GMA LIVE (09.18.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, Sam Champion chomp down on bagel balls, skier Picabo Street visits.
17:48 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.18.13)
Okay. -- -- this year. I'm ordering you know me gorgeous creature you I don't know happy holidays -- -- -- I think. -- while you're yeah. Ironically I am debuts on the big show. All -- -- -- I think you know yeah. -- it's really Chris yeah Chris Young get a -- real Christiane. -- sell out really quickly. Is Chris -- we do we. We did not have a chance to really meet you on the big show that just ended up because we have Charlie and Diane back to talk about that -- a second would you want to thank you. It's a new album AM. You did a lot of writing on it if that was a certain -- I'd lose your fourth album. But he's in hiding things and how new is it for you Tom -- -- That the -- thing for me is always been something that. I was really big on the mean -- of the Nashville. Everybody's a songwriter but it -- and everybody wants to be you know bohea. I've drawn to ask your element here as an -- kid and you -- -- LA yeah it's. What I love about Nashville its. Is what -- heated -- and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody's an artist. I loved the let me make this video of just -- it was planned this is -- -- -- most unrealistic video of all time. We're walking through convenience store look at the cooler and we're in a -- but I -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not an apple there and -- and from collapsing I am Siegler. That our secret you push their own actually don't have the financial capital what I wanted to -- -- wouldn't it be great. Cooled door walker added have a -- -- work well Miami drank it then did exist and it's below the year covered -- I think what. We heard -- the single ought -- -- I was like just looking forward saying it on the air. -- -- -- Tell ray -- got a great yeah I I actually one of my my corridor suggested this is the title like a walk and he's like I've got this great idea. -- -- -- it a mall so this guy's head like comes in number ones and he has -- -- dynamite and what. That is yet another phrase in my -- of the phrase but how we gonna make that a song you -- -- -- solicitude and you get a better. Is this it was great this is -- I mean it's it's kind of indicative of what this record is for me it's a little more up tempo little more progressive than one -- -- in the past that was grade it's whoever robbed him slide guitar was assistant the most out of the -- and then -- -- -- love that that did suits. DA -- had not -- each camp. TVW. Let me -- -- ranking interchange on the play in the off and you bring it back because the funny thing is about growing up in that area western Kentucky west Tennessee that entire area country music used to be you don't format area people hanging out talking about. Real life and then because -- went to more of a modern take of people club music kind of drifted in there. And now let's get back to real life this is the way people live -- what they're talking about what they're thinking about. What I think that I think the songs are important you know as much as we have all known which has just. Fun party rock song. You know there's there's stuff on this record there's a couple tracks where you know it's mainly acoustic guitar and then maybe a little brushes on -- has just broken down and stories songs yeah. -- yeah I think there's there's a good mix for that I think if you can find it than that hopefully we have hopefully people look at this record middle of it. Question are you involved in choosing women in your -- known and it just happens I just. It is but what do I do just that no decide. Why is that I have it was in and out from -- -- longhorn. It's gonna get better I don't know I don't know what they didn't really good good good. Throughout the season yeah yeah candidate and -- -- hey everybody the did the album dropping is AM -- -- was. And Chris Young who -- All right now this is the he showed up they are banned -- Bagel gave the eagle balls in the -- -- YouTube bankable is that your pepperoni -- yeah and pepperoni and it apparently pretty -- behind you. -- -- -- -- by doing it but it's not that it's got to -- the -- it's got a juicy like a wet center going to. Here. He said and yeah. -- I'm yeah. Well -- applaud the why -- Like -- -- yes. Are you not tell you -- that it hasn't been eating yeah as a what emblazoned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tubular that -- we have ever run -- -- island pregnant. When Doug let them know that there. Ever get a generous -- what happened yeah. The village of their delusions well. Demand out there right now but finally admit I only did everything I'm gonna. Hello I'm done I've completed my obligation for the morning and -- up up and down. -- -- -- -- -- -- OK. -- -- -- -- -- The play that let you know it's super to usual. The music superstar just come back -- -- and after the show little Bill Clinton. Freedom from Brooklyn and how come -- we live via filing got that's what got me to believe that that I got a -- on the little ball you -- -- Why did you ever think -- blond hair look lovely studio audience behind as a way. And Jeff I don't know if Jeff is down here but let me just can we do -- we -- up and down of the non stop and that up on the shelf. Is actually a group of monitors that becomes one picture all the way down