GMA LIVE! (05.31.13)

Revisit the best moments from a jam-packed week of news on "GMA Live!"
5:49 | 05/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.31.13)
Happy Friday and welcome into another edition of GMA lives laugh out loud Friday -- These we hope you well we're gonna look back at some of the best moments from GMA and -- GMA alive this past week so. You can enjoy them -- again we -- -- have a great weekend and we'll see you right back here Monday non AM eastern daylight from war. GMA life. Good nor is the guy. Forget it right there we -- Party going on right. Get to slim down. -- -- Yeah. Did you can -- -- consumers -- bank. -- -- -- -- -- Hi I'm Chris secular. They don't do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- and make sure we all have. They called individually behave were in trouble. Exposed to look like yeah. You thank you so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know bill that. I don't all over all the way for everybody. Afternoon yeah. Office aimed at meeting my -- -- We'll bring our first gal you know -- telling -- -- -- -- -- jump with just one I. I -- breathing the morning. I everybody -- GMA law. -- -- Is national hamburger day. Wow. Foot demonstration home. I really think there's not injured -- -- -- doing. Why does this elephant bodies -- -- figure for busy preparing for a child's play. Was -- pushing Allen -- and now can't be easy. He is comfortable and there's no white -- A lot of work. Let's change and -- -- Let's say no no -- out. Coming -- for the white. I don't know where to save lives and over. -- an old -- -- should be torn down by the -- -- right. Yeah. I don't know I didn't -- I doubt that America can yeah. We should issue a disclaimer just doesn't take. T -- is out there. Yeah. I'm yeah we. They're still. Yeah yeah you'll have ten days -- yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":19295805,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.31.13) ","duration":"5:49","description":"Revisit the best moments from a jam-packed week of news on \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-053113-19295805","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}