'GMA' Makeup Artist Gives Makeovers to Fans

Fairweather Faces creator Andrea Fairweather gives three audience members a new look.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Makeup Artist Gives Makeovers to Fans
We want to introduce you to -- fair -- we have such an. The director -- to the producers of the whole crew on sat and upstairs that the NASCAR pit -- Here. -- -- finishing their anger out work. With me I'm -- -- -- -- Every day get it done but Israel also is businesswoman and on the -- and -- this jet. Fair weathered faces this is -- explain how she got that we've got three audience members so -- takes away with not numerous announced yet. Well it all started with his crazy who didn't know how to do -- make up my. Ideals when middle don't know how to do the -- right so I created -- patented color coded. System like -- color by number yes yes and let literally and that's what I isn't exactly giving you color by numbers and -- really. Yes it's easy -- -- do is match the color of the makeup rise to the dots on the face tightened visa will be given and it's just like doing your make up like a professional. The all the travel cited again their color -- that the sympathy isn't -- That yeah it works it right so so which currently using for our first model where they had a country music suite I so yeah the -- shot -- -- -- when she came in this morning and that now. Okay. I was lying on the face -- hot ministry which fuse. Nice -- to -- -- It pops the eyes but in neutral colors were talking -- miles pages. And so he's aware -- any skin tone skin -- available universal all of the things such universal can be designed for all -- -- so he could be a teen put an -- -- -- -- -- until it's the same time. -- -- -- -- -- Most people Google account now it's a neutral color but also has -- -- -- kick to the scam how do you think you luck. Much better payment yeah. You feel like you can handle doing -- soft. Snow -- you know the direction this. Seems so -- I think I could apparently looked beautiful and honest right yeah yeah -- -- -- you. I what's your name right so everybody here's Catherine when she came -- to see us this morning and the can better and then found here. And the what this doses this face -- is natural in natural is for the woman had to see something quick to get in and now. I'd like rusty deck could bring I think all of us but the thing is in -- -- also doesn't mean -- because most times people would just do like maybe a little lip. And not do anything on the I this face such shows you exactly -- you need to accident so it opens the eyes and with hardly unique up right and -- the natural natural adding that that's the goal is to look really natural -- -- -- think the biggest mistake women. Mean I think is not having the right foundation and definitely not using the correct -- look at the used kind of like cheap horses and it just doesn't give. The look that you want the blame you taught me that the candidate he invalidating a class a long time payless to -- if you jaguars in Uganda -- last -- years exactly the -- the next round table and you are naturally in business two point had -- like a lot of yeah. I like that left -- -- you -- it really -- on my eyes are popping with the sort of appease and make -- blue eyes looked so little and I'm glad to -- do like you because you're about to get it is and czar. It's an organic political -- -- organic colors. -- a little -- -- -- can't have that the change -- exactly but with fitness although it isn't organic certified organic look plus it's still gives pop. -- -- and both natural and hot -- can witnessing color. Our hot and how come down imagine what's next well and we have went smoothly actually lets see here -- -- and this is actually when she came in. Gasoline has. And happened exactly this what is called pink. -- -- -- It's hell of a woman that's not afraid of a shot of college to the way I'm always carried a bag you know I am I not only nice seeing -- out of it looks so great -- I don't try any skin color any -- -- -- has actually has Burgundy cap. But he's still gives a nice Qichen warned and it looks fabulous on blondes improvements are ready and that's -- -- -- thing actually what do you think. I liken it to -- -- would you ever have considered like a bright pink -- before that's untrue and women alike should not if -- -- thank -- -- it -- Well I love that yeah yeah she's okay it won't happen. Holiday party all of yeah yeah and a lot of the face and -- you've seen 1 morning. Or radio yeah -- he isn't even complete by god does not remodeling your products average what you do you didn't come -- -- natural and -- yeah yeah. Andrea fair weather -- faces -- -- everybody finer things. We going on the GMA website because the GMA live -- -- -- a deal well yeah. Everything. Based hot and political -- it's awesome Greg can you tell us what the discount is -- 25% 25. -- -- Front of the camera for all the work that you do think -- they have been pounding on reading I -- yeah.

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{"id":21275530,"title":"'GMA' Makeup Artist Gives Makeovers to Fans","duration":"3:00","description":"Fairweather Faces creator Andrea Fairweather gives three audience members a new look.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-makeup-artist-makeovers-fans-21275530","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}