'GMA' Warm Coats Drive: Cameron's Treasure Hunt

Cameron Mathison helps "GMA' achieve its goal of collecting a million coats.
4:34 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Warm Coats Drive: Cameron's Treasure Hunt
Around for a little body. -- have our coats and there are some people who down so our warm coats. And warm hearts -- drive exactly one month left for new to give again. That will make you feel warm inside -- -- -- been out here. And holiday hustle and bustle looking to round up some -- and some of the spots she'd visited are told by our parent company Disney. How did I get here. Stuck in the middle of Times Square with over 2000 -- drag. Well it all started when Mike -- my friend says the out -- treasure hunt. I was given seven clues from one goal to collect as many coats and as -- could possibly -- all right -- -- first clue. Professional bull riders and a mechanical -- You guys what's being -- and -- -- -- right. Okay nice to think you've got to get its -- library among the few strokes in the lesson from the -- anything to collect -- little time. -- -- -- do you guys can only go get quote -- -- -- -- -- The -- Catholics with a celebrity surprise. You -- Put this sort of -- -- like -- promote your business good. And tackle -- a show and that's not on Broadway yet. The show were -- made my Broadway game. Definitely no -- -- -- -- hear -- you straight to you again okay include five. Fox -- book we all know we're live. Benefit didn't call. Don't. Broadway Show about. In the memories of the truth and that's got to be involved law. What I've gone hundreds -- fellow debtors that you don't -- All of them. Places people -- from perfect still ahead we'll post up into the match. All done. Although there were moments I needed -- coffee -- Got sidetracked by the naked cowboy in. -- along the way but I made it now it's time to head Burlington coat back. And I asked a perfect stranger to take my -- OK -- Rivera. What it's all. About it now. -- -- Mom and yeah. They hadn't. And those who don't -- 300 pounds and. I'm happy scorecard penetration runs in January 6 the -- and the Broadway Show love lots of what I war goes a national tour in March as you know we've been pushing for a grand total about. -- so please help us make it happen thank you for all that you. But bring your just rewards go to your local Burlington Coat Factory and the -- -- All you -- Now -- -- -- -- area when you go to the Burlington frozen Coke factory in your area. The coast today in your region in your area and we are distributing them as are coming -- so we're not wait until they into the winner to get them out everybody all right so thank you thank you thank you.

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{"id":15169862,"title":"'GMA' Warm Coats Drive: Cameron's Treasure Hunt","duration":"4:34","description":"Cameron Mathison helps \"GMA' achieve its goal of collecting a million coats.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-warm-coats-drive-camerons-treasure-hunt-15169862","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}