GMA LIVE! Enjoys Some One-of-a-Kind Hot Dogs

Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn share some recipes from their new book 'Wieners Gone Wild.'
6:10 | 05/27/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! Enjoys Some One-of-a-Kind Hot Dogs
Nothing says summer like the hot dog that could -- -- hot dog it is a classic. And that we have here are some we -- -- the -- is -- -- -- you know right. Yeah -- about the good fortune with a definitive lots it's a new book that we wrote. Van that we didn't because there was no book of creative have to -- -- just. Yeah that we had to do it -- -- it has an obligation yes it is an obligation exactly right we took they have for the team about -- -- -- wildly development forty recipes. -- some of which we can show you here to and when you talk about hot dogs in the summer. Seven billion hot -- are consumed in America. In his June July and August is that counting on. -- that contest. Oh and -- and that. 810. That's second moral. I can't it was nobody's another says it's currently has gone while these -- -- when using only outfits like captain. I think -- -- yeah. -- -- yeah. I think that they didn't get -- some other thing -- and I will have. Hey let's start with this and this came from my favorite lunches and school hot dogs and sloppy -- We created a sloppy job to stop the Kremlin yes the Internet video and then why a little worried about you not -- right about. It's a really simple to make easy to make sloppy Joseph Max know can you make it off from scratch with a few ingredients ground beef onions peppers garlic ketchup believe it or not little -- sit there. It's totally the lesson that we thought that there -- top it off. With some monsters she -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They like here -- Tierney. The upcoming days ahead of your search certainty yeah. But -- don't like lady required loves it -- lunch lady. And then. Yeah and -- the oh my than we gonna -- you I don't know well today and I am considered another one the most Tiki terrier. Imagine this Terri Aaron -- Polynesia. Inspired. It's it's and he -- -- and well in your -- it's allowing the your happening. It there is no cheese for yet I can't -- -- mess and so did -- Terry here is a hot time that we Mary out of touch with the marinade but didn't. The court these miracle. And I know we -- -- native -- and a homey teriyaki sauce. Which -- soy sauce to go ahead as an orange juice -- heating oil and you wouldn't think it amended hot dog he's a good richest clients after the labor please. I'm -- -- -- and then and then you can left and then we may have really simple and easy grilled pineapple salsa. So we -- -- of kind of on the -- chopped them up wind stops I'm the end of Arab Parliament House. They -- -- and -- great flavor of the into the smokers and hot dog and the pineapple. Army isn't as sweet -- look good doing he that the assets needed a little bit displays is saying this dog itself as the difference and get my -- yeah hasn't even if I'm that -- his manner in an -- -- -- something us give me two of them just passed up more down via text and -- that would please do you mean yeah we have we've heard that you they're a hot dog Jack is -- yeah. Here again let's -- -- I'm not treated free of his right here and it is a good marriage how to walk the dog. Yes the man who recommends strength and nice. Can take your breakfast aren't you. It's it's -- it's a breakfast. Jason we -- to -- we hollow it out inside. We have some -- days. -- temporary spot peppers -- with us American energies and of course. Too -- From my caps that trend -- -- yeah you know -- well. All three of -- they're not talking that's ready next hurdle in every minute you show you we have the -- Rangoon. So you can't crab -- and Chinese restaurant right let's forget about that because once you've had renaming doing nothing will ever be. Panama -- what we did here can't get hit in the sauce. Did I NN I -- so what it is it's taken quite get kind of kind of wave away that is what it is it's. We take roasted garlic. Some ginger and scallions make a paste out of it gonna want to once again think he's a piece about her dog will look up till we -- You try it. And and that's you have there and we have been dipping sauce. The home equipment. Us proud please are you confront together for an appetizer few unexpected gasoline is really just six minutes so that was great that they're great for cocktail party donor to Democrats would be -- -- -- guess would be the instead of the -- -- it doesn't don't like yeah fantastic I think that we started the show with a fitness. Segments without batting an mountain -- how puppies we have that -- -- Yeah. That's and that cocktails and I'll -- so it -- -- what is happening. Do. I don't know I don't know yeah -- -- union then you know -- -- the last Poland is. It's intolerance favorite -- the island I don't yeah and what we did is we took a hot dogs. We did -- -- better and then we Friday. And on top of buildings that we put I think he'll last about lines salsa and ever -- -- -- again. This is it to the human mind -- we actually -- -- studios. -- for a little bit of yeah savings can't tell that. This is all these recipes are in Cuba all of them -- in the -- and well aware of kindness. You can find anywhere about ourselves -- you -- right it's not good anything. It's like drinking a Margarita and eating -- and I think that and that he found that it did not strike perfect talent and I think it's yeah. Again people -- our very own custom made. -- -- and I. Yeah yeah.

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{"id":23880912,"title":"GMA LIVE! Enjoys Some One-of-a-Kind Hot Dogs","duration":"6:10","description":"Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn share some recipes from their new book 'Wieners Gone Wild.'","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-enjoys-kind-hot-dogs-23880912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}