GMA LIVE! (3.26.14)

Ginger, Josh and Amy check out new Skittles cloud and a new doll making waves.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (3.26.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage -- GMA. -- -- -- -- -- Minh -- water for us. -- friends twelve we've got. No I'm doubting you I'm definitely I why would you even think -- not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah this is an interesting combination people Michael tomorrow governor Michael from the and myself both we don't these people independently which is being weird okay we're he can't take -- take the Mike Mike Allen and tell what is special -- and. What I like to meet Erica -- I didn't. Frank chuck America Sears and I congratulations and our graduation -- recently engaged December 29. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I used to baby sit with my friend at least who baby -- Erica yes read and write my -- yeah. They could just so we're clear. He knows him yes yeah. She baby sat by her name acts these two pound each other if they may be went back to achieve big time machine to get -- Which we're gonna get to the moment but that's this is that this is this this has met in Michigan there as well. -- I'm -- here general -- out. -- -- -- -- They BBC analysts -- They were wonderful they took great care of us always to get well stay up late late. Instead really bad as far as that time and we always like surrendering only to run how how old -- different a lot of running how -- and -- -- I mean a -- just -- nervous when she was in the streets like in six straight out I let -- let this -- -- sex you're older sixties alternately shouted. It was with their -- -- her until she went to medical school. Credit classes so it would just solve their apple rebut the running I want to bring up because I didn't set -- in the past envoys are very active in. These girls for. -- craziest girls are being sent and Affleck that's sweet tea focus and in the meanwhile that you ranch home. Back and -- Anthony Jackson aquatic New Jersey. Michael you guys like. -- know each other -- learn -- of good. Friends -- have a pretty good -- -- -- -- -- intelligence will be get there in middle school and became really close and it's -- their powers and we remain close and Mike was indeed Stephen Jackson against -- -- so here's a base about a dozen or so Michael is -- he runs team. Josh he is a hard driving CEO rules. Rules his kingdom with an iron will and -- passes. I'm -- fire for some things I love you. But so there and that's how we all look in the to a view how did you vote yes so -- went -- -- -- -- and -- and finally met -- primary here and now it's what six years later months it's crazy it's litigator on. I'd love hasn't done enough how did you come clothes until we have -- -- the Latin orange -- We're tell me the -- flatly that relevant period. I'm and a violent -- yeah. -- I think a hit show initiative met Saturday. Which his charges and we'll forgive for the Carlson and his -- -- an ally and fans will -- -- I hadn't actually. The wolverines it's -- and yet the inner -- and -- man. Yeah -- You very much. -- are we are we safe over here any sunshine how we got. You know Annie get -- -- -- command and I am. Yeah. And then sell what I started gym bag you notice that -- you know there's -- security -- That -- you know watch as he didn't keeps saying like the last of the -- everything's so that any games. You don't mess with the I'm other words the management and -- friends keep -- and so we get. We're okay we're -- it was just attacks -- think. -- we clothes didn't pass with good with the fact that he had me laughing at the fire drill. Media -- I don't know yet you're ready to get him laugh without prior art -- ago and any flight simulator -- I don't like yeah. Yeah. And -- idiotic -- to think we have another special guests and did so. We've only seen on TV it's raining everyone's favorite -- standing -- only got real you know Arenas and just today everyone given -- for Sammy that's -- it is. Operating and how I don't really how this -- -- with Ukraine's get. Apparently -- this is aiming these Google's cloud. And I guess he -- -- kettles are reading yeah -- -- -- you do the honors please use the S -- they're -- -- much better mileage instantly. There they are. We come out the back hold up its tent like you -- -- -- -- and related. They don't grains you name it there there there are they don't know -- I get zombie gonna. Yeah. Street I'm -- I'm -- -- out of this on faith and cognizant and I don't know I -- -- -- -- Our opinion green around but -- usually get into the make sure they get -- -- include. I don't have a -- -- apple is now that'll get him what's driving. And all -- yeah throughout the area. Seven Eritrea does it. -- little and it's going to be easier -- mechanism -- the contract one -- There in the -- and I like him. Having lunch you can spend -- little bit -- -- -- some of the people. Okay all friends -- coming out -- America has been thunder but I guess our thunder pitcher but -- I'm quit having a black -- little push forward yeah we do have a that I airline via the. Obama. Something very. Where. Any have to give them suddenly. America. I get tired and current problems you will and I got dizzy vacuum is well paid and he didn't live up for that feeling. -- got a friend you've been looking at how well -- I didn't get a that he got him. The fact that we can have -- -- -- -- -- -- about -- Let's get a -- government group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- about them. I'm -- that's exactly how does the supposed to -- Look at the -- together would be different. -- I don't think I just did I don't know -- -- it's raining now getting a good job getting good. I'm 100 tiny and present -- -- We're thank you. That didn't want them home. The island through a window it's. Endless at the fair weather -- With the best -- have -- Let's get him and I think he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah whenever you can't you -- About the club and damage. Since these are now oh my -- program. -- -- -- They're big gaping hole in the -- now. Tonight and he's got to do your job. That doesn't want -- cutting wound him. They think you'd think. He made a mad. -- we heard them telling others how to relax and values not even in it will -- at all. Wait I learned about -- and let these people -- Unsolicited development you know this always works Missouri -- This is the greatest superpower leaning -- and -- -- man -- -- -- how many -- Saturday. And I really relate to me I don't know. This is day yet they'll spend I'm telling you Saturday I think people forget -- -- Obama god. -- at the -- Good god I'm -- everybody at the image you know back we have the paper. -- -- -- -- -- -- She may get you get bring us like food and and that wouldn't happen Ingrid yeah. His