'GMA LIVE!' (7.22.14)

Ginger Zee and Mara Schiavocampo answer viewer's burning questions using #AskAnAnchor.
14:49 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.22.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage at GMA. -- -- -- Rodham Clinton making -- this. Making Obama -- company. Welcome Indian Eilat and at and yes we've got some beautiful many cupcake there gore and my favorite pet Kmart -- I'm not doing. Yeah. I love the rehabbing here for no other reason -- the -- that crack down big pharma with that everybody loves the little tiny. Those sweet and I said yesterday became better get food and he didn't. You are not -- today then lose everything. But yes something I'll always that yet he can and he can. Had a note you can -- here is why there Munich where they have it all different flavors regular is -- absolutely yes please. As well -- the -- -- pretty right. You. Yeah. Just -- blather. We do have a -- -- -- behind the scenes first before we gets all of that did you see. Let me try to dance with the news it's actually admits that he that would let me back up the stairs but I'm sure with entertaining -- aren't -- now well that's me actually doing and then my mind falls off right there you see is -- around me. I'll play well might -- practice so long and -- -- starts happening. But you know it -- kind of a trooper fresh and -- -- that by certain little off on national television. And no way we go -- kept going to the show must go on you're proud that -- that I got into separate everyone out I'm impressed -- have to -- committed you have to be commitment looks so. Bundling -- it was so much fun and like. They've -- is a workout and you really get like any dances but -- did you begin to learned I learned that in 10 minutes total this morning. So if you're doing at a home with your kids it's a really good -- and then they got all the other ones from the different Broadway -- -- and -- fantastic and I think I ever had -- actually -- like paper down -- towels you can -- around that is so Bedford like everybody -- and everything absolutely -- -- good good good good -- -- Wally enjoys some of the mini cupcakes and needing a -- on TV we figured why not give back to -- -- Everyday we get questions have also -- on Twitter and elsewhere. -- mean mostly about whether a lot about what I'm wearing I'm -- -- the same death and that would be surprised you know the. Question I get asked most often is what's been my favorite story ever which -- really heart -- after the moment their favorite kid is because I've done so many stories. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back to that I have that -- Randy -- a little tougher. Hit it must be because you've covered so many stories you get invested that man but now we ask you to send us some questions this morning with the hash -- -- it -- there. So let's go straight up for -- in the controller and he's been feverishly scanning the social scene and -- feverishly to help about the buzzing question. We're able intelligent design -- -- right history minute hot -- the first thought. This is -- -- ten at least 66. They ought to have bolted -- -- -- get nervous meeting famous people. -- depend on the person's. With -- and someone -- not about their level of importance it's about your connection to them. They can be somebody that I grew up watching or listening to Wear -- really be very god hasn't given me an example argument example who make you nervous you know what that Bill Clinton had into -- and having extreme -- because you know he's much much smarter than you know about the little -- Yet he -- -- he's also so charming so try it only hurts me to his charming very cash means you yeah it when he walks and around the energy that comes with. And that they sand and as such and I also interviewed him and it stays on my favorites. That it's strange people like you said it's not always that the biggest names -- all that the people that you connect to. -- but I also think a big difference happens between the studio when I meet someone for the -- its work related. And then -- a social setting that's when I get the -- so we're at a dinner and that bentonite. Well Rita Wilson is a big fan of has -- some Rita Wilson Tom Hanks -- life. -- -- at her show Tom Hanks that there than Bruce Springsteen -- and staying. And I'm trying to think of the fourth. -- Robert De Niro and that I got that I don't later something about the near -- Grabbed my attention and like I got really like I had to leave his alleged that he is -- in almost weekly named Atlanta the answer is yes sometimes. Current agreement runs. Okay excellent Sodexo -- National TV shows a tremendous platform your total control over your TV show what we -- -- message caused few leadership. And mind probably would be animal -- and protection of children. Those -- the two things that live in my -- electrified can do -- any kind of advocacy on a national show would be to protect children him. And I see mine is education with children and specifically science because I loved thanks so much -- like that somewhere week. We always talk about it -- -- it -- enough people do something about it -- fact that. Inspire anyone especially young girl that's in women because they don't get into the math and science and Arafat and half and I thankfully loved it. And that's why I went to study urology so -- -- do anything would be that I wanna be -- with Eric you know. Other without -- -- about I would love to do that -- you actually are. Doing that inspiring people just by the virtue of the job you -- Little girls -- sticky -- he had doesn't hurt but I think I had a whole -- a lot of not our there now in media like down by the science guy named. If it it didn't one more they let -- -- -- -- I'll pay in movies she wants to initiatives and turning -- and -- It's just where -- Hughes hi Greg Weston. And I do have a divas -- The ones I have on today but they I get them out of whole bunch of places the last couple times it's been sacked found lying because they've got these cute they'd get these rates. Sales seeking get these huge banners 57% on its very good and yes -- -- And I I can't -- Christians not quite there yet -- you can't do it in my body. I don't know that problem. A little better pop acts Stratton out -- and have questioned by the way. Every union drain away the wedding is coming up so people are getting their invitations but they should not be expecting. Any wedding itself fees from the couple come their big day in August the pan has the pair -- fans. All cell phones and cameras from the wedding hall -- these as a guest don't even know where the ceremony and reception will take place. They've always been asked to meet at a hotel the forehands that they can be transported to the super secret location. -- actually don't have a -- this at all because you couple that high profile. Control the images that come out of your -- it's your today about the day you get to be a dictator might -- -- I don't think you're wrong in their circumstance but I think some of the best pictures from my wedding came from people and their that's very true and -- years including -- yeah you are losing so without that