GMA LIVE (06.06.13)

Josh, GMA producer Denise chat with the kids of Alex's Lemonade Stand on fighting childhood cancer
16:45 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.06.13)
And this is god this is this what happens again some people have days off and some people who have to go hang out and some people like single GA champion. By the way. Did just announce the host of the daytime Emmys on HL -- coming sixty. Are downing champ Bob with for the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season and so. I am left in my own devices would just say I -- left -- tortured the people who work on this program. Is there is no that I you know we could roll merrily along -- -- tomorrow is national donut -- it would spend a lot of time -- breakfast sandwiches doughnuts as you can see we could spend a lot of -- -- lovely studio audience and -- -- -- -- One more beautiful than the next. But that wouldn't be any fun because now that see the good staffers who work tirelessly to get this show and -- may on the hair. Going to flop sweat as they come in front of the camera and with no further ado I would like yeah. -- hello Adolf carrion -- -- this is. This is Denise. Not this is in the if you here familiar with the program -- -- this is the relatively newly off the youngster but now word sort of barreling have long. Forge to Baghdad yeah. So I asked her to join me for a portion of the program. But only to tell us the stories of Charleston, South Carolina you have the big bachelorette party. I -- asking him how that weekend my sister went above and beyond amazing man of honor did everything. And there's -- for. Denise is the voice in my -- -- described in these vastly if you've seen broadcast news. I am like the empty headed -- -- came from sports I am the I -- -- which characters with. -- William not William. This is Holly Hunter the tough as nails scrappy. Angry. Mainly laying UK always the smartest person in the room -- -- always. That makes were -- rocks who movie getting Ross Ross is -- Ross is also. Joining us upstairs -- it's sort of CEO our team Elliott I think it's probably -- good. How is he in again in advance of national donut day on Friday Dunkin' Donuts offering a grace. Things theoretically. Stop breakfast sandwich is doughnut -- -- Jesus. And their. I think early tomorrow or next I think tomorrow with. Italy and with a couple of -- I put -- put aside I think I don't know vikings every game you've had a I think don't he's if you buy a beverage identities are being unveiled nationally tomorrow's we got a little men don't don't run the -- -- I mean come on -- turned out that don't you guys better candidate again and game. -- -- You thank you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- luck Bianca and movies -- out. But aren't things -- or vacant so when you knew that you're going to be joining me today at low murmur of the first up -- reminds -- what this I don't wanna eat these. That is until we attendees -- Udinese a beverage what he -- I -- got milk no water milk. They dropped it from out I don't know I think -- the -- milk out of -- that's -- has something for you gonna get this there's a thing for you and I'm very outgoing and -- That's all what do what do what does lets -- run and listening -- antisense drug marketed them. -- -- that we that really get up that. And Ohio yes OK I only an hour and I'll I'll only relatively thank Seneca. I'm think -- split what you have -- to visit India with -- This -- about it today or it right now is Josh is five year anniversary ABC. This is this essentially is yeah. Officially for three years and now here for -- How can we see that's what it would like what you get so I can just like a good president here really what you get we'll -- -- -- -- -- that was along much what is it is cunanan Britain and a good thing politically. Split up and. That's that's and then there's so many people would think. I'd like to start I think it. Not that -- -- you routes are I'd I'd -- -- we wouldn't matter to drag me over the finish -- stop but dropped eleven of us. Thank you very much five hours by our own give me. I was here six years in January -- -- the six starting January 2. -- ungodly hours this one works and I don't know honestly I don't night I don't know how we get the show on every day. Even when the shows on it and how it's -- But -- thank you for joining thank you for that -- amazing thank you yeah. -- -- -- It's so put on the lemonade. This is -- fantastic story that I want to bring -- it is June 7 to June ninth national lemonade and days and. It's terrific it's not just any old lemonade stand. Alex's lemonade stand foundation as you see on the sign has emerged from the front yard lemonade stand cancer patient Alexandra Alex -- She passed -- 2004. Joining us now to tell us -- more about all of this Tony Salerno junior. -- -- Also a survivor and guys here can get get back here