the cheek. And that Baxter my brother -- -- on sale he would have run for the help. Are running at a Pennsylvania. Thanks so I went up on that one yes. Loving parents we -- -- give Lana did you -- this is a story we've been talking about for some time. You remember -- Davis and he is the California teens then became an Internet sensation after he started an online campaign to get supermodel Kate Upton. To go to prominent let's take a look it's -- -- behind. -- Great moments ago -- -- So you have here today. -- -- here. -- we cannot around all night long. It's eleven yeah. They're really doesn't mean the world to me he came and I do anything to make sure you get -- the gate. We go to prom with me. So -- argues that while apparently Kate Upton. Now I mean she did kind of I think -- -- -- -- you don't -- she didn't sounded like she would she would check for schedule and then I guess when she checked her schedule she couldn't really know what it all ended up working out the seventeen year old Jake. Sports Illustrated supermodel. Who need to add dull song and video and then reached out to him and you can see your -- Barrett that -- -- And stake is now turning ideas got to tell us all about the big night -- Congratulations by the way and tell me what it was like how -- problem. Things so much in things threaten me -- from of those. -- really. Mean act does really cool really negative news is a great night out. There's a lot of -- -- -- course did you get a live now yeah. Yeah wrestlers. -- -- courtside we did the whole. -- -- on each other he's got it right on the first time. How comfortable do you did you get a prompt -- And we're. Other that -- -- and it sent a second day that's exactly what time did you get home by now. Fairly early actually I was good -- and I respect the and proud. Again -- I -- don't want what was the reaction from work with everyone taking your picture aren't coming with -- dance floor was -- Seattle -- -- -- -- free from birds which is whenever kind of fanned out in. A lot of parents had certainly turned to an issue Dan and -- Muslims should let the kids return again -- pictures of dozens did inches so nice and family dollar and let there's definitely like -- surprise. Two and in the reactions are pretty similar to that. Did -- how she get in touch with you in the first place when it was made clear that Kate was not going to come. It was actually set up by inside edition which is it TV show. They -- millions and explain the situation and I didn't mean act dollars. Everybody -- Communities if it wasn't like he had a better game lined -- Noah and -- you've been in Kenya as an independent state -- was pretty good -- -- OK so what -- dance floor like -- -- -- tackles -- yes nevertheless what was that like. -- she didn't have remained it and convinced him. Sarah's. The we had a Nickels floated outside. Just a did you. Yeah private dance shoes you know that are having right now and I don't like dancing. We admit that in common it is nice -- -- -- definitely. I've now talked a lot as a primary. Wow since this all worked out so well for you Jake IUD -- videos now to ask other I mean can work any meaning -- doesn't just have to be a onetime -- Plan on using the -- again. -- -- Dollar OK can't figure they have their dates for any other -- I can't tell. There's irony here on the nightstand and how could you top that while we -- to thank you Jake it was certainly the fund for you to share that with us and congratulate -- and we were all saying. Persistence pays and you are now the spokesperson. For that indeed -- and probably the idol of all high school men who are looking they -- shadow prom date. Wow who kudos to you thanks and -- say they have time. I could go down -- elections in that I have today is unity and we a lot of us looked back at mountain home whenever dance like there's now council I have to ask someone to my senior prom I cannot -- a -- idea I'm very stressful moment. Sometimes for people I remember my little my senior prom I think it was my junior and I got sick I didn't know I had money nucleus of tonight at least segment of the -- nearly seven Hummer. -- in the next year we made up for -- and they do help out. If these kids out -- how else and make it such a big event -- news hit it right. He's certainly dead. We get to look forward to and I could affect my -- like 3000 dollars but and I love don't know how many kids -- -- This taken alone some friends that expensive -- get a job honey don't contain more from. -- are -- how many that's CB all right Jim weekend went there last weekend at Atlanta have prompted him you want mentioned we're just one that's right. We check -- -- -- it is Monday and a -- S and you have to thank you that's really pretty really that high -- headline and the bright colors but DC crowned me young lady in my -- -- the -- they exploded. For prom king and clean. And and I why are born. Why is back so none -- be on the part of Ricky we. Practice round of the Athens that Dan tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you're always a winner doesn't -- like hot it was so much fun it was great because we get to be thrown back again. Some of the more decades than others later in the long time and experience -- -- likening herself. Wonderful that's cool happens that can you imagine if a couple of adults came with cameras trashing your one of the cameras -- cameras and yeah. There they are just -- that very happy but it was fun and we get to learn a lot about the cost of going back -- about all of the efforts that are put in. When women run from coast to me clinic in the prompting ASU turn -- to -- -- yeah. Just Trinidad and became no -- didn't and then he used cupcakes with the F says it notes. Sell diet and that's really really important you know he was so sensitive and -- -- -- called them night and day and that are running man pleads please note we have that video dance you don't like finale eighties the best that I would be so -- didn't go on the dance floor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Okay yeah. News and nineteen. Yeah.

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