the side of the studio. That is phenomenal and then take a look at the ticker tape that runs all along the -- -- guys it's all right. Then wait a minute -- to show you -- -- -- hang hang out hang out. And watch this this is all the whether it -- Asked whether just whether of course they use it for other things -- not to Canada happiness in this act which you may or may not notice -- This year may or may not have noticed that the glass top -- a little bit smaller so we can actually be able to turn of course that -- And the endorses them but I just want to show you the beautiful work that's been going on behind the scenes. Behind the scenes stuff. -- -- -- -- You but look at other items he didn't really didn't let it -- finished all right but I was just told we have more -- -- -- but we didn't. OK I is that it. And he's like Hayes Trenton this hour let me finish and audience loves the big walls that -- -- -- I don't simply because you know they were here last week we didn't get a chance to talk about bagels and brilliant. I mean brilliance that you -- tonight just want to they would. These are amazing bagel balls go find them -- player today we got a little ex employee of -- A prank video going but what doesn't go viral and everything goes viral. Book on this show -- got a look at quantitative definition of viral incidentally we want that's. I'm Bob Gruber buddies and I hope I did this -- already OK good we're going to be like is this is -- and we have to be sure we have time for. Keep going if there's a big surprise us. Public know her. -- -- -- -- yeah hundred quickly some of some kids like rig that the home in New Zealand and now the air flows out of every possible thing we're used to be water now it's beyond somebody -- giants on what they OK no we gotta locate yes because look we just let's just. Our motto -- I need to -- blame them. I'm also bringing up -- that. -- okay got the first. This isn't businesses and. Another big isn't a big morning for you now it's a good morning and where they were eating -- -- hungry because we have burgers on the way. I -- it happens to be my -- would you like what can we -- left. I don't -- stunned -- getting. Does he not been touched yeah I haven't done any I hear you're gonna be congregating at peninsula -- yes intentionally diet yeah that's an associate. Yeah yeah -- now. This interestingly about so she did have looked at in the last few years the average temperature -- -- -- did. Windy Winter Olympics had given that year right. What it was like no this is -- resort on the Black Sea yet but it's mostly. A summer -- resort. It does not having -- what -- sketch went through -- -- colleagues -- -- in the wind turn to do what it's about who didn't want concerned what level of concern that suggests it ended ended. Let's say -- -- I want to last year the average temperatures during the two week period when the Olympics would have been -- jinx thing any mistakes I'm just saying that sixty degree look at a little like being at a look like having any Winter Olympics in Palm Beach yes I honestly -- -- everything -- -- everything. -- -- Committee that I mean you wanna go to places. Russia emerging -- -- there are a lot of places and trying to figure out the IOC -- A couple hours away. From the coastal flood that so what do they -- Whitney let's -- -- Seattle and now they are they're making it in and you know places like a skating rink. -- back money that they'll -- and they've already got. Contracts and relationships with other resorts in the area to be able to bring -- in that they need to -- and from your remarkable they're gonna try to do what they can't. The hard part is snowmaking requires a certain. You know economic act a certain environment -- she makes an exact out it's gotta be called not the humanities got to be up -- up it's -- -- district -- And it's not only that let you know the difference between the quality snow yes -- now and just that crap. -- I think your -- and throw out. -- there's a phenomenal difference in your performance aren't really beautiful -- -- and you are performing well actually I don't go anywhere near -- but she does. Yes and and -- -- I'm saying there's a big difference. And yet there is a big difference it it will make a big difference I think that you'll see the athletes that can really adjust to those circumstances suggested a different conditions. And they've got to give the athletes a lot of chances to get up on the snow to feel it under their feet and feel what it's gonna give them back under their skin -- a danger and it can be dangerous yet that and that that needs to obviously be the first. -- -- -- Rule of engagement in my opinion is staying safe but let's -- up. People who mistreat you for young athletes that call you mom yes -- -- How aware are they that you are. He couldn't kind of starting to get an idea the -- -- ally I don't really know how bad their followers to you have that you can't just hand about that I antennae out they definitely have a little bit of a -- specimens and LT. Like ten when groundbreaking you work you thank you brought so many people back to the whole idea of when his horses and you can't you being there and I tell you how well -- I know it's totally true. And and you know that you made -- exciting and so I hope I hope people remember and understand that's what your connection is what. -- mutual absolutely for sure that's one of the reasons why I'm I'm here I'm so excited