but if you've got lots of photographers and able to get all of those moments anyway shortstop had to have an -- army of photographers running around -- Addison let's climb one of the things that has happened now that everyone has -- camera phone -- that we all Bancorp rose at taking pictures like I just -- I think everybody is. But everyone forgets to do one thing and I and this is -- PSA for everyone please. Turn your phone. This leg I'm guilty of that when -- -- continually and -- guilty -- it's terrible it now and the end of the -- my husband does not and he works in TV so they can get excited. And so we'll get these videos that you -- we have what we finally calling it and so look especially with weather video because a lot of our contact comes from you that at which we're very thankful for. But it beating cooler that when you see the hail it is -- side. You know it's really easy and that -- an -- and shot range shot horizontally municipality at a studies Eddy county you currently -- For Anderson isn't that like -- because Dan added that -- and decided to play off of the issue and he's -- a really cool video shot at all in vertical well. Combining. Three shots and a lot like -- a lot this is very cool because you contribute to queens. New York neighborhood of sunny side. And he then lined up -- -- of visuals giving that unique perspective. That very few people get to see I don't have expenses -- -- made a virtue out of that. Perhaps an air and it's gonna take the -- do that absolutely and that way you -- and pregnant it's just an entity that they get very excited at the moment happens whatever it is they grabbed the phone and they just put enough. But he's inspired him gonna shoot now breathe particles -- -- never -- Represent. -- -- I was addicted. I didn't even dead at what they did -- night. -- -- -- -- Thank you for breakfast but once you do that you do have deeper in the -- with -- you work out community cupcake the -- -- -- -- -- I guess that history and national arts guru rob flex and joined by. Yeah I hate hair yeah thank you -- honest. -- talk about your workout. Well this is a basically you know everyone says there's no time they make excuses -- or intimidated by the -- as. -- you know what you may because they're so fitness oriented pure positive energy. But we designed different interval type workouts. Which are shorter. To give those excuses to make no excuse to cut so basically 62 -- which can be turned into a five minute work out basically you do -- that -- You -- twice three times taking 32 breaks in between so it's it's a great high intensity interval -- pulled by work out whole schools muscles. Burns the calories and revved up in the -- And this isn't just like in this is if you don't have time cooler this truly is worse than salute on the Internet -- north kept close especially the high intensity interval training. You gonna keep reading and burning those calories once we're gonna thanks for complete and and some absolutely correct okay so we're going to audio -- -- -- -- -- From the news that is so and basically. This is of bond Angela and dean what he's got -- -- -- you work out that's a great attic. Our rob her -- -- expect there there -- also now you at home watching this includes you so we want you to go to work up but first. We're gonna take -- through the five exercises the first exercise is the squat. Tap reaching -- so it was gonna squat down -- with the right here first. Then. Jump reach. And -- So that's just what happened to the opening Nancy did this -- how long usually going to be repetitions we're shooting for eight -- not yet. Not yet where you trust me you're gonna know went -- go -- So now they're -- to eat -- now hole with a distorting do for. -- to six to twenty to five exercise limiting it to try to complete this within sixty seconds next to go to be the just put -- -- to the right but it's for the left handers out. -- -- -- -- -- -- OK to go alternate life and get out you know these are all birds for lower body appears not -- thank you -- you have all right so from there we're gonna go into so we have the swat. -- Johnson that we have be just what lunges and then we have the what's called speed skiers so you can go to the left first please. And just like -- speed skating. -- back and forth again saying -- -- -- staying low. You know shoulders back head up -- stop -- next. Which is a great when I -- but yet you very carefully won't make sure that your back is flat. Then of course stabilized this is called the -- on export ports world -- were already hates the Burpee a lot of hair on. And you could really turn that into such a great work on itself incorporating different types exercise but when you talk about her being there it -- to homeless guys. So -- benefit the -- OK now on -- is very important home provide going to be a deposition please note to -- straight out. -- the part talk about many people you do not want to let those hits sacked. You know -- parking that C one experts flat in school thank you. Okay from there the final one -- -- to push up position. And what to do what's called Spider-Man push -- now you can modify is at home you can do the regular -- him. They're gonna go for this -- -- push -- going down taking a right here for the elbow and and that's what you. That OK -- -- -- -- five exercises OK so that's what we're going to shoot for repetitions. In 62 we're gonna start o'clock we'll get started popping right. I'm with -- and spirit occasionally. Got mixed up. Yeah okay so we're gonna go for eight would start with this watch cap reaching jobs book it would go for eight. Telling -- incredibly o'clock and got up and buck stop -- and go out. One. Since this is flat bottom keep your -- them right now he's been the only -- or drop us. As fast right right wing and he'll still -- -- lower but lot of little body right now that was her and now they're going to be bright just what plunges. I'm still working lower body. -- what -- they have boats. -- -- -- -- If those. Yeah for every time you're ready for the biggest nothing about annual you know and many people really. Neglect or body cell -- -- -- -- -- breathing and community yeah. But what I none of these guys. Telling him they are rarely been this way and I think he's like a -- -- -- -- please tell us. Let go to another mile and 1 o'clock. Well I won't second blow ahead of schedule -- right. Six. Four. -- really. Okay. Did -- why the Eagles are supposedly about your show. You program rather America's next great train on their exists between the -- Or pay -- AT and basically what we want to do is we just want people to get up and move it. You know because. -- we -- -- state workplace that really requires people pay more attention to be accountable so we want you. T get up and get moving to live positive healthy fit competent and strong. I can't thank you find out what. A lot more we'll have of course the -- and everything and then and by learning more and NTT got TV right -- he laid out -- -- -- thanks so much for everybody to watch the day the mini cupcakes there were delicious and our many worked out we did and I. It's --

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