little low when he was just you know news out -- -- I'm so -- -- in the -- Well yeah. Television that patent now that we satisfied our -- to the. Fourth is sure to check out. If Clinton index. Comes to us from this is that I like this we decided this -- too graphic for GMA problem. Now. I don't know how -- those who. I don't know what. Imagine what that PM I don't know it's tied to a helicopter poll. I'm -- residents and -- dad. Has decided this the way he's gonna come out its toll on board -- doesn't work. Doesn't work. And find out he had -- -- up. And we get oil polling numbers nine no problem here though because I don't know how many teams -- are in constant dollars. Powell. -- -- Yeah did it work. It didn't work but I would stop -- -- -- -- -- his -- hasn't had rocks yeah yeah that you know I religious -- -- losing her teeth because my eight year old -- latest it is it is like. Another week another -- you can't -- this cloud to pull it I've actually. And yeah I didn't bash this -- -- -- him and now does not. But congratulations that's it was a -- And we -- we what do we do -- now because Bloomberg what do you look wet. You have whatever at night and real people don't know don't take him that we justice Douglas -- and a monopoly get out here okay. That is despite years after you said it was certainly true that's when we saga seems to know where it all again -- -- -- I thought -- was. I gotta get up I tell everybody that bring it seemed I was so excited but it -- -- according to a study done by Hasbro the signs visible from society. For the notes and notes. 60% of Americans admit he'd never read the entire -- luck -- from monopoly -- -- Please make up their own hands of child now we broke our. V monopoly FaceBook page is actually -- thing. The great monopoly house -- debate has broken -- pick the best rules from faced funny fantastic and make a special. House rules addition. -- this fall we're gonna stroll I guess over to you guys have like certain what he does have certain -- I'm an idea actually the part in the middle I don't that's real or not but if you. You have the money in the middle from all of these yeah I'd -- and dining -- to you if you think you've hit three RE park yeah I only sit out with -- which adding slightly in the -- but then we did something weird after year in jail. You can't get free parking has formulated regularly so we admit that up -- -- I was a sore loser so there was also rule in my house that I'll have to win -- I would like not -- Looking your brother -- going -- because of that they have like a three week game going on him he knew that he was gonna lose he has what -- anything relevant or not and I can't Roma that sounds terrible that. Eric that Eric. That explains so much I keep people apparently is just like you just. -- the ounces unit just -- yeah. It is I was terrified because I want I music but we go to -- yeah. Chaos -- -- I don't like that totally trust mutual -- -- We'll don't -- on the scandals. I still look listen it'll for the -- get a cloud that Oliver unlike Catholic eyes right when you that in your colleague -- stand on galaxy did you feel that. We'll have not welcome the subtle slant is permanent and and who married at the the leather cloth that is not the other -- -- -- just have a very the mega ball hitter makes it says he doesn't matter. -- -- got every yeah. I wish you don't have a name it. Nikolai lamp -- -- Pittsburgh from by the way did the great city. I -- designer and creator up lamb only the average size of this is I don't actually advertise Barbie doll line. So that the first I want had to take the initial idea that you had again to design. But -- all with the average measurements of a nineteen year old woman is fascinating way -- it is pretty from. You know I'm very aware of the body image issues and -- I'm aware. And high school I am just trying to lose a lot of weight has ever wanted to -- -- soon. Not forgotten area we're -- -- Body image issues surrounding. -- current fashion. I -- tell you I have two daughters Josh has -- daughter and my eleven year old is already so conscious. Of what her body looks like so. From this mom to you I say thank you this is tremendous. And what has the response -- from moms and from from women and then -- from around the world. Well you know I've been receiving a lot of -- saying things -- inner thank you for -- this. And there is -- I was meeting Monday because that's that's why hasn't this project converts. Here's the Barbie it's it's so out of touch with reality and it does impact little girls and how they think they're supposed to lot and so I also wonder. Aside from the message which is a wonderful -- children how how of children taken to the goals as adults. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and body image issues surrounding it and lifestyle fact I feel it's cool to have acknowledged countless things a little person. You didn't base case is -- a little person and it's -- -- because of the and how to kids get their hands on one of these dogs. -- you can always you can pre ordered units available it's gonna be shipping in November's -- announces third pre order -- -- dot com. Why hasn't been done right heart rate is like striking me means so I just wonder for -- to welcome -- what would this and been for you. And spend huge -- it would still slung the hair and that had what it popped up in all the same type of thing they do with -- but I think when you look at them on the box -- that in itself. The want and need I need to be like that it -- Changed my respect and I don't think that you even consciously are aware of the difference it just changes your mind slowly but surely in an what you look to -- to -- -- -- -- if you're just like no that's normal -- not all different types what we're life wasn't it just changes your being here. Not even knowing what's -- -- blood -- and didn't come to your point that. You know I want Serena with her dolls and her two boys and because they are so. Non life -- I think she can actually just see them as my -- things that. When you have this it is like having a person I didn't need just feed I think it's I think that goes both -- again. One more time viewers who want more info we're coming up. They can go to every dot com currently and I am wired. Our thoughts and advice we should point out you -- -- mean. You're -- dollar to celebrate July congratulating you a lot. We get -- can anybody in unmarked beverage in the yeah. I'm not literally we'll now England in the -- then. What we want to be -- harassment. Purgatory what -- hit us applause okay -- cloud higher I think that cloud is dead. Yes terror because in his -- -- -- to -- explain death of their children -- to airlines -- assistant managing injury we want I think you'll. -- -- -- Well for -- -- yeah.

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