'GMA' Team Celebrates National Strawberry Shortcake Day

Dorie Greenspan treats the "GMA" team to strawberry shortcakes and lemonade.
5:31 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for 'GMA' Team Celebrates National Strawberry Shortcake Day
If that's what it all very day we get through the -- or take -- Saturday let's go over here. Here yeah. Analysts that total -- -- -- already. -- -- Oneida Indian feeling over this latest news amazing this is amazing took a telemann your -- while you have a cookbook out all about -- -- No I think yeah. -- -- and I can't. One day you will one million annual. I was automatic door either of those missiles for the government -- is that so where's your -- truth is I don't have one food but I have a cookbook. Look at the -- -- another shelf well you don't I'll seal our. I give I had many cookbooks and I have a cookbook coming in in the fall called seeking change want and does have short -- him but what I want to do people actually so -- different looks until he's. He was shortcake parties. I have three if you -- feel like. Time I let -- Except I wanna take one of the coop tour of the history instructors something about getting -- -- Sharkey and -- credit cards to the good experience -- takes sit well short cake comes from nineteen -- -- the of course was the styles and actually want to know the preservatives. -- -- This kind of shortcake fit with who ran actually when -- started growing very soon in California so this just for kids get. -- -- strawberries and know what he was gonna say is a welcome back then -- but -- with paint so to some heavy cream would be poured over -- Who never gotten bigger include cited except the -- as we just got -- we had dropped LK. Still ship on its operating here is a bad move to -- and we can see next -- Paulson -- -- yeah it was different can't regain health and gave us whipped cream. So let's move to the 1950s. This was kind -- -- -- in the fifties model the chocolate chips and chocolate chips -- its agreement. -- me if -- it's a fox biscuit. OK we've got whipped cream and then he got -- -- robots need to from a you know I'm -- I don't -- I thought -- -- this. I'm 1982. And everybody was busy doing aerobics low fat -- heat to low fat. Time to -- their angel's Matt incoming grenade -- again. -- through a lot. On -- low -- and you shouldn't have. And whipped cream and strawberries it's not a shortcake it's just an Angel food cake right in -- us okay. But I'm here particular thing I don't I don't -- battle camera can -- -- them forget. Because it because it's mom and I -- -- a piece in this is I was really excited fiscal -- two. Shortcake discovery -- day on Saturday. And I decided to go a little wild and crazy. Still it's a big -- With -- insisting. Keeping in near you won't militant trillion by edict. Please strawberry compost with a little bit of -- -- Cleveland oh yeah I only had minor ankle and age and it's only just learned. That strawberries and rules are insane and going. So -- -- a little rose in there. Frank I'm honestly -- of that sweet tooth -- -- you all this right now. It's -- for you accept that went for anything that he wanted to have not -- Thank you can when it looking Mike good news to you know what and one of them you want to make fun of yourself yet apartment -- -- mafia -- -- -- eye socket to started. This is the rulers. And very -- I love Turkey pardon after what degree -- guillotine is at it's a wonderful. -- and the gore on the -- -- any damage. I'm pleased to work in a bakery so yeah I did. Like six years he doesn't know whether you make short cakes and you are around and a -- That's not bad -- -- getting married I have. Those same numbers I have friends. Show and Adam just got a date from -- yeah. But I couldn't short -- wedding that that the hoping planned. Fresh berries on top. Bernie I think you tackle all of these recipes are. Fiscal Scott home on the website fiscal backup band but like many don't think it -- you know who I'm manipulate me better. Okay I'm gonna take a little bit of stick -- into our candidate take a little bit of all of this -- -- that -- -- little careful. From the strategist Cornell and I'm gonna and I normally anything else in my lemonade mouth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Magnet is so I like we went so like yourself back and it may nineteenth after oddities right and you come down and present they were watching -- waistline yeah. I already anyway -- category. Yeah of choice okay we do you have choices -- -- so my happiness. Analysts -- very short ball and give us a weapon again yeah Driscoll dot com has. All of the recipes for -- short weeks including the double strawberry anglers and your book comes out -- the book and had many looks but the new one comes out October 28 at his birthday. The day before my birth. The scorpion every -- announced O'Leary to lead the army yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And didn't -- a good.

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{"id":24105703,"title":"'GMA' Team Celebrates National Strawberry Shortcake Day","duration":"5:31","description":"Dorie Greenspan treats the \"GMA\" team to strawberry shortcakes and lemonade.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-team-celebrates-national-strawberry-shortcake-day-24105703","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}