because. You'd think I'd be super competent as -- an Olympian but when it came to being apparently they don't comment and instructional video. And I don't get medals every day and now not an average and in fact that it. So basically -- for media I -- I need help with managing my kids and expects programs tonight I need help figuring out what to do with -- what the rules of engagement -- -- so much in appropriate -- responsible behavior out there on the sidelines. I'm with the coaches with with the affix themselves even with the officials. Turns out for me I'm I'm super involved and I'm really excited to be teamed up -- -- they have a program responsible sports responsible sports dot com is where it's pointed out on the Internet. And you can get all -- information on. How you can act qualify your organization or your school for community grant I -- get all kinds of information on how to be more responsible as a coach as a parent. And you know there's the survey that they've done that has some phenomenal statistics and shockingly for me a lot of coaches and parents are not on the same page when it comes to these sports experience so you know a lot of the -- will say that. That you know that the parents just let their kids in sports had a good time and they want their -- be more caring and skilled yet. When he gets out of talking in the parents they have an unrealistic expectation of success in winning richer so it's a little out of whack and so Liberty Mutual responsible sports program as a way to China line that. And -- it more in sync with one another so that the kids can have a better experience of the parents. It's really that's about the -- it's because you hear so many kids now. Who -- and who lean away from sports simply because. Of that very complicated dynamic -- a bunch of adults who -- getting in the way I am really getting out exactly. Kids. Are talking more to their coaches about series -- controversial issues about their sports and they are not -- on and -- is in other gonna get the real deal from the coach about him you know you how to -- play has not happened yet which I think is wrong. I think I think that it should be all. In -- next -- now so I'm not gonna go to space like hey check it out what it you know what is your attention to provide for much else in this program and is it. Is it of the right thing and if so I'm -- don't have a nice weather and. Such a good thing for our -- for you to say out loud and parents to hear they have you get up and the coaches face and say what's your expectation for my kids that's how are you planning to teach this group of kids. Yeah I love that because I don't know that many many people do that. Well I think a lot of people with me being an athlete they're nervous to tell me the truth about. The reality of it and I'm like what that's all I need for -- -- the trip because without my child. -- -- -- anyway yeah right so this is about my child and and I'm not rude about it but I am I'm. I'm involved. -- I just want to what's the message that I apologize we -- This very I really really it was an exit every kind of run your clothes as you are very happy endings that are animals yeah I don't know what it is mostly OK what -- And yeah I wanted so what's different now we get used to. If you haven't eaten them yeah everyone somebody explain to me what the heck a spaghetti burger. I actually a big hit the terrifying thing it's exactly what you might think it is hot hot -- The money you guys guys out here she is -- -- -- yeah. Here's a better life. -- -- -- -- -- See NI KO WOK -- Stanley yeah. -- -- -- c'mon get and now. -- -- -- -- -- So we are looking at -- -- -- -- -- No seasonal daddy make it wider than -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- are tied to your article. How many -- they that you should have since -- good our friends from he like thieves in Philadelphia oh yeah. Let there and you've done here did you make the -- What are you thinking when you're thinking you know what let's let's make a burger -- is a spaghetti around this -- editing and once again goes so. Corset it's generally -- of executive so what. I guess it is actually nice taken on spaghetti -- particularly healthy to be easily OK so we have the buns made out of spaghetti. Spaghetti violence. Easier often got yourself Al -- aren't used to make it a lot of macaroni pie right vision -- -- there -- -- the Vietnamese -- And then we'll ask -- you -- the -- yeah yeah. Asked if you it's so -- -- guys it is so good spaghetti and detonated booed whenever there you sort of giant meatball -- stuff with mozzarella and ask them. -- is not as hard it marinara. Make it yeah sure yeah it's really -- why hasn't -- this claim fantastic it's like the Jetsons yet ability retired editor at. So yeah no it's not quite as small enough blood. Is it hit me yeah Saturday ventures killer hands yes I really don't in -- -- with her hands -- he can't be candid behind what's available beef or pork. Eight beating. Wall Bobby -- are going for a Bellagio. Among Arab and show us what you've got. Yeah. They'd say yes they are. Not as though the small play you -- -- your marathon yeah. -- -- Ali we got to -- that's I don't know where they had if you like seeing how he -- in Philly brilliance. People who street thank you so much and -- -- and -- great grades don't know. Happy national -- -- day I don't know. I -- I thank you.

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