'GMA' Secret Deals and Steals for Spring Break

Tory Johnson reveals huge discounts on trips to Jamaica, hotels and guide books.
4:18 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Secret Deals and Steals for Spring Break
Secret deals and steals behind. Punxsutawney Phil -- we saw several recent winner but we're gonna get through about -- Tory Johnson he's given us some great ideas terrific deals for. Yeah bomb claiming go to make tasting -- padding your bag you're starting is that the big slaughter had Jim mate. Isaacson talking hasn't really been did you make anybody -- found not -- On the senate isn't really -- -- and went to -- -- this deal is that it's called super are all inclusive and that means you'll pay one price. For -- overnight stay your ground transportation to and from the hotel an airport in Jamaica. All of your meals that's all -- -- is wrong exactly land sports and you just so much stuff. And check -- this price a -- that this is for the runaway bay in Jamaica. May -- literally the price per person per night starts at a 195 dollars depending on the type of room that you saw -- But we are slashing that in how. Well starting at just 98 -- during the first person -- there's not when you -- Good Morning America dot com I'm not you'll be able to see the -- you've got a book now and you'll be able to see the day eight for travel and there's up several months through August that you can travel so that really thinks yes yes I really think what a -- it's never gonna sling right out over here. Slip away is a great deal site all they feature our travel deals and named Scott said -- -- super properties Donald ourselves all hotels and each of these hotels will be able to stay up for under 97 dollars and ninety. Some pretty amazing once one of the ones that -- like dying to go to West Virginia the Green -- Green -- for 97 dollar and -- you know what the Greenbrier is actually act 9675. And night with this deal so seven different deals you can find all he tells on our web site. And not regularly starting at a 195. Dollars these prices so they've really slashed fees and again you've got a book now and it's mainly to travel through the end of April so -- -- could -- going next week if you want grace under edited out yet all under a hundred bucks not here OK so subtle that really cool. From HP just partner to be able to create customized travel -- C would go online today and he got to do -- only through the code that you can get a good morning -- dot com. You -- where you're going and they won't print out for you customize skies with maps destiny in. Sometimes even -- specifically for your -- So it's a really great thing to do for a honeymoon for spring break travel for any kind of the time and using -- going to record that is exactly is that this price you're not gonna believe it it's -- -- ten dollars which is actually a promotional price we got and the slashed in half. Five bucks they think shipping like two dollars in debt at in the -- about a week love that attitude. -- -- -- -- I can't exactly just for the fun of these cameras are always -- -- this is really fun yes so this is hey it's at -- name but a -- played touch com bundle -- what I love about this is you can take HD video still pictures. You can -- right on screen there's a one touch button to share. -- elements. But amazing little package but plus it's so light you also get a memory card and a case with this particular deal. This is regularly. 179. Dollars from Kodak and it's on the deal's office Max and in fact you can only get online not -- sort 670 bucks over. 60% savings. Again all the decently Good Morning America dot com and then a lot like this is actually from a really -- store here in New York City. Flight one last thing is that the take I visit. So passport holders toilet Cheney cases all the stuff because the TSA -- travel so much easier now right so didn't bring in a little color to make it -- All the stuff real luggage tags beautiful college there's -- huge assortment even beyond what we have right here. And up again very affordable as it is the regular price for these things ranges from sixteen to 38 -- But you're gonna save 50% on that -- saw all these little shots he's starting at just stopped. Eight dollars everything this week 50% -- its 50% support Bator and back and so and it's not just -- but when -- -- -- Good Morning America that come on now we also have some exclusive think that you didn't see here. All designed for some fun and travel or ST he -- and we've got lebed's deal offered to -- all great stuff. Applicant for spring break Tory thanks very much as -- said he had all the codes and links. For these deals on the -- say Good Morning America dot com.

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{"id":15546430,"title":"'GMA' Secret Deals and Steals for Spring Break","duration":"4:18","description":"Tory Johnson reveals huge discounts on trips to Jamaica, hotels and guide books.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-secret-deals-steals-spring-break-15546430","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}