'GMA' Show Me the Money: Selling Childhood Toys

Bianna Golodryga explains which toys from the 1980s could score you big bucks.
5:08 | 10/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Show Me the Money: Selling Childhood Toys
We're thinking last week -- -- derby he's weak. So much interest still in the eighties. That it got us thinking that -- stopped the toys and collectibles might have some serious value and beyond that -- didn't hear it for us there could be some Golding your -- had. Write your favorite -- my little pony care bears catch cantaloupe cabbage patch -- then added yeah. Surprising summer -- a lot of you know take a look. The super Salinas who governs your kid very happy moment for -- snugly songs. And a year and shockingly strong. -- Cartoon characters -- in 1980 -- -- -- line of successful toys for kids of all wages and created collectors who will pay top dollar to capture their childhood. We want to get back -- warm Fuzzy feelings. Like Jeff Jacob and his family -- massive collection is worth more than 800000. Dollars. But what your eighties to a collection is a little more modest like Jason devolved none of my stuff gets -- -- And it's still be worth some serious cash won't tell you in a moment. So what's classified -- point -- and which toys have lost their luster. To find out we visited Jordan him -- -- -- memorabilia dealer He says once boys are aware attacks. If you had -- Star Wars 1970s and eighty's never was a perfect time. I'm self take just limited edition storm -- that this originally sold for -- 97. And great now I can I can get upwards of 400 dollars for the -- -- collection and it's not just all wars. Yeah transformers really are more than meets the He handed -- -- master of the sing. At thunder cats have moved back to the top of the heap. To make the retail value so particularly -- when -- comes -- -- -- is the reason why these toys are so popular -- so valuable. No -- -- to collect them OK so something is missing from the picture right I have the starter -- your hands. I had the bedspread I -- at all I had the Cabbage Patch Kids girl -- my little pony. I've seen none of them. Here is just lets women collecting right now. Women in the chair probably more and don't long for their childhood as much as four if you feel comfortable putting it -- All is not lost if you still remember brushing the hair at your my little pony. -- -- -- -- Think it's a buyers love page today in new -- to children. He says both boys might not -- pro -- -- -- -- a lot of them. Best selling -- lines at her -- besides my little pony care bears and strawberry shortcake. But -- won't she always turn away and that -- Cabbage Patch Kids. Actually there -- so production that they're very easy to find the best tips for finding toy gold. Sit in the past -- -- the condition pristine and make sure the toy is from a major brands. So what about Jason's dad we had Jordan take a -- -- Told him while cameras were rolling. I can't think -- restart question how well we're about to -- dollars. Alice. That's the that's pretty spectacular it -- That's not all Jordan estimates Jason's total collection to be worth about 4000 dollars not too bad to recapture the delight of your child. Not too bad it on just a few tips for making the most money checked the date for the toy was made the toys are made earlier and at the end of their due date war -- award the most those in the middle now -- this much because more were actually. Made back then we're talking not Cabbage Patch Kids are not -- as much -- Seattle limited edition. I had a limited edition stocks -- Russian. All -- if you are a little I. One dollar and sorry. Here today. -- -- you guys Atari. Value added. Right now is not I -- a lot of the first Biotech stocks but I'm they're not selling fifteen you can download. I've got invited -- -- that's -- and that's no way to really know. It was obvious that our parents would let us -- -- on. From Macon politics is really go outside in the rain to play here. Just like it wasn't I think yeah in Times Square foot on the job. And do you want to try to resell them they love enjoyed it's not just in the US. Overseas there's a huge demand is like yeah right thank you so much great information --

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{"id":14760257,"title":"'GMA' Show Me the Money: Selling Childhood Toys","duration":"5:08","description":"Bianna Golodryga explains which toys from the 1980s could score you big bucks.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-show-money-selling-childhood-toys-14760257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}