GMA LIVE (11.21.13)

Josh and Lara talk festive place mats for the Thanksgiving holiday with HGTV's Taniya Nayak.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.21.13)
-- -- -- don't -- the great thing about -- on morning television program. When Thanksgiving rolls around. You basically get Thanksgiving every day for it's like Christmas every day and Thanksgiving Bobby Flay. -- I don't know what I like. You know here's the deal it's different for me Amaral and Bobby have -- have their flavor profiles I don't want -- want -- yet but here I just like their food they like what they like to cook. And the election I worked together is what I like to eat I'm so it's and today. We were talking before Bobby -- master chef on now with us on the big show love body and in the course -- I mean this is Thanksgiving to my favorite -- My favorite -- How to make you this is about stopping I they have ever hasn't this. The wild mushrooms on my gosh and it's all it's sort of inspired by the north last yes we voted on his -- and a link cedar plank Turkey Turkey I mean that that -- -- in your mouse potatoes. Doesn't necessarily sound like something that I couldn't handle. But really easy to make. And so flavorful and delicious body let you hit it out of the park. Thank you as always and you don't think he said you know it's all about the -- up. -- thing I like about Thanksgiving is that we don't make any pretense that it's about our public goodwill towards our fellow man it's really it's about -- it's like. Daley shows up every football food and. And gave -- a big heaping helping of dysfunction most likely sell yeah. Singularly American holiday. So thank you Bobby -- and really quick and prevents. That started -- -- sponsors segment on. -- not facts here are from Food Network I. When what you're -- -- -- you you're exactly right we are -- cowboys are where are matters to percent of you -- irresistible. Yes the Carlyle -- -- burlap with about a dollar a yard yup yet I and then we scrapie with stick pencils. Any can throw -- -- his excellency what you're dot Franklin recognize. -- -- -- Saying CNN really easy even gets -- -- any Michaels any home improvement store. -- has I want to -- burlap they don't -- for only the -- central and they don't know by any other place until a -- want -- you can do any place I'm you can find -- anywhere. And another sister -- -- personalizing it. On so I love that that's our little action check just for you from improve this and now that we have great tips from you that we did on the big show like turning a basket into -- hanging light fixture stomach making molding your wall or their -- We are you resigning -- are you speaking English -- Look at a critical sorry I don't know we have got to drag waiting in my head -- I -- it's amazing bid. And I know it's simple yes. And I -- and I -- I was cooking on so terrified. By the kitchen and -- terrified by the garage workshop so I -- Estrada plus why don't you do know I said I wish you. -- still but we'll see what I did so. But -- you are often asked to do the impossible -- -- impossible because. And I'm always. A premise of -- sort of yelling at the TV because that's what it's like to be locked from the prison of my mind but you -- me like five dollars to make a restaurant look like kids. Newly what do you think I don't that is I -- I thought I had a little. Obama agrees a little TO senior I got here I am like how many of these I would like beta testers that I couldn't quite -- that. Didn't know your daughter loved to do -- your daughter be -- essentially out she can do to an empty spray paint Turkey got a hand print happy Friday I totally believe my five year old daughter it is I still the big thank him. Problem really -- returning -- I want you to share of them really wonderful -- that's -- -- to young children. I'm so excited about -- -- partnered up with capital -- and at the heart of America foundation. For donating over 50000. Books to students it is. Exactly how all right www. Capital One dot com backlash -- I thought. And if you enter I might come to your -- Overnight or his legs or your -- it not only I'm what does that so why not. Yeah good to meet and then -- decorate and design a home library for the lucky enough -- I haven't quite got come back -- -- that's what -- -- be speaking of kids might have been flat Stanley who thought yeah. -- Yeah after after him so much yet to miss you after yes but I already we muggy but we've got so much exciting show you nothing inflammatory and enjoyed a month doing -- Thanks -- my operatives my Camry 12 clear -- this real scary welcome I have taught myself to some stunning except that I really don't. Our community doesn't shall we had deal Ilunga-Mbenga -- my -- and steals respectively today on the program holiday gift edition seen in another Nixon -- special one for our excellent adjustments in -- yet so the worst thing about -- and you devices -- his Clinton. Thirty eyes eyes -- so I -- to you guys know that rank that up next week hurt he had -- -- -- there have been there there what's. Yet -- you. I didn't used to subject myself okay he has she told -- this story -- the final grandson. Who'd like addicted to deals and steals what -- he -- really he's fat he would -- spot when he comes he says please turn on the Bob price cutting -- yeah. Really tiny elderly are taking off until Q we took himself he's working. And thank you thank