GMA LIVE (07.25.13)

Josh, Linsey and Sam celebrate a couple's anniversary and check out a talented dog.
15:22 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.25.13)
Well it's yeah welcome to GMA -- -- -- -- where there is more GMA. Lindsey Davis. Buttons and a champion that's Josh who's making his way and -- I -- Why doesn't it literally and interview did you bring state. I did not run this race bloody week that Al Mitchell we've done I'm done for plays it might seem today I guess -- wouldn't. I mean. Mike -- was on the show and we do more -- before 9 AM the most people do -- it is. Unbelievable. I -- I used to come and go -- thank you. I used to come and ago I am starving now I'm like please we got -- we seriously have to stop. Although delicious delicious steak and French Fries and -- killed -- But nice and I finally sell off off camera -- you already knew the answer to this disease at the same time I finally asked -- I'm like so what's the secret to the French -- you know when you go to -- Easter. And that French fry is one of the best French -- you've ever had -- don't seem to be able to make that at home. So what's the secret what specific jobs double -- double fine reviewing present -- I don't -- Yeah. I used to and I used to try -- and they never they always turned out like -- and not you know not really good is that he's did you try to make French Fries at home with one. But with the big auto club cup boiling a pot of oil you mean the candidate didn't yeah. Obama called the kitchen months them -- was a time when Michael Jackson on it just hasn't gotten out of -- not the -- too much time in shape shabby all personal. And I -- governor and prostitution. I can end Aaron thank. The death. I don't I don't -- how -- you all John sorry for ourselves like that just don't like it is very clean vibrant it's not used very often. And anymore but -- -- to try to cook but when you live in New York twenty how long you've been in this six years OK do you cook much. Now a married -- trying -- a little bit more. It that maybe but even then and -- maybe like two times we've seen in New York he. Don't use environment where would not want everybody to fully appreciate you Atlanta she -- -- and very. You -- get the last say yes to this -- until he had really. -- I want everybody to see. Yeah thank you just for ordering hostel last night out of the way by the way delicious Carbonari yeah it was it was amazing that I just don't you know it turns out -- -- You know do we -- -- on the -- Adding upper west side just upgrades soon Jessica. Great -- not England and I mean every. Bad thanks John Allen at a table thanks Jeff. What maybe -- see an uptick in sales in the love -- -- so we'll never get you are. It's such a miserable he can -- it. Commodities -- -- o'clock ended at 850 indeed. There goes the fake smile. Wow. News -- cards motto let's just let I I'll be honest about it thank you thank you by the way Tracy. Let's be honest but I'm not a morning person I'm so -- -- -- We can't do this afternoon. I would be -- it would be so much easier for me there's this hog that doesn't clear it. Anybody else not really a morning person OK you know I'm talking about that forget that you have to get through to get where everybody else is but in the morning but. To do this I mean they're true -- you know that -- -- which when you look there are two different kinds of people as -- discovered was -- There are those of us who take sleeping right up to the last minute you get every last second. You haven't taught you would yourself back time to the second you wake up -- and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who like half and half a morning before becoming I -- like -- coming water is our only chance. But that's is also -- because. 'cause if I did what Josh doesn't and really and truly its feet to the floor. Walked to the shower shower to the car car to the door and he just it it's like boom he moves and he's away. I -- I would be like there. Gradual way that I great I wake up in phases so I have -- one of those it -- this news. Over and -- and I just want five more minutes because somehow that five more minutes is gonna fulfilled. My sleep requirement -- but it never works as an. This is the hardest job you're ever -- to love. It would be great if -- hadn't even working for eleven it would be. -- -- you know why hasn't -- in. Save America money and -- we I do mean Tori Tori yeah yeah. Great -- Johnson herself climbing out -- call. These big guys how to live -- not behind the scenes -- Good Morning America there. I didn't and didn't he's got in my ear on the big -- Torre does indeed some deals sells today for all under fifteen -- to conduct -- and phenomenal deals. -- and we were worried because of the construction of the program. That you know we have enough time -- whose -- is running up against what we call heart out in the business which is. Your commercials coming. We might be cut off midstream and I don't know I don't know and I said. There's one person you can do it story can land the plane in every and I hit. Yeah think what we want out he wasn't much help when he takes the boxes and he's out handing the -- and you don't like -- I had a lot of that accident I -- he's gotten everything isn't without incident. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This deal that was not previously brought to anyone except for the folks on -- you got it and so -- family -- company called Amy -- designed. On the didn't act got so these little kids charm bracelet and little keep time necklace is obvious -- -- problem we. -- -- -- Yeah what's happening with the PKK. -- love you like little -- this. Why aren't they cute definitely let me see -- -- gets you right which usually you pick for Kate. I yeah. -- -- -- the F fifteen Baltimore's offense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Them. The Anglo Italian not so much the -- and help you remember yeah. And this is black is your hard. Okay. -- You don't like -- The hardest working person could not only does he -- here but I -- see in its high the world news later in the day and do -- stubborn Ronnie and yeah. -- from this. -- everyday yeah. And then rescued animals wherever they -- Yeah. You get pregnant got -- -- -- what you have written. The man and update you do you UCL animals -- -- and the world's. The sea mammals and waterfowl we thank you very much for -- for your time. Because you don't worry I think -- you -- -- can't -- online yeah. Yeah we don't Santorum I mean people got -- Did you get Golan mission get got a good stuff goes -- then -- -- then this is great all all the kids -- -- in this back to schools that thank you very much. -- -- thank -- I. Say yeah. That's what really 06 when we have a -- bird stores. We do I got to tell you this. How do you keep love alive ladies and gentlemen how do you do it. How do you do so how many coming here it -- your 25 anniversary. Right Dan and Denise -- actually usually you know that a city might get what do we interview we have a shot at them until Wednesday. Because let me tell everybody in America recognizes the colors on -- -- It may be to share something in common like your love for the Packers another -- may be to get married over and over and over again so we want to introduce you to David and -- Blair to the same person -- 1982 they married two years later and vowed to keep the magic of their wedding. And their loved all live all the days of their life so they stuck to that promise by reliving their I do's. -- 106. Hi -- house that I am multiple times here right so they live in Tennessee they tied not a 106 times locations all around the globe from. I guess from Scotland. All the way into New York. Now -- and then get this so it's not just that they're gonna get married regularly February 20. And I. On -- year. They try to hold the -- they hold weddings on on not only that -- here but on 010101. Zero to zero to zero too high and 030303. I had no idea there was. I married -- -- I. I'm just saying that this may be. Fact that they plan so much on doing things together like getting married together he's one of the reasons great but -- And because they're constantly focused on the fact that they love each other and -- want to be with each other they have another plan to do something so you guys Dan and Denise nice to see you as well. What is what is your secret what are you what what kept it together for 25 years. It's always have a nice soft spot to land where were you when you have -- When you have a bad times it's nice to have a -- and you can be written trucks and share your experience -- Yeah. Would you. French and yeah like I totally I. This trip how long ago to be here for your and it although -- Montreal -- so excited. We are definitely exciting -- watch the show I know sometimes I'm Marty you didn't we work third shift. We come and want to come home you guys are on -- -- mean there -- after you guys are gone we got back we go to bed. So just what are your evening news yes. So we've that's -- -- aren't we put you right to sleep with. Eighty -- why can't -- -- this is this is why -- what is relevant again I don't think you're amazing you -- Day and so inside a potentially. That's a great great way to keep up with jewelry and evening near mounts again I'm you know what we're what 78 months and that such knowledge should know exactly did the -- of the. First half com we. I know where we're talking about getting married in Rio. And new years but New Year's is a day for us because. We met on New Year's we got engaged on them here as we had our our our wedding party on New Year's I feel like we will do it again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You love birds. I know I know once might have been enough it was a lot of plant. It's. I don't will stay safe routes to the test again yes and I. -- play the dad told told this is -- -- the control room. You said this is the best plan -- ever. Ever I I just I don't remembers the nomination of medicine that so -- that are very very good -- be very everybody very good candidate if I don't. Now -- hi -- Video three year old Pomeranian GF. He can -- the -- all walks of life I'm told the. I don't -- how can you imagine. Yeah. And then -- -- to -- let them calling it at all eliminating. Mission Impossible is -- And -- -- Canceled Pomeranian yes it is a Pomeranian hunting. UU three years old I have a superhero primary I have a personal issue why why don't -- Dress. Your pets. And I think weren't -- vocal minority but -- they've got a close up. They're not hold job you don't want to look flying. Terrorists they don't -- I believe this is -- yesterday -- to vote. Some dogs have very light coats and evening of June -- -- -- -- a little extract data wintertime they don't. Because if they did Tracy didn't -- -- species wouldn't be here listen and that's okay. And would have chosen against Clinton I hate it I I am with you want to know addressing the dogs are stressing that -- -- So when I keep my dog out in the -- -- yeah she shivers applicant and so do you know but but you don't. Or are skimpy I put -- the lovely coat and hat and I would prefer that -- poverty and you -- thing. Oh yeah all little black. A lot of bargain I love this dress up the Palmer -- -- have a nice day ladies and gentlemen. You put your city -- to put little booties off. -- slowly saw her another thought that's legitimate I guess I thought yeah. They put that the chemicals they put on sidewalks and street now you can't let yeah. Yeah you know an unprotected pat down on that -- really need to figure head don't forget to spay and neuter your head -- Hey I knew her and boot them and love the rest them and you know what I -- I'm Wear hats want to follow ups from pop news. I was looking into the dog that was able to -- The cats there was a real story -- about that in the -- that she was so concerned because -- with the milk wasn't really good for her cat and so makes the suggestion was to put a shirt. On the dog to keep it from nursing. Just sank also sometimes there are there are many really strikes what they should not -- -- -- about science and science. I am and that might be the single most jarring and legitimate. Keep your dog from nursing cats -- -- -- -- Lot of trade -- -- in their lives we are doing despite its thank you. This model --

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