GMA LIVE (08.16.13)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "Good Morning America" and "GMA Live!"
10:51 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.16.13)
And welcome to another edition of GA may live Friday we're gonna take a look back at some of the best moments from GMA. And -- alive this past -- -- you can all enjoy them. All over again we hope you have a great weekend and we will see you right back here Monday -- 9 AM eastern daylight. For more GMA life. Breaking news but doctors were. Yeah. -- pop culture at the White House yeah. Madonna has. Today prepare them. Donnie Edwards. Happens everywhere I go. -- -- -- -- yeah. Clean I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joshua -- all gonna have your ads -- my way. I can I can reveal. They may look something like this -- now. Our that I always true -- -- -- -- sharks as an independent yeah he's so I didn't you. How can I want to thank you know what happened following a check in now with our top news correspondent one -- my -- -- hi glad to be here George -- will be anchoring this week with George yeah. On the cat millionaires so -- -- and but the prince is known for his -- fight videos but on Tuesday. He lives his -- -- you can pick. White -- comes right. Out with the words did high eighteen Y he acted much -- that's not he's not here -- Maria. First tell me. Now that's more like it to principally -- what's he doing -- well it's safe kind of purple haze and telemarketers and why he's on Twitter shouldn't be dependable does that would -- that. -- that his style he. I noticed he tweets an all -- -- -- -- -- Witness I don't mean to -- in my mother my life and I wanted -- hands and yeah my my career here. -- girl. That did not. Saturday from the corner -- agreed on an indictment on him after the show and are you when I -- -- -- virgin -- of course is what drives your need right now -- when dealing with her bridesmaids. He had eighty. Media and made. Yes Katie -- -- dance instructor and -- -- -- Tuesday at academy where dodge first time -- -- Comparing England good -- and it's not anything can give you for students. Did -- invited the entire school I don't know about you but I had no -- I don't even know eighty people but I had to pay my. Stand there what happened about the economy anyway you can look at them and their -- -- down there wasn't enough room in the church. -- a Greek wedding the hand when the wedding pair entered the -- came alive at a bar. Playing and you know how -- -- and I love our revenues are human Guinea pigs are like. This is a little speed -- he's actually here in America Davies look at that vehicle -- create these tar well one I can't. Series eating isn't weren't and a -- viral load effect speed game. Study of viral yeah Big Easy new meaning to the -- deal all around and I know Arnold Bono. We got it they just made -- wouldn't elaborate documentary that parents tomorrow. I'm totally night and but waiting -- the latter -- thank you. I think we made clear please don't dress your dogs we also not just didn't. I'm they -- everything good evening fashion -- No time. They don't want to see Georgian my evening dress and makeup of the girl that I feel good I don't -- Hillary -- -- attorney's -- -- really -- that haven't been dragged I don't know why but. Their main topic here please get married to -- Different experience. -- I'm not here actually on Broadway performing live on GMA do you think there are more dances in the future possibly even a career. Definitely yeah -- I don't make -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Five what you don't know his debut artist and perform for you on Good Morning America are. The first chance they have sound check -- like the crack the predawn but sometimes when there's still like just get ready. But their backup dancers are ready to -- sometimes. We will have. Other folks sit in for its -- started media such. -- -- -- -- He's out hurricane headed now adding an. Heading can you -- anybody. From what such a history of his performance what do you what were you looking -- what we're gonna we're trying to do the shape. That was -- -- water bottle -- You might have been feeding the chicken that one point. Might have gone onto a little. Where they've come when they said I was pretty bad yeah something they didn't. So that the director who choose to shop. I was I was supposed to just stared at the microphone -- -- -- -- It's part of my job. So you know the phrase -- bernalillo and you don't. We we've WW seats if this thing -- -- -- -- -- -- Taking to the streets of New York. People do get it all. Stand up and I. -- real estate project gone completely. -- horribly awry rich guy in China. See you guys can build his 8600 square foot injury fill out on top of the apartment buildings you see -- there. This is in Beijing he spent years building -- -- and boulders. Make it look like a mountain retreat from problem it violates virtually every city ordinance possible. They're now ordering him to -- down. Doesn't help that the building is in fact collapsing under the weight of the mountain built upon it the best part about this is -- the only -- the building really gets is because the parties are two. Are they doing what this building right. Don't let me just call -- -- -- -- -- Nothing really here folks nothing have been -- -- president and first adopters who visited. Barack -- thought he would never hear the end of -- not only got worse. And fell in love and I'm not lying here Michel RY last Miller or Barack. And then Michelle young couple they actually met at a seminar they -- long distance. Jersey for him California -- He proposed and now the couple planning their wedding joining us now on sky -- he third Michelle. -- and Barack. Now we doing. Central theme of the weddings and these -- how -- twins. Some final word from your lovely. I cry about it. --

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{"id":19980797,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.16.13)","duration":"10:51","description":"Check out the funniest moments of the week from \"Good Morning America\" and \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-081613-19980797","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}