you -- -- yet but. Actually. Healthy housing for the I want it -- -- -- call -- the price cutting may -- the price to wait I don't rather surprised that it. -- -- -- that that's the cutest thing ever. -- and sound and you know it's also funny Blake who works here he found it had little -- it was a schooling teacher asked what what is your parents do and the I think his sunset -- they had my dad goes to war and like prepares for dancers and they thought -- that worked at a strip club. I think that no don't know where to Good Morning America yeah. They say Italian media don't steal the teachers it healed with steel and sent out you know the -- -- good but the teacher because of deals. -- to deal -- Eagles look I'm cool. Be honest the fact that I mean I. Serena. There's like a closet at home with Serena stuff I -- above the backlog was to pick on the -- Serena stand up. You go to the going to get put on do you guys agree to our kids you are -- green visited gift for you because I'm durst not power -- -- charges -- into your computer and this is so light as -- keep -- your -- he had bad. Anywhere and it's not sort of big love to carry around and -- Save you almost a day of battle exciting things iPhone four -- five. All the deals the Good Morning America that come on Yahoo! that's -- and yeah. So regularly -- when you -- starts at fifty dollars slashed by at least 50% haven't percent twenty box that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't afford not to buy that it's -- my -- -- live with -- now aren't so right now again you're on the Internet suggest you stay here on the Internet but. Go over and get them because that stuff just goes -- the killing -- music Selby would ever want to come up but students say that's really -- sorry sorry. Okay. -- thankful and you know I don't currently -- largest. Alex do you think though activity in the -- doesn't have a -- -- My mom and dad know because I have a a very special you -- OK perfect perfect -- You. I eighty before. They started slapping make up on my face and making -- Wear -- every day two ply my trade. I was a writer -- Sports Illustrated and it would for five of the very greatest years of my life I got to do something that I really -- thought. I would you forever I was inspired to do this because of folks like my next cast it in -- -- How writers. Living. And something about -- personal until Brecher I don't know there's -- -- guys -- pretty good that's -- And I -- -- special new book -- I do wanna talk to you about and it's about your experience fighting prostate cancer. You are your -- Europe so deft. That the keyboard. But what was different about writing about this experience. Well I didn't know as much fun had a kind of call up doctors instead of coaches and what I found -- Josh was -- Easy it was to get to the top people in the world I mean last thirty years I've been trying to get to you know Michael Jordan Magic Johnson takes awhile. You can you can get a guy didn't get the best guide doctor Patrick Walsh of Johns Hopkins because there's such of the interest. In trying do you know bring understanding to the disease that even someone writing a book. That's allegedly going -- rival bears. They want to get the stuff to be accurate so. In many ways it was a different process but the end of the day it's still sitting down as reds Mets used to say opening up a vein and getting -- on -- And bleeding on -- the page. Was it. Did it help you deal with it did it help you deal with it every day to. Two to try -- -- to you know because I know that I was used to think when I was writing. You know the hardest -- is the first one when you stand -- that blank has got first one. Makes you go in some direction what what was it like to do that. -- be talking about this well. And in many respects I didn't want to make this mighty and many more people have suffered even when I'm called a survivor. It kinda makes me nervous I mean let me tell you who went through something Robin Roberts Jessica I didn't go through what Robin went through so the fact that I had a good. Outcome the fact that I had good people. Made this a lot easier that the tone I could take was sort of -- lighter side of cancer and that -- more fit. My style I had so I didn't want this to be a survivor story -- wanted to be information. And things to help people as well as you know tell a little bit of my own story. And so it's the prostate monologues and what's the reaction -- and thus far -- a couple people of said. Aren't you afraid when you had the title that it would be mistaken for the vagina monologues I said exactly see that except that's exactly for nothing. They could that sold about ten million copies. So it was just the idea that people -- gonna talk about -- you know that men. Who don't really. I I don't know I don't have those statistics on whether men talk about their prospects. More than women talk about the vagina is but I suspect the latter is probably true. So I decided to kinda get you know pieces science people -- Israel's side. Factual based on cut somewhere on the Internet site that adds that that is somewhere on the Internet -- they say is just topple over open up a -- went out and whenever I find it right there. And and then clear your history. So -- having got it now. Did it hasn't changed -- as a writer. Well. I think it probably eaten. It probably forced me to kinda wanna do other things this