'GMA' Newsbrief: Iran to Allow Nuke Inspections

Josh Elliott reports on all the happenings from around the world on "GMA."
3:11 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Newsbrief: Iran to Allow Nuke Inspections
Josh Kelley has the other top stories developing this morning including this news out of Iran -- -- inspectors in finally do you scrap controversial a degree of -- Elizabeth George good morning all of you we Begin again with his breaking news its nuclear showdown with -- this morning -- now. The Iranians have agreed to allow inspectors into a secret military site just southeast of the capital of Tehran. And for the very latest let's get right to ABC's Jake Tapper at the White House good morning to you -- Good morning -- this is not a nuclear facility this is. A military facility where United Nations inspectors suspect weapon as -- nation is going on where they suspect. There is an explosives research and development facility just last month United Nations weapons inspectors were not allowed to inspected so the significance of this could be understated in some ways in the timing is also. Very curious just comes just hours after the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu speaking before pro Israel group here in Washington. Said that none of us can afford. To wait much longer to stop. Iran's nuclear. Weapons program as to stop them from obtaining a weapon and talking about how Israel would be willing to take action to defend itself so it is very interesting development in this showdown -- -- -- it all morning long Jake thank you from the nation's capital meanwhile Senator John McCain is calling for US led air strikes against Syria. McCain says President Obama hasn't done enough to stop the Syrian government's brutal crackdown. On its own people. Meanwhile here at home -- terrifying trip to the Hoover Dam for dozens of tourists you see there a -- bursting into flames but. Thanks to a quick witted driver all sixty passengers aboard got out safely. It appears the engine overheated. While going up hill and some encouraging news about the economy and the job market top money experts surveyed by the Associated Press. Believe the economy added another 2101000. Jobs last month. They also predict unemployment will now fall -- even 8% by November almost half a percent lower than first thought. Chaotic scene here at the California State capital dozens of protesters arrested after refusing to leave the building they'd been demonstrating against tuition hikes. State colleges and universities that. And a college basketball powerhouse admits it may have allowed students to play. After they tested positive for drug use. Syracuse University says it has come clean to the NCAA our colleagues he Yahoo! Sports say at least ten players were involved over the past dozen years including one year when Syracuse won the national title. -- the mystery winner of a 336. Point four million dollar powerball jackpot. We'll go public today all we know. Is the winning ticket was sold at a supermarket in Newport, Rhode Island last month but we also know I was not act. Newport, Rhode Island last month it -- lucky ticket holder up for a lump sum payout now here she. Going -- with 210. Million got everybody that's the -- Tax laws enacted powerball will dig you end up getting about 3536%. Of the -- I take the lump sum and yet you don't look so now I wish you get my picture up tomorrow and I'm thinking enemy that nothing to worry that it's not.

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{"id":15856298,"title":"'GMA' Newsbrief: Iran to Allow Nuke Inspections","duration":"3:11","description":"Josh Elliott reports on all the happenings from around the world on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-newsbrief-iran-nuke-inspections-15856298","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}