GMA LIVE (10.28.13)

Howie Mandel visits Josh and the stars of Fusion's new morning show on 'GMA' Live!
15:30 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.28.13)
Welcome welcome welcome. Karla Martinez and -- -- exotic. -- joined as we did. We did we did some on TV today I. I don't even know who it was half happening over -- and best yet -- -- Down in Miami you and you joined us we since Santa Clara down there a desk of the America wake up Americans and translates. It -- We can amazingly but I will say this and that's a lot of people here every day from the test. Were usually the other show more of that happening -- and show what the -- -- a little too much. I felt like I was a 106 today I found my I couldn't drink enough caffeine to keep -- you -- a link you. It's that's part of what we are art energy and that he knows we have looked at a lot of coal and why and why I didn't -- -- -- policy. I like this letter read -- -- the details. For a lot. The women. Are -- -- -- wrong and that's that we like you didn't know much about bonds whatever just positive -- I'm smile and do things that's amazing and you know what it's important -- -- the top of the big show. Can't you know there's -- -- there's something to the American dream happening here you can. You came here from Venezuela yes when you came here is this where you saw yourselves yeah hang -- is this what you want yeah. We're where we're talking about Spencer. Us what you really think about it and you see yourself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Senior straight the other one block continued in Iowa me what I have to be in television I don't want to say -- DS that many. -- good morning -- -- -- -- it's amazing I was talking -- -- -- really is morning like I can do this thinks that Taylor twenty years ago from Venezuela. And I was walking by Thomas for the first time that I can do New York an -- pictures of AB CA -- pictures of everything and ice ice -- and I said to myself. One day. I'll be there and when they tell you this because I think it's a good example of our army for human rights for the 52 million Latinos that and I'm -- -- I can to the states on how to move through things got all -- -- -- community go through how does -- your car for 28 days. With a twenty fights and -- Account. Even have a guard I didn't have. -- -- -- -- But the save this -- to feel like good victims we say this because we need to let everybody know that you recon coms don't want pat -- We -- and a pilot hammered yeah. -- -- Goldman following your dreams. I think this country when I was a teenager. I look so high you can imagine -- Mexican in Ohio I'm. Cooking are all there's a dark hair. -- -- was a -- blue eyes and -- can speak any English I could only say hi my name he's got. I never horrible -- and I I deal with Neil when that happens to. Be part of this country and I love this country I love my country Mexico but I love this country -- also an American citizen and I have to be so thankful to this country in need at times. To prove who I am and and to make me drink from natural and absolutely want to -- Best way two in the best way. That having you here. This -- the success of the show sixteen million plus viewers across Latin America. That this we're seeing what happens in the best thing we can take down our borders we we are seeing when we can in fact the melting pots Jamal yeah altogether I -- -- to -- -- very quickly that meets the comptroller of the needs you were. You -- ms. bond pit bucking bronco all morning long how how was how they do dominant just beyond that. It was blatantly anything. I plant Whitney this my counterparts -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you ask our producer wanted to -- -- the Internet. And I do you want to say also very quickly. We knew we were we were cooking we weren't you on coast luckless seem not asking that we. -- -- mansion came in and made a mess of an -- Coming continued. Isn't even the only means of vitamins and her -- -- Clark Kent -- Superman the exact really got to know what happened over -- who was to his. She was desperate to be. Here to assist her to meet you of course I'm -- then I was lucky because I will say. The viewers might remember about -- a month ago my back. Wait now days we on the air girl when Doug imagine nothing in my arms could -- this this could be is something else -- you're not. The same thing happens to roll all the time -- -- words would you would you when she jumps yet -- -- we -- you advocates he has and we have a chips and -- yeah. It's on the deal and he could again -- not right I'm fat I like it because -- -- in California you have so -- -- -- -- -- -- nothing but you have to -- -- that I didn't know. -- -- Nintendo doesn't give. I love love of god -- Okay. A studio audience -- -- -- or stepping down the -- the movie I'm Keating. And -- -- you go ahead -- -- -- Yeah it's -- and I'm an. Not monotonous and got my -- may have to interview himself. Be careful about damage it's gonna give you -- -- love poem below the game road before we get that I do want to see -- might have been my favorite. We didn't even. I might I think that whether it -- the -- ever done. Globalized. Car you don't get a move that didn't agree -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- either. -- Salmon Havana. You know -- was mayor -- we get that for for our special guest ya ya ya please highlight -- looked. How we have -- never read more. In rapture and let me tell you this he may and a few minutes from Columbia -- show -- has. Three month. But she's being part of that when she knows how to do it how to -- -- act and everybody loves her -- for their for the viewers noted the program which went on -- -- on the left. Little photo log out tickets to a enough not when you play and -- -- and have. -- -- -- -- Does got a lot of a man of many talents. I and I just very special guest here to -- He's talking about a cause near and dear to his heart and many others. Quite literally non bell Mueller atrial fibrillation affects over five million Americans and greatly increases the chances -- a lot of people don't even know they have it. And -- get the word out and to join us and discuss. His -- I don't know where this man finds -- the arsenic giving here. How we -- now. I wish I hated that -- yes -- got out. -- -- very much what you talk about coming to this country I came from Canada so it was tough for me we'll learn the language. I only spoke Canadian when I first hear about it and I was edit the pictures of ABC like. I hear it now I have a -- how do you -- eight have been spent a bit I don't know -- -- I've made my heart doesn't need -- irregular I don't have that same rhythm you know me I. -- -- that's a whole