with merits that would bring going to be president some lemonade -- So so what are what are we trying to do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About. Are not about helping about how the fund researcher at. How how important is that I know I know you see you -- bought it -- beat it. Is it how how good is and how how good -- you know you -- you do on line. -- -- Actually -- You can't -- very well might. How long -- Ninth that -- to upgrade and so are you looking forward to a big big summer. When he going to be done. And he. -- sounds eliminate Yahoo! will -- right do you see at all like eliminated the need it gets old lemonade stands yeah. Is it fun yeah Diaz -- to -- like it's sweet or sour. Me so me. Send I just want -- that I wanna -- -- town. It's fantastic what you're doing in the memory of ballots especially but we just want -- we on -- thank you and all of you kids. For for given back I have to tell you you're you're gonna make the world a better place and we can't thank you enough all right so thanks very much. -- always thought. -- on Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo! we -- much more information information about Alex's lemonade stand in memory. -- the little girl lost far too soon hand -- for people like Tony. It's so very important salaam on much more information and hate kids your assailant thank all of you for being -- in -- Thank you thank you thank you -- You know how and people -- -- people ask me -- nice thank you -- down. Can change. Bob good people all of want to know you know. Obviously be this wide range of stories on the program and yet how do you know how do you handle it raises the question I -- and you know it's. That's -- -- handle -- because -- got little fighters like Tony and phenomenal little children who are just exception. Amazing human beings giving back it's a tender an age so -- -- let -- go -- and eliminate was -- nice it. Could really get play -- -- -- -- Yes remember this one a couple weeks ago we showed you. A trampoline trick shot not just any. Trampoline attraction this is physically weak lot this had been photo shopped there. Because when you really look closely not only is this kid doing a flip on the trampoline and. From what would be like three quarters of reports that he's doing it with a -- -- -- trapped between her. But the -- the seamless if you -- hatred seamless and I got to tell you pored over this thing like it was a recruiter for the -- Ross dress that a lot of the boy yeah that -- That's so off again recorded from each and every angle. Multi camera shoot and boy -- looks authentic. -- now young -- back with another trick shot another back back flip. -- UC ME's about to join us here on Scott how we can see the video first and then let's see it first. And that goes -- what I gotta see this again when we see this again. Wrong. Have very -- now than it. That's. That's what the hands it is I don't our rights and now he joins us live here via Skype. From Madonna Ohio. Kevin deliberate house he and Kevin welcome to the program my friend. Kevin. King -- and raise your right arm if you can hear us. Well this is true I don't let it felt like I hear me yelling -- now welcome -- -- everybody this is what happens when you reliance got a -- While we are struggling cabinet that Ross I'm giving medium -- and you're gonna fail and so. I its -- you know when we have our play of the day's discussion. Plays over the day discussions in the morning. You Ross is usually somewhat if you read we are winnowing down the finalists when that day and were always good for me like a moments like a moment you can invest in from. Rarely have I seen Ross has invested in a play of the day as the first one that we saw so -- What about the first one when it was between what was it about that -- that that left off the screen. Need to get him back -- us. Put the ball between his legs on a trampoline deflected away OK -- Daylight broke -- three of those things would be but why are -- -- but we do we do you see stuff like this. And -- I'm gonna go with it -- the distance it's this year distance here I didn't want to ask. Our friend how many times it took to actually get this film Amin was -- -- because he couldn't join us. -- actually set ought to have a couple days ago said it took him I hated Republicans got back up did you tell himself but in the meantime the senate took a few days to try it. The first one would defeat you know several hundred tries to leave home SES. Up his senate seat don't know I love that we got heated. Up easily impressed -- like I think that's impressive. The can -- want yeah burger is. Busy you know were until it's the right in the -- -- on the Internet -- this morning know who sat there and shot that over and over normally. I mean -- -- was -- working the obviously had a crew and -- and multi camera Sheila -- in this -- back. Involve welcome welcome can