'GMA' Play of the Day: Alabama Superfan Surprised With Tickets

Josh Elliott talks to a lucky Alabama fan headed to the college football championship game.
2:28 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for 'GMA' Play of the Day: Alabama Superfan Surprised With Tickets
-- And that now in Miami with the -- that they had great story about one Alabama super fan whose dream is coming true ten night. And for more let's go to me. On my couch. Thanks Josh perhaps you remember as we've now arrived here -- title game Monday. A great shot we saw -- couple weeks ago a very special Christmas gift under wraps. All leading us -- Output of goods and. -- -- -- -- I can guarantee you they will be in the stadium tonight but for now. Donald and Daniel Buchanan good enough to join me here on the deluxe play of the -- that's -- -- -- Miami Beach. Fellas you made it. Murderer Raymond and Eric Williams McCarthy you -- thank you it is a tremendous Christmas it is this is one for the memories tell you what you -- that had over. And there's that moment. Was it is good isn't -- -- -- what you're looking at did you doubt. But absolutely that he -- better than what's only that video that I solved. -- the BCS logo won't addicted and I knew immediately. -- -- And I made and I know this is something he -- wanted to do but now -- of the stars were able to -- and it's interesting. You know sports -- something that are paired share with us and it's such a beautiful thing -- to be able to give back right like -- -- -- about have been a fan all because of him you know -- -- available and so when they go in the season it's of them home based almost forty years. They don't want formerly insists that a -- that the given mystic it means a -- means a whole lot to me for desktop. And our friends at ESPN and that they had offered as much. Before the season started if they could make that dream match up for this game. Notre Dame in Alabama Notre Dame has returned the elite that you guys though dynasty in the making -- -- -- -- -- out tonight. They've been ablaze when -- -- -- and we should be OK uncle Tom that we've gotten the memo players -- coach Saban so we should be okay. And illegitimate debt next in the Kyra I don't miss the mind thank you both for Sharon that's they really really -- laity say what is understand nobody did just -- -- --

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{"id":18149986,"title":"'GMA' Play of the Day: Alabama Superfan Surprised With Tickets","duration":"2:28","description":"Josh Elliott talks to a lucky Alabama fan headed to the college football championship game.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-play-day-alabama-football-superfan-surprised-tickets-18149986","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}