Tell 'GMA' How You Start Your Day

Using #startmydayGMA, fans share how they start their morning.
1:07 | 06/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tell 'GMA' How You Start Your Day
He loves seeing how you start your day since you get to see how we start -- well not quite mind scary it but we love seeing and so we want to share a couple of viewers Andrew. Starts his day by taking a little trip. Here to New York City so that's how he didn't mention that all sponsored by Dunkin' donut -- I'm Brooke hits like that started and there has then they take a morning -- feet every day FBI is looking at with the sudden the and then -- -- -- plan from John -- Taking -- -- with a -- that's a great respect of that wait -- I reminded his mind in an odd way painting my toenails which I do not do to you -- long enough but we have a foot segment today and I thought my feet might be on camera and I haven't put our techno pop with acting rash. And restaurant know existed a little touch up the minute look at the map and I hope I don't let that there is no way I could start my day painting my toenails -- me everyday -- it's like the first thing I do I make the copy. I look forward to -- -- -- when -- go to bed -- -- it immediately because he's starving all the time I don't.

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{"id":23973040,"title":"Tell 'GMA' How You Start Your Day","duration":"1:07","description":"Using #startmydayGMA, fans share how they start their morning.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-start-day-23973040","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}