different rhythm. Like I'm Miami sound machine. I don't know but I'm in LA yeah yeah I don't know what if people don't know they have been and this theory that Perez Gary Larson how did you find out that you know I would just getting a check company guide when a stethoscope to -- -- all. And my heart it is like at my normal resting heart rate is 170 which is -- supposed to be like six yeah. Right I don't I didn't feel I don't know weird for me is normal I'm of -- -- thing is that -- -- like almost six million Americans and didn't let he knows it's probably even more that don't know they have it so you want to figure it out you wanna learn about it. Go to kids or facts not. Commonly taken in wins it like -- killer no -- but for your heart. But with okay like hit -- his or fat. The -- has war. Lou Whitaker chambers back his benefactor of that fact fact. We YouTube -- -- you don't know video. Why -- the -- it's funny for everybody that goes to bids are facts dot com. The -- dollar will be -- Be donated by Bristol-Myers -- and advisor to the national stroke association has it you have this your five times -- five times the chance of having a stroke -- Bruins -- good morning saturn's other you know people are sitting in -- -- I think what's so what are some of them -- -- -- GMA -- this is a warning -- I have had a -- -- -- are ordered I didn't know that's the only you know and it's not like minus not a heart valve problem it's really comment. You can live with that you talk to your doctor -- I'm really I'm really healthy but if I didn't know. Troubled can be a Bruins this again this can I it -- a lot of similar to talk about -- -- Deal with that deal with this is your new your new show and it's it's on TV and it's a very -- it's it's there's a candid camera aspect it's a dealer show -- candid camera so all the people sitting -- a restaurant. We call one way they don't now and say it's a mother and -- daughter we'll city going to be a game to win money like there's right there -- We'll give an earpiece they got to do whatever we tell them to do more my mind. We can say tell your daughter for 500 dollars you're leaving her father the you're pregnant and it's not -- and all I feel that they don't finite and was apparently haven't you're you're doggone thing that was going -- -- This is -- -- don't forget this continent. This is -- many yen a tiny county there and this is every every dog rescue. That we it and friend of ours -- about us right lineup Lebanese young and people say you were rescued -- -- what's it like on the edge of the cliff could cut across the highway. Streetwise and -- clothing and this is a good thing to take a dog that got me any worries down OK -- not what you have. You just want to point in the big all of my gosh check in rescue you know I'm not obviously -- -- -- and -- I don't know that a lot of dogs -- to be addressed and I -- caught up with the hope that those -- constantly this -- What do you what do you celebrate what is the more. What do the young girl could -- the fifteenth birthday can't. How does a dog after he got into normal -- you something -- -- -- era. I've met she didn't -- -- -- like to Wear gowns now seen that she really see why I'm -- she -- it about the dog what is that he's. And -- He's trying to get the world -- -- I. I don't get -- -- I don't like to get this off. This better be right at. Daytona Beach is a -- you go to. Kids are facts dot com one of the questions -- is due dogs like wearing club. The Atlanta. -- I can't see a deal with a young America's Got Talent gas initial going to stand up I deeply. 150 nights -- -- what does -- do for them. Stand up -- I out of me is like primal scream at the end and there are no marks -- no -- -- commercial to throw two no boundaries. If you see that I'm playing near you come see me don't bring kids. Yeah -- Philip Callahan then I just love it and accuse me in touch you know the -- All across America -- in the nation in in front of a live audience kind of get a symbol of what they. You don't have immediate reaction there exactly what I love it I'd probably be got to Miami -- and I -- I don't know the dates but I. And does not only can't you will be there -- belt -- -- an agreement. On Saturday there Ronnie Barrett with plenty barely yeah -- seasoning honey or I don't want you to tell me because boot. How do you react to how are you so -- -- -- -- to -- in college instead she's gonna be honing their right to be right multiply like it -- with college talent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- moderate -- they look at us regularly they're not your daughter got married my daughter is married actually I think -- -- -- -- twelve years old could let's not. I don't -- she's pregnant. Just go how we want you -- new era and you're right child dead were you a child I mean that's -- I'm an old guy I am now sixty years alone. I'm 58 years all. They're my daughter has my beautiful daughter like -- -- away. I feel amazing you know why why 'cause I got the information I needed from my -- -- still ahead you don't back. Lee not cost is -- right here. You leave me leave me don't want if you play not only deal weren't things none of dollars donated to the national stroke association which is important that's very -- reveal about the fact that I -- five times more likely to have a stroke and you and that's incredible and the girl you know without all the -- look at everything here. What I don't understand if this lady with it what it did. I'll -- occasionally at the grand stand out that's her -- Doctor. And even -- that he -- thing I. And god took that case you know you don't have a granddaughter. You should come back on mental health awareness -- There's not a granddaughter. I think every mother or grandmother it like -- -- -- about kids may like it you're kidding this. All of the wonderful to see how dirty do she's thirty. He's wonderful 777. Caliber of go to -- -- back -- I can't look back stock car and so did he wanted to eat. Yeah and if that's just because you think that the fear of they have to be -- that -- -- my. She looks like and I do look if you look like ray you look good grades I am I its battery. Pack it is an. It's like to see God's word limited's Wii about the stage -- fact that I'm Alexander now. It and is beautiful child. Tangible the second season a deal with it -- -- -- you can also get -- for his upcoming tour dates -- Howie -- dot com you can also follow them. At Howie -- anything else to plug -- we -- just look at this gorgeous little bland flat Casey. Also I want to say I'm very big rousing Internet thank you. -- -- -- Yeah. And many more -- although I got yeah. Yeah. He had -- AM tomorrow yeah.

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