you hear -- whereas he can we can can you hear -- and raise your right -- if you can hear us now. And -- -- -- -- Seven we just several hundred times the first time around the -- between your legs. How how many hours are we talking here. And so I'd -- over the course of the day isn't part of her five or six hours in total under the that. -- did you have friends working the multiple cameras. I have the wrong person -- -- is that -- kinda -- in my heart that something like. Did you know okay and saw that -- did you know that first one was good when it finally let did you have a sense. Yes you really because it hit the -- about. Fifteen times -- -- my management than any errors just opened but there's nothing was dented finds. What was it what was it like -- to have this splashed all over the Internet. But why you wanted to ask him what we want because he's got time to kill -- giving up why why did you do this -- -- Traci for producer Tracy wants to know why you did this happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- few years ago LeBron James says hallways and Cleveland had assured Czech citizens sponsored by phone today. And -- in my friend -- -- other similar business. Where -- did the same thing embarrassed -- the front -- and then this latest but then he shot it. Excellent you know going forward five years now little bigger stronger I try again deserves a lot of it didn't do well so far -- David isn't going to move them. And is that it is no imminent. -- good question for producer Traci good question I think ascending to heaven where you store yeah -- pull something. Why you're doing better -- a hamstring. -- -- -- and her. And OK so what was that they'll wind when we aired it what's what's instant fame been like for you. Husband -- and source. So I don't I -- I -- -- like a thousand news right in the months. You can then 35000. By the end of the first day it was nice and I just kept going into awesome. That's awesome and very quickly what can we expect next -- we've got the legs. We've got you holding it what's next. Book I'm then do the same things Lutheran Church shots but ominous start to move into the ground and we're traveling nice guy well -- in. You may be didn't win -- LeBron James -- -- competition but she won hours. Thank you for joining us and in my friends say it was also. -- -- -- -- -- It's I have got extra -- check out this adorable -- -- nine month old Caleb was perhaps training for his old trampoline -- stocks take a look. All that bouncing tires went up I had no money involved with so many of these this is how I -- that morning in the control over the right to talk to you -- -- I don't get -- mostly. This is amazingly. Not twice -- six times he does it falls asleep just -- -- you know apple. Independence -- -- IE I have a daughter for -- she no longer but that -- -- -- in the summer camp Susan yesterday. After swimming with -- avenue were driving home. She's been working. Having conversation and she is in the middle of answering a question the -- and I was like looking edited to live in the rearview mirror -- -- and in the middle of the cancer she just got. Trails off and has slumped -- like -- how I mean gay -- -- They go big go until it hits empty they are chargers. And so -- you and thank you. Alex's lemonade and it's also. It's it's Alex's lemonade dot -- and. It's funny Tony -- -- our planet at. All did you Donna I want you to know what -- telling you to join -- Tony Salerno junior a survivor again it's -- it's. Alex's lemonade dot -- to learn more about it and while we get you're gonna hear what kind of -- you wanna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and then we'll all we get joining his doughnut finally have played a day and we've all heard just by the way -- -- -- Of the day in my mind. Dogs playing dead yet this is -- Apparently -- thought the other -- -- Nevada moaning about the melodrama but -- it's part of life to get that is the that is. They leave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Real. Well. -- tremendous. Law and without too much negative tone -- ready 123. All all we want to thank. Everybody for joining us today again Alex's lemonade folks thank -- -- agony and -- thank you I want I think. Might Russ being. Producer -- -- didn't -- rarity. -- producers facing the wrong question great question and various assorted in the sundry others. I can't remember his name. Oh yeah. Perhaps I will tomorrow until then 9 AM eastern daylight we thank you for joining us have -- --

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{"id":19337997,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.06.13)","duration":"16:45","description":"Josh, GMA producer Denise chat with the kids of Alex's Lemonade Stand on fighting childhood cancer","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-060613-19337997","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}