GMA LIVE (08.06.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate National Root Beer Float Day and Underwear Day.
10:41 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.06.13)
Okay. Did you -- kind of nice to know how you're already -- called. -- in -- next -- -- issued nice not to want to hear from my closest and dearest friend I didn't even notice I was captivated by your eyes would ever be. Bloody animal lover oh yeah and I am about how the hello wow you know emotional -- -- -- -- really exciting it's fun. Have a breath in the solace by you know -- -- at a time when you know -- was it's Steve when you -- -- confident over -- from the app that. You know great conversation -- all been watching her show there. Television history when he comes and -- great great great movie by the way everybody side here. Send nothing but Phnom I was really loud and I learned so much -- director of the stars coming through as well. I was out there mean Jane -- right after the show rushing -- GMA -- a little -- -- couple minutes because I didn't Hyundai in the house I'm so excited. Talk to I don't know we might like to. Now from Montreal we'll just go they would just plain Jane Fonda on you can do your interview here on -- I -- -- that would begin today but -- I need him -- -- -- Also I -- and Lee Daniels I think is in the building up to date has -- can interview him. There are reasons that people are legends in the business I honestly believe that when you're sitting next to someone like Oprah and she's had. An amazing career and only making television but creating television. She is so easy to work with and so very very presence she's not -- there's not a nervous thing going on with her. She's ready to roll with whatever happens on television here in the middle of sitting down and talking to us. -- if someone comes up from over the web crew and their like would you just look into the camera and say I'm Oprah Winfrey and I'm coming up on -- anyone watches -- she's like yeah she did it. And they -- have a camera on. And you know I would like hair didn't seriously could you just maybe just getting ready now you -- fired up I would sit upright stick out. -- but of course like sure no problem for Leon. Amazing and you know what I did she told -- -- -- Robin that'd been awhile since she'd you know taken a role like this is considered just like showing up to do it. She called coach called acting coach Scott and dusted -- you know gonna get out muscled back in shape and I again more power to -- And thank you so much -- -- time for us today also how to play the -- today. I was glad I'm agonizing. Very funny you don't intern will has taken over either that -- Josh and play of the day. And -- I look forward to those moments when he yet come on over Cabrera. And so. You -- you -- man with a copy used to sit outside talking over the think offensively sells one today really sells want. Look at it was cut but if -- And -- his -- story of about a young boy. Doing things in his room I don't know that he didn't want anybody to see -- now lots. This is how it was in fact written. By inter I think you should first say what it was -- one has been around well that low it hit actually just as we did not want you. Do I want you to do this but I wanted to I -- dramatically. Here's here's what I hate and imagined Josh reading yeah. Not our play of the day boys of all ages value their privacy in their bedrooms for a variety yeah. Now yeah. Now. I saved I wanna say I think I've breezed through it I think we just -- week. Had what happens. Due to what happens if I've read up on TO lie I -- -- oil -- IA all the way. Twitter would have broken up. It would have likely been fired certainly find it's very -- it's very suggested -- here's the thing folks fighting. Everyday I come in and I try to pitch -- a video or two -- -- -- Josh and I -- Now I've been at the thought happened nobody likes right angle oblique references listening to -- He's there now and. It's not regulate regulate all let me. How long he's so talented TV Mickey -- I don't why he doesn't need my -- What I tell everybody -- after and Josh -- will rush Josh -- they changed at the play of the day on Good Morning America because I've -- and any red. Our so will road. And it looked -- -- -- what -- trails. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't even samples taken -- -- -- -- heard about it certainly take a look at that play at this play of the -- is that we actually know what everybody thought yeah. Let's take a look at those complaints it was just -- waiting -- the doors close. Genuinely human as private time in the room and he's having a great time. Why haven't they haven't gotten hundreds -- -- yeah. And -- and -- I don't know I am not participating. -- you -- are often and who you are so -- has an idea how busy day while you're not part of that is Josh tells us. Knock on the door. Soon and let out any moment now -- suggest you ask them to knock -- -- area thinking you go really. And we should speed up to this is that dad and my dad gets out gets it comes in and he really started busting -- the -- -- thinking now the time you turn happened do that this guy -- then all of a sudden he's just an embarrassing and then. -- -- -- -- -- You look -- Now the -- here's the thing with dad that -- -- that can -- this well is. Arguably more embarrassing for a while like I can't decide that might be more -- -- infinitely -- guy again. -- -- -- They give you send your dynamite and my -- -- your feelings hash tag that he didn't turn well. Good. We got a lot to get to -- coming up to ask you to students. I want I quit -- started Wednesday about it can I do I am I just yeah. I have -- yeah. He's not quitting and say hey you're getting vampires don't get it we do not talk -- our interns that way but not them. -- you're letting your variety of -- for me before he's removed Saddam he's -- -- his offenses. No one who wants brew beer floats plus. And. -- -- You know it is now official every single thing in the universe has the day today root beer -- day today and I do you want to say happy it's. Memory of -- -- my grandparents stopping that ANW in California on a road trip and getting the -- and the rupiah float excuse me. What the violations of beaver what is -- several clubs that serve I don't know what I am Matt you gotta bring him or failure of -- -- I didn't go. I was on I was into a parent to bear -- -- the AW manner -- -- Benihana. Diary air brilliant and our beer -- every scene really see him way ahead I'm really -- a Tug of. Let's look at him I know -- -- automobiles are. Are you back to you actually think badgered -- yes you can go to a W restaurants and backers not a very -- while -- -- I don't know friendly. I'll -- this is -- You can make a donation to the wounded warrior project it is -- problems. The program here and help soldiers recover and help them lead a full life and boy after everything they've done. For our freedoms least we can do anything here offload day at ANW aiming to raise. At least 100000 dollars for the projects and get out there -- some more. Our men and women in uniform it's terrific it's something that Roy Allen actually started doing the founder is this true -- -- returning soldiers back in World War I. We're coming back home to -- floats is there. Everybody has their way of making it believed I think it's a part -- flooding enactment absolutely -- that you maintain it obviously need ice cream and guests. The first planes have been -- absolutely. Straight across tonight thank you. Yes spectacle worsening -- and obviously using ANW new course for -- room. He wouldn't want any other I would not. Second tip in using a frosted not it's cold and get their act as -- hundred -- -- I don't know -- mountain on what -- -- doesn't. Happy happy repair flood day we -- we have to get to the play the death it is. Step -- extra. Denise says yeah so I'm so we say thank you obtained -- -- of your -- -- -- again you guys. You -- if you. Warrior project that's really important thank you very -- and everybody and -- a big deal and just manner I am so sorry that I thought you were. -- -- Wrote I think I love the irony and W -- everybody. And -- -- yeah. You're not like to Wolverine -- We're elsewhere around us of what would you. Yeah. I yelled -- that all but name is Richie all right but -- instead oh I would have sent out take covered dear no you yeah. Strident warnings -- my gosh -- anyway I'm just Twitter was with the idea let's think it's gross it's gross. All right you know let me ask -- -- bear a beard and a slowdown. A year of -- up on -- what are you thinking how he I was not hopeful -- -- -- -- -- my camera. We're -- you -- infested head only for -- project -- making good point all right. -- ally everybody got to get this -- backstroke and promised in these are hearing about -- -- right here in Times Square 800 people attempting to break the world record. For the largest gathering you know why didn't give up -- yeah do you handle it -- Well yeah but -- is why I'm yeah. This -- morning. Given mission and a tick infested dear. I would have done this -- -- yeah. Hands under the anti lot of I love the -- underpins actually right and there's Denise right did you see it right there. That was I thought I was painting -- -- on national underwear day today not only that moved here plugged it also underway today. Should we think about. Thank you and your underwear. And RO act up to date we should just the audience that would break gotten -- day. Oh maybe not -- yeah. We have a lot of the idea but it's up three year we will see you here tomorrow night in recent days.

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{"id":19880918,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.06.13)","duration":"10:41","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate National Root Beer Float Day and Underwear Day.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-080613-19880918","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}