idea finding out information. When you do something for forty years which is what I did sports and in many ways you never get tired of it could you can do other things. But look at -- you're -- complete transformation into something else in the idea of doing something. Where you have to examine a new area talked to -- people. Was was very refreshing and I'm looking forward to doing perhaps I'll get some with something you'll go wrong my spleen. One can only hope -- -- the best selling book ever apparatus. Seriously -- I know it's on the we talk about at least occasionally. -- -- Very early on in my career at Sports Illustrated -- really the first real road trip I took was the NFL playoffs and we -- done in Jacksonville -- -- -- it was transformative. Experience for me to be able to to learn. The Internet at your -- so. -- you for everything that you did for me touched the. Bryan is was -- he was. And usually fired up for your parents tonight so we can also put -- a little basketball because we did -- minutes. About the dream team in it was interesting how do you. I'm just about thirty -- so this is what was interesting because. My expansion the dream team I was in I was in college 1992 in college and so why had grown up. Watching those players now at the end of their career but right for you and -- you -- kids. I was a kid who was told that by my doctors that I was gonna be 68. I was off the charts so I thought I was going to be in the NBA with -- these guys. You know the golden age. Barkley. Ewing Jordan. You know these guys who are word just titles of mind out of that work -- -- -- So I settled on on broadcast -- everybody knows it's pretty close the candidate especially with the salaries right. You know. We're we're we're good but it was a you know it was great -- -- read the stories in the dream team your book of course and and see how this team was put together this. You know the legendary -- -- -- it like. To write the -- what was to revisit it especially considering and again. At the time. You you would you had been in -- give -- your career covering -- a lot of ways. Dovetailed with the golden -- the magic in the Larry passing -- on Michael what was it what was it like for you to revisit 1992 -- -- -- Well it was it was twenty years later and it turned out to be the perfect time because people develop. A perspective yes I mean they'd look at it differently the one thing that was the one response it was unified. Was that this was a seminal. Experience for every one of those guys I mean that it wasn't like get all I was in the past. I've won championships since then I got married -- -- know that was -- If it made me feel good that this was the right subject because. That subject was very important to all those guys they did have different looks at it. Twenty years later but the consistent fact it was how important that was to many of these guys invalidating there. Career that you think of them -- ego driven athletes we can do anything Scottie Pippen Chris Mullin John -- the number guys to tell me that hey. I knew that I belong to I knew that I arrived at -- on that team that was interest. I mean did the NBA Austrian especially back in the day it was always my favorite because it was one where -- And especially players and that generations they took it seriously they really they played heartened me -- lot of defense but it would still they wanted to win -- demon the end. The what I loved about the dream -- was that it was the ultimate what if it was the it was that all star game at its height and then you got to say though what -- all of those guys were on the scene. Team how would it work and and and work it -- who made that work and I'm biased -- -- in Los Angeles. -- I -- out you may passing cool Magic Johnson audience he was -- I would say three guys four guys I would say Chuck Daly the coach. I would say magic and Larry Bird who -- the leaders of the team and I would say Michael Jordan because he was able to step back. And say this is kind of Larry and -- sixteen but what we get on the court I'm still kind of the alpha dog it was it was Jordan's team. But you didn't know that -- -- they were kind of paying homage to magic. And Larry for doing nothing less than than savings. Tripoli NBA which is what they did. And everybody had that recognition I will say. They played together for sixteen games over an 82 game season with egos in testosterone. And all that kind of stuff happening. That would have it was the perfect amount of time to be together it was a perfect time to be covering and I just. It happened to step and that history at that moment. Beautiful it was and it was phenomenal book. So you're teaching now meal and birthday still lucky enough to have yet he writing as well and he projects you -- -- -- us from product -- WB don't forget. I'm going to be Dylan couple things for for Sports Illustrated -- in the next. Next few months and just staying busy enough -- looking for another. Disease going in the right of -- happen prizes its Hoover you can now you get the -- team you can also get to prostate monologues very important book very important subject. And you can stay right here you can ordered on line. It's always those special look at Jack tells us -- -- Itself contracted out of this. Diseases Tikrit and stomach and now we will see you guys all. 9 AM eastern for -- --

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